The 20 Best Animated Fight Scenes in Anime, Ranked

Not all anime fight scenes are equal. Some get extra attention in animation, and that can elevate them to legendary status.
The 20 Best Animated Fight Scenes in Anime, Ranked

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Well-animated fight scenes get fans fired up. Not only does next-level animation bring life to a story, but it also makes us feel like those walls of fire and shattering towers are real. Like we're in the scene itself.

Fight scenes with excellent animations are one of the hardest to pull off, and when it's done well, it's proof of how talented the animation team is. Different animation studios showcase their unique techniques and innovations, and we win because we get to see those fight scenes.

Here are my picks for the best animated fight scenes in anime, which include everything from beautiful magic to stunning choreography.

20. Seirin vs. Rakuzan (Kuroko's Basketball)

Watch: Seirin Versus Rakuzan

There are lots of insanely animated badass moments in Kuroko's Basketball, including the cool Zone moments involving the Generation of Miracles and their fluid movements on the court.

But the scene where the whole Seirin team entered the true Zone (or the Direct Drive Zone) is one of the most visually stunning scenes of the entire series.

This sequence features the whole team in sync with Kagami's Zone, making the scene explosive with every pass and dribble.

19. Shinra vs. Sho (Fire Force)

Watch: Shinra Versus Sho

Brothers Shinra and Sho have exchanged bouts several times throughout the Fire Force anime series, with the younger one (Sho) dominating every battle because he has the advantages of stopping time and Adolla Link.

However, Shinra doesn't let that stop him. He's a good big brother who will do anything in his power to bring Sho back.

18. Mob vs. Koyama (Mob Psycho 100)

Watch: Mob Versus Koyama

Everyone loves the iconic rage moments in Mob Psycho 100, featuring Shigeo Kageyama's unleashing of his sinister presence once he reaches his breaking point. This scene is the moment where he jumps in to save his brother, who was attacked by another esper.

The explosions and wide-scale, ground-shattering attacks thrown by Mob make the scene so intense and exciting. No wonder his opponent pulls a trick and then runs for his life instead of playing fair!

17. Mages vs. Zagred (Black Clover)

Watch: Asta, Yuno, Licht, and Lumiel Versus Zagred

In their final battle against the devil who orchestrated everything from hundreds of years ago, Asta, Yuno, Licht, and Lumiel join forces to defeat Zagred. (But this episode has more to it than just the fight scenes!)

The devil Zagred is both crafty and well-animated here. Even if his appearance adheres to a pretty typical depiction of demons in pop media, he gives off an ominous and sinister aura that's perfect for his character.

This scene also gives us the Dark Cloaked Dimension Slash: Equinox, with Yami Sukehiro using Mana Zone to turn the area monochrome and make everything in the zone his target, no matter how far.

16. Entertainment District Battle (Demon Slayer)

Watch: Entertainment District Battle

Demon Slayer is chock-full of stunning scenes with cool animations, including Uzui and Gyutaro's battle in the Entertainment District Arc, with Gyutaro's Demon Blood Art: Blood Sickles flying around and Uzui evading them with his Sound Breathing.

As the clashing of their blades and explosions fill the air, it's just amazing how much detail is put into every frame of the fight. And let's not forget that Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke have their own stunning techniques to contribute to the overall badassery of the battle.

15. Giyu Tomioka vs. Rui (Demon Slayer)

Watch: Giyu Tomioka Versus Rui

Giyu Tomioka is one of the Hashiras of the Demon Slayer Corps, along with Tengen Uzui and Kyojuro Rengoku. In this scene, he shows us the Water Breathing's 11th Form: Dead Calm, which features raging waters that literally calm down to absolute stillness.

In this state of true tranquility, Giyu becomes one with their blade and can perform imperceptible movements with minimal effort, like parrying and deflecting pretty much all incoming attacks.

14. Yuji and Nobara vs. Curse Brothers (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Watch: Itadori and Nobara Versus Curse Brothers

What makes this battle from Jujutsu Kaisen so intense is the fact that it's a gamble with their lives truly at stake. Nobara Kugisaki and Yuji Itadori face the Curse Brothers in a two-versus-two team battle.

