The 8 Best Conspiracy Theory Documentaries on Netflix

These shows and movies prove that not all conspiracy theories are as crazy as you might think.
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Even though conspiracy theories are usually considered "crazy," there's often some truth to them—you just have to pick apart each theory and uncover hard evidence.

The following Netflix documentaries bring attention to both well-known and obscure conspiracy theories. View each with a skeptical lens, and you can choose what you want to believe.

1. Wormwood

Wormwood is a Netflix original docudrama series that investigates Frank Olson, a scientist who possibly contributed to a government biological warfare project without even knowing it.

In 1953, Olson fell to his death from a hotel window. Although his death was first considered a suicide, later investigations suggest that he may have been murdered.

Olson's story is relayed through his son, Eric Olson, who seeks to uncover the truth behind his father's mysterious death.

2. Behind the Curve

By now, I think just about everyone has heard about the "flat Earth" conspiracy theory. In Behind the Curve, you'll get introduced to real flat-Earthers who firmly believe that the Earth isn't round.

This documentary primarily revolves around Mark Sargent, a flat Earth advocate. The film features interviews with Sargent, as well as other prominent flat-Earthers, and also documents various flat-Earther meetups.

It just makes you wonder: why and how can someone get roped into believing the flat Earth theory?

3. Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

We've all been told that the main agents of climate change and pollution are those huge factories that pump plumes of smoke into the air—but what if that's not necessarily true?

Cowspiracy suggests that the agricultural industry has a negative impact on the environment, and activists are knowingly ignoring that fact.

The documentary sheds light on animal agriculture, and how it can wreak havoc on our forests, water sources, as well as our ozone.

4. Dirty Money

Dirty Money investigates the impact of corporate greed.

Each hour-long episode highlights a different case of corruption, unveiling fraud and illegal accounting in some of the biggest companies in the world.

The docuseries rehashes controversies like the Volkswagen emissions scandal, the Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist, and much more.

5. The Untold History of the United States

Some parts of American history have been underreported and flat-out ignored. Oliver Stone's The Untold History of the United States seeks to lift the veil over some of the darkest times in American history.

Mainstream history has coerced us into believing certain facts about the past—Stone reveals what's really behind the patriotic and nationalist view on American history, ranging from World War II to the Obama era.

6. Conspiracies

Conspiracies takes all of the most well-known conspiracy theories, and combines them into one series.

The show covers everything from the possibility of a fake moon landing, the assassination of Robert Kennedy, and alien encounters. These analytic episodes might make you change your mind about certain theories.

7. The Family

America laid its foundation with the separation of church and state in mind. While Americans have long taken this right as a given, the two institutions might not be as separate as Americans think.

The Family exposes the prevalence of religion in the White House. A conservative Christian group, dubbed the Family or the Fellowship, has been involved with the American government for decades, influencing a number of presidents.

8. A Gray State

A Gray State introduces David Crowley, a military veteran-turned filmmaker. His vision for his next film, Gray State, dealt with a dystopian future in which a shadow government takes over America.

Crowley's idea inevitably became idolized in the eyes of conspiracy theorists. However, Crowley never finished his film—he was found dead in 2015, along with his wife and daughter.

The police closed the case as a murder-suicide, but his fans thought otherwise. A Gray State shows the decline of Crowley's sanity, and serves as a reminder that not every strange event has to do with a conspiracy.

What Do You Believe?

While some of these conspiracy theory shows and movies might seem too out-there, others aren't so far-fetched. It's just a matter of rational thinking to determine the difference between fact and fiction.

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