Where to Buy Used Board Games Online: The 5 Best Sites

The condition of a used board game doesn’t always affect gameplay. If you want a great deal on lightly used board games, check out these sites for second-hand board games.

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It’s understandable why someone wouldn’t want to buy a used board game. After all, a used game might have missing pieces that could potentially wreck the entire playing experience.

Fortunately, several sites are dedicated to selling used board games, while also remaining transparent about the condition of each game.

Not to mention that used board games are a lot easier on your wallet—dealing with a harmless rip or crinkle on the board is worth it if it saves you $20 on an expensive game.

Instead of paying full price for a brand new board game, try out a gently-used game from one of these used board game marketplaces.

1. BoardGameCo

On BoardGameCo, you’ll find new and used board games of all genres. Its large library includes games released within the past few years, as well as a variety of old classics.

When you start browsing, you can narrow your search by price, mechanic, genre, popularity, as well as condition. This makes it easy to find exactly what type of game you’re looking for.

There are also several classifications for the condition of each game: new, excellent, very good, good, acceptable, and poor.

BoardGameCo sometimes details specifics about the game’s condition, and will let you know about any bent corners or worn edges. The more damaged a game is, the lower the price.

2. GeekMarket

BoardGameGeek (BGG) is known for its huge database of board games, but it’s also home to GeekMarket: a marketplace of used games. GeekMarket works a lot like eBay, except it doesn’t have an auction feature.

Users can post any used or new games they want to sell, along with pictures, a description, and the condition of the game. If you see a game you want, you can simply add it to your cart and buy it instantly.

Before buying a game, make sure to look at the seller’s feedback. GeekMarket lets you browse reviews for each seller, so you can ensure that you’re making the purchase from someone who’s trustworthy.

Just keep in mind that some sellers only support certain payment methods, and some don’t ship worldwide.

3. GeekList Auctions

In addition to BGG’s GeekMarket, you can also shop on BGG’s GeekList. Unlike the GeekMarket, the auctions on GeekList offer an eBay-style shopping experience.

When you start browsing the GeekList, you’ll notice auction listings mixed in with other posts. To make it easier to find auctions, you can head to the MetaList for GeekList auctions, where you’ll see an organized list of active auctions.

BGG isn’t specifically made for auctions—that’s why each listing looks like a forum post. You can participate in the auction by posting your bid as a reply. Despite this unconventional bidding method, it’s still a great way to score a deal on a used board game.

4. Amazon

If you’re looking for a specific used board game, you’ll likely find it on Amazon. Its large inventory houses hundreds of used board games, ranging from newer games like Terraforming Mars to older games like Clue.

You can start browsing by searching for a game, and then ticking off Used under the “Refine by” heading in the left sidebar. Amazon will then list all of the board games that you can buy used.

Not all used board games on Amazon are deeply discounted. Any games listed as “Like New” might only have a dollar or two knocked off of the original price.

Other games with more wear and tear have a much cheaper price, and the seller typically describes the damage.

5. Facebook Marketplace

As much as you might dislike Facebook, the Facebook Marketplace is still a viable way to get used board games at a discounted price—you just have to sign up for a Facebook account in order to use it.

Buying a used game from the Facebook Marketplace can help you avoid shipping costs completely. Mostly everything on the Facebook Marketplace is sold locally, which means you can meet up with the seller in-person to pick up the game.

Unfortunately, you might not find the game you’re looking for when limiting yourself to local options. Even so, Facebook Marketplace is still worth a look.

Used Board Games Can Be Great

If a used board game only has a few cosmetic issues and is offered at a discounted price, you should definitely consider buying it. Just because a board game is labeled as “used” doesn’t mean it’s completely unplayable.

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