The 9 Best Alien Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix

Experience the fascinating world of alien invasions, UFOs, and outer space in these alien sci-fi movies.
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The existence of aliens has long been debated, and Hollywood has only catered to our extraterrestrial fantasies. Whether aliens are perceived as good or evil, it’s always interesting to see a depiction of another life form on film.

If you’re in the mood for a movie that’s out of this world, check out these alien movies that you can stream on Netflix.

1. John Carter

John Carter serves as a Confederate soldier during the Civil War. He’s in for a real change of pace when he finds himself surrounded by giant aliens on Mars. When Carter discovers that the planet has civil unrest of its own, he soon gets wrapped up in the planet’s battle for freedom.

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2. Under the Skin

In Under the Skin, Scarlett Johannson takes on the role of an alien disguised as a beautiful woman. She uses her looks to seduce men into her van. Once she lures them in, she transports them to a dimension where they’re lost forever.

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3. The Signal

Three college students from M.I.T. take off on a road trip towards California. After a hacker sends them a series of mysterious emails, the students trace the hacker’s location to an abandoned home in the Nevada desert, where they have an extraterrestrial encounter.

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4. Extinction

Peter is haunted by a recurring nightmare about losing his family. However, he soon realizes that his nightmare isn’t just a bad dream—it’s a prophecy of an upcoming alien invasion. As extraterrestrial beings start to clobber the Earth, Peter is determined to keep his family safe.

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5. Assimilate

High-schoolers Zack and Randy live in small-town Missouri, where nothing ever happens. When the duo decides to create a web series chronicling the town, they uncover something terrifying—creatures are killing and replacing their neighbors with lookalikes.

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6. Gantz: O

If you love the Gantz anime and manga series, then Gantz: O will impress you with its stunning visuals and its dedication to the original plot. After Masaru Kato gets killed in a subway station, he wakes up in a room with strangers. The group soon finds out that they’ve all been resurrected for the purpose of battling brutal aliens.

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7. Beyond Skyline

In Beyond Skyline, police detective Mark Corley bails his estranged son out of jail at the wrong time. As aliens suddenly begin invading the Earth, dozens of civilians get beamed into the spaceships flying overhead. Mark, his son, and two strangers are left to fend for themselves in underground subway tunnels.

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8. Earth to Echo

For an alien movie on the lighter side, check out Earth to Echo. This E.T.-reminiscent film centers around a group of teens who discover a tiny, cybernetic alien in the desert. As the alien, who they name “Echo,” attempts to repair its spaceship, the kids must keep it safe at all costs.

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9. Apollo 18

Apollo 18 tells an alternate history of a canceled moon landing mission. In this film, the canceled Apollo 18 expedition is disguised as a satellite launch to cover up the astronauts’ true mission: placing missile detectors on the moon. The mission quickly goes awry when the astronauts realize that they’re not alone.

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What’s Your Favorite Alien Film?

Aliens have long been a part of our film industry, and the trend shows no sign of stopping. Seeing each filmmakers’ interpretation of extraterrestrial beings makes alien movies even more interesting.

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