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Here at whatNerd, we love movies of all kinds—but there are certain types of movies that we're particularly fond of.

Classic movies? Sci-fi and fantasy movies? Horror movies? Alien and robot and supernatural movies? Those really get our gears going!

And we love to stream movies, which is why we're all about Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and all that.

Movie Streaming

whatNerd's best articles on various movie streaming services and our recommendations on the best ones

Life was much simpler when the major movie streaming services only included Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video. These days, we also have to consider Disney+, HBO Max, Peacock, and others.

Which ones are worth your hard-earned money? Which streaming platforms are right for you?

Movie Recommendations

whatNerd's best articles on the best movies to watch if you're a geek

Life is too short to waste time on unsatisfying movies. On the other hand, great movies are definitely worth your time because they add real value to our lives. How do you find those? Well, we've watched lots of movies, and we can point you to the ones worth watching!

Movie Recommendations (Horror)

Movie Recommendations (Netflix)

Movie Rankings

whatNerd's best articles that rank the movies by various directors or the movies in a given franchise series

Are you looking to dive into an entire movie franchise? Or perhaps all of the movies crafted under a particular movie director? We like to do that, too! And we have plenty of articles where we've ranked all of the movies in a certain franchise or all of the movies by a certain director. Use them as a reference if you need something new to watch.

Movie Characters

Movie Scenes

Movie Directors

Movie Actors

Movie Franchises

Movie Culture

whatNerd's best articles on the quirks and nuances and trends in today's movie culture

Do you hate hype culture? Are there certain movie trailer pet peeves that really get under your skin? Want to catch up on some really weird rumors about Disney? There's all kinds of unusual stuff that's always happening in movie culture.

Movies by the Decade

Movie Lore

whatNerd's best articles that explore the history of movie franchises and movie characters

Want to explore some of the coolest corners of movie history? Check out our articles where we retrace how streaming services got started, uncover behind-the-scenes stories and scandals, and delve into some of the most interesting gimmicks employed in movies.

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