The 11 Best Nintendo Switch Games for Couples

These Nintendo Switch games are perfect for couples to play, whether competing against each other or cooperating with each other!

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When Nintendo first launched the Switch, it made it clear that the console was meant for playing with friends. Remember those commercials with the rooftop parties?

And the Nintendo Switch has truly proven itself as a fantastic console for playing with another person. The ability to turn a Joy-Con on its side for quick local multiplayer lends itself perfectly to playing games with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife.

Which two-player games are worth playing together? Of all the ones we’ve played, here are our picks for the best Nintendo Switch games for couples—whether you prefer competing against each other or working together toward the same goal.

1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe isn’t necessarily the most exciting game in the Mario Kart series, as it’s a re-release of the Wii U game.

However, when it comes to competitive games to play with your partner, you really can’t go wrong with Mario Kart. The racing is fun, and the ability to troll each other with items never gets old.

Just imagine your boyfriend or girlfriend is running in first place. They’re rubbing it in your face and then, seemingly as if it’s a hand dealt by fate, you get a blue shell that takes them out and secures a win for you at the last second.

Will you ever let them live it down? That’s for you to decide!

2. Moving Out

Moving Out is easily my favorite Nintendo Switch game to play as a couple. It’s a lot like Overcooked (more on that later in this article) in that it’s a cooperative game, but instead of serving food orders, you’re carrying items out of a house and loading them into a moving truck.

Some items are heavy so you need to carry them together, but it’s a race against the clock and working together isn’t always so easy.

You can throw items around, jump through windows, knock things over—it’s as hilarious as it sounds, and it’s super fun without being stressful at all.

3. Tools Up!

Tools Up! is another cooperative game that’s almost like a hybrid between Moving Out and Overcooked.

You’re a team of contractors who are hired to renovate homes, which involves painting walls, rolling carpet, moving furniture, and cleaning up after yourselves.

Every house has its own blueprint of instructions that need to be completed within a time limit (unless you play on the stress-free mode with unlimited time).

It feels like work but it’s surprisingly fun, and actually cultivates cooperation rather than frustration. This one is tied with Moving Out as my favorite Nintendo Switch game to play as a couple.

4. Urban Flow

Urban Flow is a game all about controlling traffic lights on busy city streets. Cars arrive at various intersections and your job is to manage red lights and green lights in a way that keeps traffic flowing without any accidents.

If you’re too slow, cars will get impatient and run red lights!

This game can actually get pretty difficult, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you or your significant other gets frustrated easily. But if you both like real-time challenges and can work together well via clear communication, Urban Flow is one of the more rewarding games to beat together.

5. Overcooked 2

In Overcooked 2 (and the original prequel), you’re tasked with creating meals and serving them in a timely manner.

Where things get interesting is the need to work together to get the ingredients prepared and assembled as quickly as possible without messing up.

While the game isn’t exactly a realistic representation of cooking, it will see you calling out to each other about chopping veggies, boiling pasta, cooking meat, serving finished plates, cleaning dirty plates, and more.

You’ll be grunting in frustration as you clash in the kitchen and elated with joy when you finish in victory. Actually, maybe it’s not too far from the experience of actually cooking together.

6. Wondershot

For action game junkies, Wondershot is a fun game to play as a couple or as a group!

While the main mode pits you against each other in a deathmatch, I prefer the better mode that involves endless survival against wave after wave of increasingly stronger enemies.

Working together, you’ll have to outmaneuver enemies to kill them before they kill you. But if you die, it isn’t the end yet—you can come back if your teammate can manage to revive you.

It’s a challenge to see how many waves you can defeat before you’re overwhelmed. Tons of fun! Highly recommended.

7. Death Squared

For couples who love puzzle games, I don’t think it gets better than Death Squared.

In every level, each player has to reach a designated destination while avoiding all kinds of traps and hazards—and the only way to do that is to work together and make sure nobody dies.

I really like this game because it has a bit of everything, from smart puzzle designs to rewarding victories to pick-up-and-play gameplay to cute characters that everyone can love and adore.

8. Mario Tennis Aces

You don’t need to be a sports fan to appreciate the greatness of Mario Tennis Aces.

The game bends the tennis rules in some very interesting ways while adding power-ups and a cast of characters that are straight out of every Nintendo fan’s dream. Plus, you can play on the same team, which is a nice change of pace!

Remember how much fun tennis was on Wii Sports? Well, you can somewhat replicate that feeling with Aces, as it offers similar motion controls with the Joy-Cons.

That means that even if your significant other doesn’t enjoy the feel of traditional video games they can still have a good time.

9. Super Mario Party

Playing board games with your mate is always fun. Playing board games in a video game where you don’t need to worry about keeping track of and cleaning up all the pieces is even better.

Super Mario Party on the Nintendo Switch does a great job of streamlining some of the most annoying aspects of previous games while still maintaining the quirky charm for which the games are known.

Of course, we make no guarantees that your relationship will last through a single game of Mario Party, as there’s nothing quite as infuriating as someone stealing those precious stars you worked so hard to earn!

10. Puyo Puyo Tetris 2

If you and your significant other are down for competitive puzzle games, Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 is about as good as it gets.

The simple controls are perfectly suited to playing with sideways Joy-Cons, and the depth offered by the blend of the two beloved puzzle franchises will make even the most hardcore of gamers feel satisfied.

In terms of value, this game is a tremendous deal. It’s literally packed with different game modes to play, so the two of you will be able to battle it out for puzzle game supremacy for hours without ever running out of things to do.

11. Snipperclips Plus

This co-op game is all about communication, which makes it a great bonding experience for couples.

Essentially, you’ll be cutting each other’s characters into a variety of shapes in order to solve puzzles. That means you’ll constantly need to work together to get through the challenges.

While not the deepest game out there, there are enough levels of varying difficulty to keep you busy for a few hours. Couple that with the game being available for an affordable price? It’s definitely worthwhile!

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