The 11 Best Epic TV Series to Watch If Game of Thrones Disappointed You

Done with Game of Thrones and aching for high-quality television? Here are the best epic TV series you should check out next.
The 11 Best Epic TV Series to Watch If Game of Thrones Disappointed You

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What's the most epic TV series of all time? For a while, Game of Thrones was the number one answer.

After eight up-and-down seasons consisting of 73 episodes, the former pop culture sensation squandered its potential with its rushed, incoherent, and unsatisfying final season. Since then, fans have been clamoring for something to fill that void.

Aching for a high-quality epic TV series like early Game of Thrones? You have several excellent options. Some are still running, some wrapped up long ago, but they're all worth checking out.

Here are some of the best epic TV series you should watch if you haven't already. It doesn't get grander than these!

11. Bulgasal: Immortal Souls (2021)

Trailer for Bulgasal: Immortal Souls

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls is a revenge story that spans 600 years, between a man who becomes immortal after losing his soul and the mythical blood-drinking creature who stole his soul.

How is it like Game of Thrones?

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls jumps between time periods, starting 600 years in the past and eventually ending up in the present day. However, due to amnesia, we don't fully know what happened back then, and the full mystery is gradually revealed.

If your favorite aspect of Game of Thrones was the worldbuilding, the fantasy, the mysterious lore of the past, then Bulgasal: Immortal Souls will help scratch that itch. The incredible production value also makes this a step up as far as fantasy television goes.

This series isn't perfect by any means, and the scope of characters is far smaller than Game of Thrones. But few shows can boast a narrative that spans 600 years, and that alone is epic in its own right.

10. Westworld (2016–2022)

Trailer for Westworld

Welcome to Westworld, a theme park like no other, where advanced life-like robots driven by artificial intelligence exist for the sole purpose of enabling visitors to live out their wildest fantasies.

How is it like Game of Thrones?

In a lot of ways, Westworld rode on the coattails of Game of Thrones in establishing its success. While I wouldn't say it's as good, I do enjoy it quite a bit.

It's an extremely imaginative show with a huge cast, excellent acting, and tight plotlines heavy with mystery. It's philosophical in its exploration of various sci-fi themes, and it's one of the most beautifully shot TV shows ever. HBO is known for this kind of stuff.

9. Lost (2004–2010)

Trailer for Lost

When a transpacific flight crash lands on a deserted tropical island, the survivors must work together if they want to survive—but discover that the island is not what it first seems.

How is it like Game of Thrones?

Lost was one of the first mainstream TV series to feature an ensemble cast with multiple thematically-linked plotlines per episode.

It's rife with fully fleshed-out characters, compelling character backgrounds, and tons of inter-character drama. But the key here is that Lost isn't just a show about surviving a plane crash...

There's a whole of lot of mystery involving the island, which is sure to appeal to Game of Thrones fans who have always been caught up in the show's lore and mythology. Lost has its own supernatural mythology that will keep you hooked to the end.

8. Arthdal Chronicles (2019)

Trailer for Arthdal Chronicles

Arthdal Chronicles is a Korean-language fantasy series that's inspired by ancient history—specifically, Korea before it was Korea, back during the Bronze Age (between 3,300 BC and 1,200 BC). The setting is a fictional land called Arth and the city called Arthdal within.

How is it like Game of Thrones?

The historical-fantasy approach of Arthdal Chronicles is reminiscent of Game of Thrones, except with a Korean twist. The costumes, the set pieces, the mystical elements all feel similar.

There's also a hefty dose of romance and political intrigue, with Arthdal inhabitants struggling for power and control. It's on a much smaller scale than Game of Thrones, but the character dynamics and plot twists have enough substance to be intriguing.

When it first came out, many Game of Thrones fans criticized Arthdal Chronicles for failing to live up to their expectations. Of course, Arthdal Chronicles was never intended to be "the Korean Game of Thrones," so keep that in mind and temper your expectations.

7. Battlestar Galactica (2004–2009)

Trailer for Battlestar Galactica

Hunted by the Cylons (an old race of murderous robots), the crew aboard the Battlestar Galactica must lead and protect humanity's last known fleet as they search for the fabled planet known as Earth.

How is it like Game of Thrones?

