The 8 Best Stickman Stick Figure Games for Android and iPhone

Stickman mobile games are growing popular! If you're new to the trend, check out these fun stick figure games for Android and iPhone.
The 8 Best Stickman Stick Figure Games for Android and iPhone

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Stickman stick figure mobile games are rising in popularity on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store. These games may have simple graphics, but they make up for it with fun gameplay.

Don't be put off by stick figure graphics! Simplicity and minimalism aren't always indicative of quality—just look at games like Minecraft, Thomas Was Alone, and Mini Metro as proof of that. And while stickman games might feel juvenile, they can be surprisingly fun!

If you need to kill some time, here are some of the best stickman stick figure mobile games worth checking out.

8. Stickman Master Archer

If you are looking for a single-screen two-player mobile game to play with a buddy, Stickman Master Archer is one of the best apps to try.

This game features a strategic shoot-and-aim duel using bow-and-arrows as your main weapon. The game also features a campaign and a survival mode, where all you need to do is shoot your opponents down wave after wave as you level up and advance.

Having someone by your side when playing this game is one of the best parts. And while there are other similar apps like it, this one offers the best vibes and features.

7. Stickman Revenge: Epic War

If you want a fast-paced action game, try Stickman Revenge: Epic War, developed by Bravestars Games. It's a fun mobile RPG with solid graphics and animations, plus an engaging story.

The game's atmosphere adds spice and gives the game a thrilling vibe that makes for a fun experience. Fight off waves of enemy hordes that grow stronger over time, with each one more satisfying to defeat.

6. Zombie Avengers

If you want to kill time by killing loads and loads of zombies, you can do that by playing Zombie Avengers. With its clean graphics and sleek gameplay, you'll have a great time eliminating hordes of zombies.

This game combines stickman action with a zombie apocalypse theme that somehow manages to go well together, making this game worth your time. As you advance to every stage, the hordes grow increasingly more difficult and challenging.

5. Stickman Revenge 3

Another game from Bravestars Games, Stickman Revenge 3 is a continuation of the game Stickman Revenge 2.

It's an endless running mobile game—a different type of gameplay than the aforementioned Stickman Revenge: Epic War—with lots of ninja-fighting action that can be played with one hand. But even one-handed, this game offers lots of thrilling excitement.

Stickman Revenge 3 is complete with several different hero characters with different skills and combos each, plus dozens of enemies and bosses to defeat while mastering the run-and-slash mechanics.

4. League of Stickman

League of Stickman is another thrilling stick figure mobile game with fast-paced gameplay. The one features heroes and villains, enemy hordes, and a lot more—and it's not just a shoot-and-kill type of game, but one that demands a bit more strategic thinking.

The game's list of heroes range from short-ranged swordsmen to long-ranged archers and wizards. Its heroes are, of course, stick figures with their own unique designs and abilities.

3. Fun Race 3D

Though it's not exactly in the same aesthetic vein as the other stickman games on this list, the featureless characters do resemble stick figures—they just happen to be 3D models.

Fun Race 3D is about racing through obstacles and dodging all kinds of traps and hazards. This fun and addictive mobile game is a must-try that'll have you laughing every time you're thrown off track.

The game is so easy to play: just tap and hold to run, then release to stop. Just focus on getting through each level and be wary of any traps that happen to get in your way!

2. Grow Castle

If you're done with mobile RPGs and you want to play something new, you can try Grow Castle. It's a tower defense mobile game featuring stickman figures as your army units.

Each unit type has a unique benefit, and your goal is to strategically allocate your resources and forces toward victory. The game also features different level of bosses and horde combinations that keep going strong as the game advances.

1. Stick War: Legacy

Want to mix tower defense games with RPG elements? Then you'll want to play Stick War: Legacy. This medieval war-themed tower defense game has you building an army and gathering resources to train up units for battle.

In addition to grouping units into formations, you can also choose to focus on one unit and take full control of it. That can come in handy when you need to make tactical maneuvers, like luring enemies.

Stick War: Legacy also features a Tournament Mode where you can play against a pool of AI players (different styles) and several other game modes where you can compete against other players.