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Anime has come a long way over the past few decades. Dozens of excellent new anime series and anime movies are released every year, and some of them have more depth and character than even the best TV shows on air. We love anime, and we’ll help you find anime you’ll love.

Anime Recommendations

whatNerd's best articles on which anime series are worth watching and which ones we recommend

Need help finding your next anime series to watch? Whether you’re looking to revisit some of the best classic anime series or looking for something fresh in your favorite genre, we’ve got anime recommendations galore. Don’t miss out on the best anime of this golden age.

Anime Culture

whatNerd's best articles on anime culture, including cosplay, anime characters, tropes, and how to watch anime

More than most other geeky spheres, anime tends to drum up a lot of hardcore fans—and the culture surrounding anime can be opinionated, overwhelming, and even confusing. We’ve penned our own anime-related opinions, not just because we want to be heard but because we want to help you understand what anime culture is about.

Anime Collectibles

whatNerd's best articles on anime figurines, apparel, games, and other geeky collectibles

For anime fans who really love anime, there’s no better way to cap off your joy and excitement than with physical products. Whether those products are anime figurines, t-shirts and apparel, or anything else that’s anime-branded… like board games and video games! Here are some of our favorite anime-based collectibles worth acquiring.

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