Military drama, political intrigue, ensemble cast, mystery, suspense, romance, complicated mythology—Battlestar Galactica has it all, and manages to pull it off on a miniscule budget. This is what an epic TV series should be!

Don't expect the same production quality as Game of Thrones, but if you can get past that, you'll be in for a ride. Battlestar Galactica has some of my favorite season finales of any TV show.

6. See (2019–Present)

Trailer for See

In the distant future, most of humanity has been wiped out by a virus; those who survived have lost the ability to see, resulting in a post-apocalyptic world plunged into darkness. But one day, everything changes when two twins are born with the gift of sight.

How is it like Game of Thrones?

Despite taking place in the future, the villages and towns of See have lost all technological advancements and live primitively. The feel of the world resembles that of Westeros in many ways.

The most interesting aspect of See is its breadth of worldbuilding, which considers how the world would truly change without sight. These small details are littered everywhere, and it's obvious that the writers put a lot of effort into crafting a unique society.

You'll need to suspend your disbelief sometimes as some characters almost seem superhuman with what they can do while blind. But Game of Thrones required much of its own suspension of disbelief, right?

5. Rome (2005–2007)

Trailer for Rome

A true-to-history depiction of Rome's leaders, soldiers, and civilians in the last days of the Roman Republic under the rule of Julius Caesar.

How is it like Game of Thrones?

Rome is an older HBO show that, in some ways, was the precursor to Game of Thrones. In fact, there's a good chance HBO never would've picked up Game of Thrones if it weren't for the critical success of Rome!

It paved the way for expensive ensemble series that rely heavily on large sets and tons of costumes. Sound familiar? Not to mention that the acting is superb, the stories told are mature, and you'll spot some familiar faces among the cast.

4. The Boys (2019–Present)

Trailer for The Boys

In a world where superheroes are commercialized and seen as celebrities, a group of vigilantes who call themselves The Boys work to bring down Vought International, the corporation behind the marketing and spread of superheroes.

How is it like Game of Thrones?

On the surface, there doesn't appear to be any similarities between The Boys and Game of Thrones. When it comes to genre, they're as opposite as they could be. But beneath that, they're alike.

If you're looking for an epic-scale story with a wide cast of characters who have constantly evolving dynamics, plus several narratives that revolve around a central mystery, and mature content that doesn't pull its punches, then you'll enjoy The Boys.

Just as Game of Thrones was the fantasy story that upended the fantasy genre, The Boys is the superhero story that upends the superhero genre. It's subversive, irreverent, gritty, and a thrilling blast.

3. The Wire (2002–2008)

Trailer for The Wire

A team of Baltimore police and detectives are tasked with bringing down the criminal mastermind that drives the city's drug trade.

How is it like Game of Thrones?

The Wire is the king of politics, intrigue, complex plots, heartwrenching interpersonal drama, and detailed worldbuilding. No fantasy or sci-fi here, but who cares?

Arguably the deepest and most intricate TV series ever made, The Wire is a must-see no matter who you are—but fans of Games of Thrones will have a special appreciation of it.

I recommend watching with subtitles enabled because the true-to-life dialogue can be hard to understand at times.

2. The Last Kingdom (2015–2022)

Trailer for The Last Kingdom

Set in the 9th century, Uhtred of Bebbanburg—a man born a Saxon but raised by Danes—is caught up in a war between Alfred the Great (king of England) and Danish invaders.

How is it like Game of Thrones?

I like to think of The Last Kingdom as "Game of Thrones lite" because the scope isn't as grand and the cast isn't as enormous, but the general feel of it is similar.

The stakes are much more personal, and there's a deeper focus on character themes like identity, allegiance, honor, etc. And in some ways I like this show more because it more accurately portrays the "medieval fantasy" feel.

1. The Expanse (2015–2022)

Trailer for The Expanse

In a future where Earth has colonized Mars and the Asteroid Belt, a police detective's investigation uncovers a vast conspiracy that threatens mankind and possibly the universe.

How is it like Game of Thrones?

Tons of political intrigue, wrapped up in world-threatening stakes, but without ever sacrificing the individual stories of its sprawling cast.

It's hard science fiction—one of the most scientifically rigorous TV series ever produced—with a few fantastical elements, especially starting in the third season.

With every season, The Expanse strengthens its claim as one of the most epic TV series ever made. There's a reason it's often described as "Game of Thrones in space," you know!