Yuji's Black Flash and Nobara's Resonance make the scene awesome to witness, shooting off sparks when they hit, resounding with such force that we can feel the full impact of every punch and kick.

Plus, there's the moment when Yuji carries Nobara away from danger, with Nobara surprised by the speed that Yuji is capable of.

13. Hollow Purple (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Watch: Satoru Gojo's Hollow Purple

Satoru Gojo is one of the most overpowered characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen series, with the ability to prevent his enemies from making direct contact with him. During the interrupted school event, he showcases a stunningly destructive ability called Hollow Purple.

Hollow Purple is a combination of the Cursed Technique Amplification: Blue and Cursed Technique Reversal: Red, forming the Hollow Purple that he fires in the direction of Hanami, causing massive damage not only to the Special Grade but also to the path it takes.

12. Endeavor vs. Hood (My Hero Academia)

Watch: Endeavor Versus Hood

Endeavor became the current Number 1 Hero after All Might retired. During his visit to Hawk's place, he's targeted by Hood—a Nomu who's even greater than the other Nomus the heroes had faced before, with multiple Quirks (including a regenerative ability).

The scene really kicks off when Endeavor stands up after a near-defeat. He carries the Nomu up into the sky, then unleashes a destructive flame—the Plus Ultra Prominence Burn—without collateral damage.

The flashy animation shows how hot and powerful the new top hero truly is as he surpasses his own limits to defend the people below, and the flames are so strong that his opponent can't even regenerate.

11. Wang Ye vs. Masked Fighters (Hitori no Shita: The Outcast)

Watch: Wang Ye Versus Masked Fighters

Hitori no Shita: The Outcast is a not-so-famous anime series from Japanese and Chinese studio teams, featuring fight scenes with real-life martial arts. The series gives off similar vibes to martial arts movies, especially in this scene where Wang Ye encounters three fighters.

The scene is well-choreographed and the details are stunning, placing emphasis on every hit, punch, and kick. One of the best parts is when Wang Ye clips his tumbler back on his waist, which is just for showing off but looks immensely cool given the scene's context.

10. Shadow vs. Iris and Beatrix (The Eminence in Shadow)

Watch: Shadow Versus Iris and Beatrix

The battle of Shadow against Iris and Beatrix features several awesome fight scene moments, from Iris's fiery blade that throws majestic flames to Beatrix's smooth swordplay.

However, the most eye-catching sequence is when Shadow uses his speed, where it feels like the animators deleted him from the frame and placed him right near his opponent. Impressive considering the other super-fast characters still leave streaks when they move!

Another scene similar to this one occurs during Jujutsu Kaisen's Shibuya Incident Arc, where Toji Fushiguro disappeared with a step and appeared near the sorcerer who summoned him back from the afterlife.

9. Luffy vs. Kaido and Big Mom (One Piece)

Watch: Luffy Versus Kaido and Big Mom

How strong should a Pirate King be? Well, this scene where Luffy hits Kaido with his Red Roc technique says it all. Announcing that he'll be the Pirate King in front of two Emperors is quite ballsy!

From the moment he orders Law to bring Oden's followers to safety, up to the moment Ryuo starts enhancing Luffy's giant fist, this scene raises the hairs on our necks—especially when he lands his fist on Kaido's face.

8. Satoru Gojo vs. Cursed Spirits (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Watch: Satoru Gojo Versus Special Grade Cursed Spirits

Before our favorite sorcerer Satoru Gojo ends up getting sealed in the Prison Realm, he puts up a crazy fight against several powerful Special Grade Cursed Spirits all by himself.

In this scene, he unleashes several techniques that push his adversaries into a corner, prompting them to ditch their initial plan and make their own moves against him.

This fight is shining proof of just how intimidating Satoru Gojo is, as seen when he crushes the life out of Hanami with a maniacal laugh.

