The 9 Best Horror Movies on Netflix With Jump Scares

Most jump scares are cheap, but these horror movies earn their shocks—and you can watch them on Netflix.
The 9 Best Horror Movies on Netflix With Jump Scares

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Netflix is packed with horror offerings that will have your spine crawling with chills. And if your preferred brand of horror is one filled with jump scares? Then you're in luck!

While Netflix's library is cluttered with less-than-stellar films, dig around enough and you'll find frightful films that inspire dread, eeriness, and nightmares—all on top of those jump scares.

We've done the digging for you. Here are our picks for the best horror movies on Netflix full of jump scares, perfect to watch for Halloween or any other night where you just want to be terrified.

9. Incident in a Ghostland (2018)

Best Horror Movies on Netflix With Jump Scares - Incident in a Ghostland (2018)

Sisters Beth and Vera are reunited back to their house where, years before, they experienced an intrusion—they, along with their mother Colleen, were ambushed by home invaders.

While Colleen overcame the culprits, the incident continues to haunt the sisters, even during their reunion. Incident in a Ghostland works as it jumps from home invasion thriller to a shock-heavy suspense film.

The most effective scares come from the sudden presence of the Fat Man and the Candy Truck Woman during the sisters' revisit of their house. Their unnerving faces alone are more frightening than any jump scare.

8. The Ritual (2018)

Best Horror Movies on Netflix With Jump Scares - The Ritual (2018)

The Ritual follows five college friends who reunite for a hiking trip in a Swedish forest. However, the deeper they go, the more they sense a presence stalking them at every turn.

Horror aficionado David Bruckner knows his craft, his setting, and his characters—and that means he knows when to deliver his scares.

For this film, those scares primarily come from two sources: the Scandinavian lore behind the main beast, and the bond between the friends where they gradually become vulnerable to each other.

As soon as those two elements collide, there's no looking away from the shocking scenes that are straight out of folklore terror.

7. The Conjuring 2 (2016)

Best Horror Movies on Netflix With Jump Scares - The Conjuring 2 (2016)

The Conjuring franchise features several evil entities, including the likes of Valak and Annabelle. But the most jolting scares of The Conjuring 2 come from someone else—the elderly man, Bill Wilkins.

Wilkins previously owned the house that the Hodgson family moves into. When their second oldest child Janet is possessed by Wilkins, more forms of evil are unleashed on the Warren household, which they need to stop.

Like its predecessor, The Conjuring 2 is filled with great jump scare moments, though not as terrifying as the cross-turning scene.

6. Hush (2016)

Best Horror Movies on Netflix With Jump Scares - Hush (2016)

Moving away from supernatural horror and more towards the slasher genre, Hush is a lesser-known film from horror specialist Mike Flanagan.

Hush centers on a deaf-mute writer named Maddie, who retreats to the woods to live a solitary life. However, she ends up being the target of a serial killer, who disrupts her peace and forces her to defend herself.

While the main hook of Hush pits a deaf-mute woman against a deadly murderer, this film would be frightening with any other setup due to The Man. From his white mask to his intimidating schemes, The Man is an unpredictable omen to overcome.

5. Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)

Best Horror Movies on Netflix With Jump Scares - Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)

Another film by Mike Flanagan, this time putting his name on the map with his skillful direction of atmospheric scares. The prequel to the 2014 movie, Ouija: Origin of Evil traces the backstory of Lina Zander, whose family fell victim to the demonic corruption of their Ouija board.

Flanagan rounds up his usual tricks to horrifying effect. Every scare—from the sewed mouths to the devious kills—is a shock you'll remember. It pays off from the fear on the Zander family and the nervous atmosphere that looks calm, especially the first time Lina gets possessed.

4. It (2017)

Best Horror Movies on Netflix With Jump Scares - It (2017)

Pennywise is one of the most frightening monsters created by Stephen King, and his first big-screen arrival is a properly horrifying introduction to the horrifying supernatural entity.

Once the kids of the Losers Club enter the house, the clown strikes at the most startling times. Yet, some of his best scares don't even involve his clownish manifestation.

Whenever you see a red balloon or a person with an uncanny expression, you know Pennywise is about to pop out of nowhere or show himself in some way—and anyone who sees him will surely float, too.

3. Under the Shadow (2016)

Best Horror Movies on Netflix With Jump Scares - Under the Shadow (2016)

Supernatural horror and war drama are two genres you'd never expect to blend well, but Under the Shadow made it happen.

A mother named Shideh stays in war-torn Tehran to protect her daughter Dorsa. But as the war intensifies, their fears do as well—including that of a mysterious apparition who watches their every move.

While the djinn and the chador make for terrifying entities, the true enemy here is anxiety. When those jump scares arrive, they feel all too real due to the historical context and Shideh's PTSD.

2. Creep (2014)

Best Horror Movies on Netflix With Jump Scares - Creep (2014)

Found footage horror is always good for jumpy scares, and Creep is one that's a delightfully haunting treat. Mark Duplass's performance here is a nerve-wracking watch.

Creep follows a videographer named Aaron, who takes up an assignment to record a man named Josef who has a brain tumor. However, Aaron discovers a darker story behind Aaron and his "family."

This might sound like a story about a serial killer, but even that's uncertain as this tale blends found footage horror with warm drama—and that mixture makes the jump scares all the more unnerving.

1. It Follows (2015)

Best Horror Movies on Netflix With Jump Scares - It Follows (2015)

Our top pick for jump scare horror movie on Netflix is none other than It Follows, a shining example that even slow burns can have jump scares—and in this case, it makes the scares that much worse.

The main monster in It Follows is indescribable, obscure, nebulous; most of the movie's scares come when you least expect them (like when a tall, pale man appears out of a dark corner).

There are many scary moments that linger throughout, but the premise is most frightening of all: being stalked by an unstoppable, supernatural entity that preys on you as you spiral into madness.