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Video games comprise one of whatNerd's favorite areas of geeky entertainment.

We have hundreds of articles about PC gaming, console gaming, mobile gaming, virtual reality gaming, gaming culture, and gaming history.

You'll find everything from recommendations on what to play to explainers behind why something is popular or something to be avoided.

Nintendo Switch

whatNerd's best articles on the Nintendo Switch, including Nintendo Switch game recommendations

The Nintendo Switch is our favorite gaming console to date, which is clear when you see just how much we've written about it. You'll everything all kinds of Nintendo Switch game recommendations no matter your tastes, plus a few ways to level up your Nintendo Switch experience by means of accessories.

Nintendo Switch Games


whatNerd's best articles on the Xbox series, including Xbox game recommendations

Between the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Game Pass, there's a whole lot of value in this gaming console ecosystem—especially if you're an avid PC gamer as well. Check out our best articles touching on all things Xbox and how to get the most out of yours.

Xbox Game Pass Games

PlayStation 4

whatNerd's best articles on the PlayStation 4, including PlayStation 4 game recommendations

The PlayStation 4 managed to do what the PlayStation 3 couldn't, and that's become a household system that will forever be remembered as one of the best gaming consoles of all time. It pushed the boundaries of console gaming and gave us so many awesome games.

PlayStation 2

whatNerd's best articles on the PlayStation 2, including PlayStation 2 game recommendations

The PlayStation 2 is one of our favorite retro gaming consoles, namely because it played a pivotal role in transforming the nature of console gaming, but also because it has so many great games—ones that are still worth playing today!

PC Gaming

whatNerd's best articles on PC gaming, including PC game recommendations

Here are our best articles for everything related to PC gaming. Our highlights include roundups of useful peripherals and accessories to make PC gaming more comfortable, as well as video game recommendations for when you need new video games to play.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming might not be our favorite way to play games, but there's definitely a time and place for mobile games! Finding the ones worth downloading and installing can be tough—especially with so many mobile games on the app stores—but we can help. Here are the best mobile games we've found that are definitely worth playing.

Indie and Retro Gaming

whatNerd's best articles on indie gaming and retro gaming

Indie gaming and retro gaming aren't exactly the same thing, but there's a lot of overlap between the two. If you like one, you should definitely explore the other—and if you don't know where to start, you can look to our best articles on both indie games and retro games.

Gaming Culture

whatNerd's best articles on the various trends that affect the video games industry and gaming culture

Every so often, we spot clear shifts in the mentality of gamers and/or game developers, leading to all kinds of unforeseen trends and cultural phenomena. Here are our best articles from when we've pondered and explained all things related to gaming culture.

Gaming History

whatNerd's best articles that explore the various bits of video gaming history that deserve commemoration

As video gaming continues to evolve, it becomes more and more important to look back at gaming history to see where we came from—not only to appreciate our roots as gamers, but to make sure we aren't repeating the mistakes of the past. Check out our best articles that delve into the various corners of gaming history.

Virtual Reality Gaming

whatNerd's best articles on virtual reality games and the Oculus Quest

Virtual reality is still in its infancy, but the advent of the Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, and Oculus Link means that VR gaming should become a household experience within the next decade. Our coverage is still scarce, but we have some key posts you should check out.

Video Game Reviews

Here at whatNerd, we review the occasional video game—mainly indie games or lesser-known games that show a lot of promise and potential. We've reviewed video games on several platforms, including PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Here are the best video game reviews we've written!

VR Game Reviews

Virtual reality will be the future of gaming—or at least one aspect of it—and with the advent of standalone headsets like the Oculus Quest 2, virtual reality gaming is now something that anyone can enjoy. Here are some of the best virtual reality games we've reviewed!

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