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What could be better than gathering with friends around a table to play games? No, not video games. Tabletop games!

Whether it's board games, card or dice games, Dungeons & Dragons, or any number of other tabletop RPGs, there's something special about the tabletop gaming experience that's missing when you play video games.

Tabletop Culture

whatNerd's best articles about tabletop gaming culture and etiquette

There's an entire subculture among tabletop gamers, and understanding this subculture can be difficult when you're new to it all. And even if you're a tabletop veteran, explaining the ropes and procedures to a newbie—even if they're you're friend—can be hard. Fortunately, we've written all about tabletop etiquette, tabletop culture, and more.

Board Games Recommendations

whatNerd's best articles for board game recommendations and suggestions

Want to start your tabletop gaming collection but not sure where to begin? Or maybe you have a solid collection already but you aren't sure which additions are worth getting, considering you already have so many? Check out all of our favorite board gaming recommendations.

Dungeons & Dragons

whatNerd's best articles about Dungeons and Dragons, including tips and tools

Dungeons & Dragons is the quintessential nerdy activity, and for good reason! It's fun, it's social, it's imaginative and creative, it's quirky and collaborative, and there are no limits to the stories you can tell as a group. Dive into the hobby with these tips, tools, and thoughts.

Tips for D&D Players

Tips for Dungeon Masters

D&D Gear and Accessories

Other Tabletop RPGs

Not a fan of Dungeons & Dragons? Or maybe you just want to try playing another tabletop RPG system? While D&D 5e might be our favorite way to play, we understand that it isn't always the best solution for every tabletop RPG campaign. If you find it limiting or frustrating, check out these other awesome tabletop RPG systems.

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