11 Beautiful Custom Path Designs for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Lay down these fan-made custom paths, and you'll be surprised at how much they improve the look of your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island.
11 Beautiful Custom Path Designs for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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The default path designs that come with Animal Crossing: New Horizons just aren't enough. There's only so much you can do with the nine generic paths offered in the Nook Stop.

If you want to spruce up your island even more, you can add some fan-made path patterns into the mix. Fans make custom paths with love, adding in a surprising amount of detail, and getting creative with their designs.

We've handpicked some of the most beautiful fan-made custom paths from the web, all of which you can download directly into your game.

11. Pastel Brick Path by Kaya

Creator ID: MA-0792-0805-1685

For a brick walkway with a pop of color, try this pastel brick path. The designer has included three color variants: white, pink, and brown. Whether you combine each color variant or use them separately, this path can instantly brighten up your island.

10. Dirt Path by Oni

Creator ID: MA-3845-6613-6023

A dirt path design is simple, but necessary. The above design incorporates the same triangular pattern found in the grass, which makes it seem like this pattern actually came with the game. You can use this path in campgrounds, gardens, or to create a natural path through a forest.

9. Moon Surface Path by Alana

Creator ID: MA-8044-9507-5903

Who says you can't have an island in outer space? This moon surface path can give your island an otherworldly look—the craters, small divets, and astronaut footprints make this design even more noteworthy.

8. Red Carpet by Paul

Creator ID: MA-3993-1314-1451

Get ready to roll out the red carpet! Place this eye-catching path in any area that deserves some extra attention, and your island will start turning heads.

7. Street Path With Sidewalk by Lissy

Creator ID: MA-5942-5804-6646

This street path's simple, clean design will instantly transform your island from an overgrown oasis to a budding metropolis. As a bonus, the designer also includes a crosswalk and sidewalk.

6. Circular and Oval-Shaped Paths by Vee

Creator ID: MA-5116-9644-5826

If you're sick of building linear walkways, you should try incorporating circular paths. Browse this player's collection of designs, and you'll find everything you need to make an artistic path outfitted with large circular stones, small stepping stones, gray bricks, and wood planks.

5. Fake Deck and Stairs by Yamaji Maya

Creator ID: MA-8569-4772-9405

Buildable decks and stairs are just some of the features that Nintendo needs to add to New Horizons. Fortunately, some talented players (like the one above) have taken matters into their own hands. This path mimics an actual platform with stairs leading up to it, even though it's just a 2D design.

4. Wood Planks by Merley

Creator ID: MA-6352-6078-6250

These wooden planks scream "island life." Whether you place them around your house or at the beach, these imperfect planks will make you feel carefree.

3. Old Train Track by Serai

Creator ID: MA-4425-3515-9296

Having an abandoned train track around your island can definitely give it some character. These grass-covered tracks just might be the path you need to fill up the empty space on the outskirts of your island.

2. Bigger Plaza Pattern by Gialla

Creator ID: MA-4833-3909-3486

New Horizons prevents you from putting any furniture on the plaza, so why not expand the plaza instead? This plaza pattern is designed to match the real plaza, allowing you to add a beautiful extension that you can actually decorate.

1. Stepping Stones by Illtsu

Creator ID: MA-4471-1720-0257

These stepping stones blend in seamlessly in any garden or wooded area. It gives off a fairytale vibe that'll make your island look magical.

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Walkways are just a small aspect of your island, but giving them a unique look can make a huge difference on your island. Changing up your paths with the above designs (or some of your own) is a great place to start bettering your island design.