The 5 Most Addicting Idle RPG Games for Android and iPhone

Need a break from high-stress games? These idle RPG mobile games will help you kill time and relieve stress.

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Do you ever get exhausted from the amount of strategic thinking involved in turn-based, stealth, strategy, or puzzle games? When your brain needs a break, idle games have your back.

Idle RPG games put a unique spin on the idle game genre, making the gameplay a bit more exciting than just having to repeatedly click or tap the screen.

If you’re looking for a mobile game you can play with no effort, check out these addicting idle RPG games for Android and iPhone.

1. AFK Arena

As you can see in the video above, the ads for AFK Arena look nothing like the app’s actual gameplay. Once you put this annoying marketing tactic aside, you’ll find that the game is addictingly fun to play.

In AFK Arena, you’ll assemble a team of heroes, and put them on the battlefield to fight against a group of opponents. For every level you complete, you’ll earn more loot to improve your fighters, as well as earn new ones.

Since AFK Arena is an idle game, the characters fight for you. The main factors you control are the placement of the heroes, as well as their equipment and level upgrades.

Each character has different abilities, a unique story, and beautiful artwork, which makes AFK Arena stand out from other mobile games.

2. Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes has over 200 heroes in its library, each belonging to a specific faction. Like AFK Arena, you’ll get more heroes by “summoning” them. You can get summons over time, or redeem them using the scrolls you earn or buy.

Idle Heroes lets you train a team of fighters without actually playing the game. Put your characters in training mode, go about your day, and they’ll level up by the time you open the app again.

Luckily, Idle Heroes has enough content to prevent you from getting bored. Not only can you advance through the campaign mode, but you can also partake in guild wars, complete quests, climb a dangerous tower, as well as battle other players.

3. Taptap Heroes

If you’re a fan of idle games that involves tons of satisfying tapping, then you’ll love Taptap Heroes.

Taptap Heroes takes place in the land of Mystia, the home to over 200 collectible heroes from six factions. After Mystia’s sacred sword gets stolen by evil forces, the heroes must retrieve it before its power gets used for the wrong reasons.

As you fight your way towards victory, you’ll have to tap the screen to eliminate hordes of enemies. When your finger gets tired, the game will take care of the fighting for you—your characters will automatically fight when you log out for seven hours or less.

Taptap Heroes also lets you summon new heroes, upgrade your cast of characters, earn rewards, and play with friends in the Guild Arena.

4. Trials of Heroes

Trials of Heroes is yet another fantasy-themed idle heroes mobile game. This game comes packed with over 100 heroes that come from six different races.

Like the other mobile RPGs on this list, Trials of Heroes involves leveling up your heroes in battle, as well as creating better armor and weapons.

Trials of Heroes involves a lot of tapping and grinding, but its auto-battle mode can give your tired fingers a break. When you go offline, your characters will train, battle, or go on adventures by themselves.

If you get tired of doing the same, generic battles, you can also engage in raids, battle other players, join a guild, climb the treacherous Dark Tower, or complete quests.

5. Raid: Shadow Legends

Although Raid: Shadow Legends has been criticized for not having enough free content, the developers have promised to keep a balance between free and paid items.

That said, you can still play the game without making any purchases, but you’ll still see pesky ads for paid perks.

Out of all the mobile RPG games on this list, Raid: Shadow Legends has the most stunning visuals. The characters are all 3D-rendered, which makes the game look like it belongs on a console.

Champions come from 16 different factions, such as Knights, Elves, Demonspawn, Skinwalkers, Sorcerers, and more. You can unlock more powerful attacks for your team of fighters as you progress through the challenging campaign, battle bosses, or try your luck in the PvP arena.

Just keep in mind that although Raid: Shadow Legends isn’t primarily an idle game, it does have some idle qualities—you’ll have to put some thought into your actions, but you can use auto mode to have the AI fight for you.

Idle Games: Play Without Playing

There’s nothing wrong with having a few low-effort games in your arsenal. They’re the perfect games to kill time when you’re bored at work and school, or when you just want to relax.

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