10 Board Gaming Accessories That’ll Improve Your Game Nights

Why settle for a fun game night when you can have an AMAZING game night?
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There are only three things you need for a successful game night: a gracious host, an excellent game to play, and friends to play with. Once you’ve got that much, you don’t need anything else. But why stop there?

Why settle for a fun game night when you can have an AMAZING game night? I don’t like spending money on useless things, but I promise the items below are far from useless. They’ll kick your game nights up several levels and you’ll even wonder how you survived previous game nights without them.

1. Amazon Echo

If you have a bit of cash to burn, consider getting an Amazon Echo Smart Speaker. I got one as a gift and it’s so much cooler than I thought it’d be—and it’s especially useful during game night. You can settle disputes by asking Alexa questions, but I mainly use it as an easy way to play music without a dedicated DJ. Anyone can tell Alexa to play whatever song they want (through Spotify) and it’s just awesome all around. Highly recommended if you have the money to spare.

2. Poker Tabletop

The clatter of dice on a hard wooden table. The clawing at cards as you try to pick one up off a smooth, flat surface. The icy cold sapping of heat from your wrists, especially in the dead of winter. These reasons, and more, sum up why I hate playing games on most tables. Everything is just way better when you have a Deluxe Foldable Poker Tabletop, which dampens dice noises, makes cards easier to pick up, and insulates your arms for however many hours you play your games. A luxury that’s well worth it!

3. Poker Chip Set

Many card games and board games come with paper money or currency marks, but they can be a pain to use. Why settle for flimsy fake bills (Acquire) or cardboard tokens (Coup, Modern Art) when you can use poker chips? With this affordable 500 Poker Chip Set, spending and hoarding money has never felt better. Nothing can match the satisfying click-clack of clay poker chips, and they’re super versatile. You can use them for pretty much ANYTHING.

4. Training Chopsticks

I previously wrote about the best clean snacks for game night, but whether or not you actually choose to eat those snacks, you should absolutely include a full set of Red Quick Sticks (Training Chopsticks). They’re like tweezers for food: you can grab fruit, chips, pretzels, pastries, chocolate, or WHATEVER you want to eat without getting anything on your fingers. The ideal way to keep your games clean for years to come.

5. Resealable Bags

Say goodbye to the days where you just throw everything back in the box and call it a day. That’s a recipe for lost pieces, broken pieces, and dirty pieces. Grab a cheap set of 500 3×4 Resealable Zipper Bags and label them with a permanent marker. Boom! Effortless organization.

6. Card Sleeves

Tired of your cards getting damaged? Especially in shuffle-heavy games like Dominion? Or social deduction games like The Resistance where marked cards can ruin the entire game? Then grab yourself some card sleeves and never worry again. 1,000 Soft Card Sleeves are extremely cheap and will last you a long, long time. Just be aware that these only fit traditionally sized cards. For games with unusually sized cards, you’ll need to find bigger sleeves.

7. Mini Glass Bowls

Some games have SO MANY pieces that gameplay chaos is inevitable. I highly recommend investing in a set of 3.5-inch Mini Glass Bowls that you can use as buckets for various game pieces. It keeps things organized, and because they’re translucent, you can see everything inside without having to dig around.

8. Lazy Susan Turntable

For bigger games played on bigger tables, reaching across for this or that can be a nuisance. Bust out a 16-inch Lazy Susan Turntable and anyone at the table can spin it around to grab whatever they need as they need it without disrupting anything. Even better when combined with the mini glass bowls above!

9. Card Holders

This one isn’t as much of a game-changer as the others on this list, but it’s a nifty way to reduce the likelihood of players BENDING your cards because they’re held in hand all night long. Putting cards in 15-inch Playing Card Holders will ensure that they stay straight and unmarred by players who aren’t so delicate with their hands.

10. Dry Erase Lapboards

Hand out a set of Dry Erase Lapboards, Markers, and Erasers to every player at game night and you’ll be surprised at how useful they can be. Players can take notes, do quick calculations, doodle during downtime, write secret messages to each other, and so much more.

What do you think of my list? What are your must-have supplies and tools and knick-knacks for game night? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Instead of glass bowls, which are breakable (and not the best choice with kids around), we use silicon cupcake/muffin cups. They come in different colors, which is great when you have different color tokens in a game – we often can match the tokens to the color of the cup. Just be sure to wash them if you decide to make cupcakes in them one day!

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