The 10 Most Satisfying Nintendo Switch Games If You Love to Grind

Want to sit back with a season of your favorite TV show and grind through a few hours of a game? Here you go.
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Games don’t necessarily have to be unexpected and mind blowing 100 percent of the time. Granted, that’s where many of us find our favorite moments in games, but sometimes you just want to kick back, relax, and play something that feels comfortable, maybe even a little repetitive.

Grinding is often used as a negative term when it comes to games but sometimes it’s just what you need when you want to let your mind wander. Looking to make your way through a few back episodes of your favorite podcast? These games will provide and excellent companion.

1. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

There’s a lot to do in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, even if all you want to do is finish the main story. That in itself doesn’t entail much grinding. If you want to collect the game’s powerful Blades though, you’ll be grinding a fair amount.

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2. Warframe

We’ve already included Warframe on our list of wonderfully grind-tastic games for the PlayStation 4, and for good reason. This is the same game, only in addition to playing on your TV, you can also pick it up and take it on the go with you, making it possibly an even better choice on the Switch.

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3. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

The Monster Hunter franchise is at one a skill-based multiplayer boss rush and one of the biggest grinds in modern gaming. Fortunately, it’s so fun to play that you won’t mind hunting the same monster over and over to get that last part you need to upgrade your bowgun.

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4. Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is a multi-platform game, but the bonus Starfox content in the Switch version makes this the version to buy. The game features Ubisoft’s familiar open-world format combined with the grinding and exploration aspects of No Man’s Sky, making it a great game to play for, well, a very long time.

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5. Octopath Traveler

At first glance, Octopath Traveler seems like a gorgeous throwback to the RPGs of old. That’s what it seems like on the second and third glance too, because that’s what it is. You’ll need to do a fair amount of level grinding to step up to the next chapter of each character’s story, but fortunately the combat system is so good you won’t mind.

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6. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Take one part Diablo, add another part Diablo, add a pinch of Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance, then add a whole bucketload of superheroes. That’s Marvel Ultimate Alliance. This doesn’t match previous entries in the series but it’s still grind-y good time.

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7. Dragon Marked for Death

Dragon Marked for Death is like a combination of a 2D Monster Hunter game and the Mega Man Zero series. That means it’s tough as nails but extremely satisfying. Perfecting runs through levels to try to grab that elusive piece of gear doesn’t get old.

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8. Lapis x Labyrinth

Imagine someone throwing coins and jewels at you nearly continuously. That’s Lapis x Labyrinth. Somehow the developer managed to fit a game in there too. The fact that the game is fun to play is almost secondary to the sensory overload of loot you’re showered with.

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9. Cat Quest

In most realities, Cat Quest would be a cheap mobile cash-in relying on cats’ inherent cuteness to mask an otherwise terrible game. Fortunately in our reality, Cat Quest is a surprisingly deep but accessible RPG that becomes increasingly difficult to put down.

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10. Moonlighter

In the day time, you’re a humble shopkeeper, peddling wares to the locals. Then night comes and you head to the dungeon to procure more of those wares, increasing your personal bankroll and the overall state of the town as you do so.

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The Longest Nintendo Switch Games

Relaxing and letting your mind wander isn’t the only thing that grinding in games is good for. Sometimes you just want to ignore the outside world and lose yourself in a game. If you want to do that, no matter where you are, take a look at our list of the longest games worth playing on the Switch.

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