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The writers at whatNerd love watching TV series. We’re living in a golden age with some of the best TV series ever produced coming out every year. But TV series require far more of a time commitment than movies, so it can be hard to know what’s worth watching—or even where to watch something, given all the TV streaming services. We’re here to help.

TV Streaming

whatNerd's best articles on the various TV streaming services and our suggestions on the best ones

When you’re on a limited budget and want to get as much value as you can out of every dollar you spend, choosing between TV streaming platforms can be overwhelming. If you have what many would consider “geeky tastes,” then some TV streaming services will fit you better. Here’s everything we’ve written to help you choose the right one(s) for your needs.

TV Recommendations

whatNerd's best articles on which TV series are worth watching if you're a geek

Not sure what you want to watch next? Are the latest and greatest TV series worth your time? Or would you rather dive into the best TV shows from years past? We’ve love TV series from all decades, so here are our recommendations for which TV shows you should consider.

TV Recommendations (Animated)

TV Recommendations (Netflix)

TV Rankings

whatNerd's best articles that rank the best episodes in a TV series or the best highlights in TV history

When a TV show has aired dozens—or even hundreds—of episodes, it can be fun to revisit the best episodes in a series. It’s also fun to delve into TV history and commemorate the high points that led us to where we are today.

TV Culture

whatNerd's best articles on the various trends and cultural shifts in TV shows, TV characters, and TV services

Every so often, we ruminate on different aspects of television history and television culture. Why is a certain TV show so popular? What’s happening in the greater landscape of television and how are trends shifting? Who are the greatest characters to come out of TV? We explore all of that and more in our best articles on TV culture.

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