7. Levi vs. Beast Titan (Attack on Titan)

Watch: Levi Versus Beast Titan

Captain Levi is one of the strongest—if not the strongest—soldier in Attack on Titan, able to single-handedly take down several titans on his own without taking any damage himself.

But in his battle against the Beast Titan, we're treated with a do-or-die gamble that ends up costing countless lives.

In this fight, Levi carries all the hopes and dreams of the fallen Scouts (including Commander Erwin Smith) on his shoulders as they gave up their lives to make sure Levi could bring the Beast Titan down.

6. Sanji vs. Queen (One Piece)

Watch: Sanji Versus Queen

The latter parts of One Piece's Wano Country Arc has lots of intense character development partnered with crazy animation. However, I'll only include the best of them: Sanji's fight against Queen.

After discovering and utilizing his superhuman abilities (thanks to his Germa lineage), he puts up a fight against Queen the Plague with an even hotter flame. He has an even greater advantage while using both Armament Haki and hardened exoskeleton.

The animation is just glorious, especially during the transition of his flames from yellow to blue, which fills the room with heat and fills us with an explosion of hype for what's about to go down.

5. Yamamoto vs. Yhwach (Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War)

Watch: Yamamoto Versus Yhwach

The Quincy invasion of Soul Society was a big loss to the Soul Reapers. Not only did they leave the Seireitei in ruins, but they also caused several casualties, including the death of Captain Yamamoto.

But before he's defeated by Yhwach, Yamamoto unleashes the most powerful Bankai in the flashiest way: he turns the battlefield into a fiery inferno and almost ruins Soul Society himself.

Alongside Yamamoto, Ichigo Kurosaki also showcases his powers against the Quincy King (but he's left defeated with a broken Bankai).

4. Zoro vs. Kaido (One Piece)

Watch: Zoro Versus Kaido

We've seen Roronoa Zoro use his Nine-Sword Style technique before during the Enies Lobby Arc against Kaku of the CP9. It was already badass back then, even if it was pretty plain and simple.

But this time, up against Kaido, he now knows Haki and also has a monstrous sword in Enma. All of that means his Nine-Sword Style is more formidable, destructive, and cooler than when he first used it.

The Nine-Sword Style technique called Asura: Blades Drawn, Dead Man's Game is effective against Kaido, dealing critical damage that ends up marking his skin for a lifetime.

3. Luffy's Gear 5 (One Piece)

Watch: Luffy's Gear 5

One Piece manga fans have long been waiting for this panel to be animated, and it finally debuted in the anime in July 2023.

While many were surprised (others disappointed) by the outcome, Luffy's Gear 5 gives us some of the most unconventional yet tension-filled scenes in all of Eichiro Oda's One Piece, and that's saying something!

The scenes feature the toon-like powers of the Hito Hito ni Mi: Model Nika as Luffy beats Kaido down in a "very playful" manner. Although it's wrapped up in laughs and cartoonish comedy, we can still feel the thrill of the fight and what's at stake.

2. Kyojuro Rengoku vs. Akaza (Demon Slayer)

Watch: Kyojuro Rengoku Versus Akaza

The fight between Kyojuro and Akaza is one of the main highlights of the Mugen Train Arc and one of the reasons why we love the Demon Slayer series. The Hashiras, the demons, and the story are just so compelling.

In this 30-second clip alone, you can see how intense the battle is, with the Flame Hashira resorting to his final move. The extraordinary animation of the flames and the aura are incredible, providing serious thrills to the cool-yet-heartbreaking moment.

1. Saber Alter vs. Rider (Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel III)

Watch: Saber Alter Versus Rider

The Fate/Stay Night anime series and movies offer tons of beautifully animated fight scenes, all revolving around the Holy Grail War with masters and servants fighting other masters and servants.

This scene in particular is from the movie Fate/Stay Night: Heaven's Feel III Spring Song, which features a fight between Saber Alter (the corrupted version of Saber) and Rider (the legendary counterpart of Medusa).

The groundbreaking battle is emphasized with mesmerizing animation, brought to life by the incredible anime studio Ufotable (the very same studio that animates the visually spectacular Demon Slayer).