The Best Racing Games for PlayStation 4

Looking to drive fast but want to skip the speeding ticket? Why not turn to your PlayStation 4 instead?
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Sometimes you just need to go fast, and playing Sonic the Hedgehog isn’t going to cut it. That’s when you turn to racing games, but that’s a very wide genre. When kart racers and ultra-realistic simulation racers are both contained within the same genre, it can be tough to find what’s right for you.

That’s why we’ve got this list. If you’re looking for a racing game for your PlayStation 4, you should find something up your alley here, no matter what type of racing game you prefer.

1. Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo is the flagship Sony racing series. It sits somewhere toward the more realistic side of the spectrum, but it’s far from a sim. Gran Turismo Sport was a thin package at launch, but it’s turned into a fun and feature-packed racing game since then, especially if you’re interested in racing online.

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2. Burnout Paradise Remastered

There are a ton of open-world racers on the PlayStation 4, but none of them capture the same arcade-style fun as this remaster from the previous generation. There are a bunch of different race styles, and when you just feel like driving around, there are seemingly endless billboards to find and smash.

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3. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Back when Mario Kart was essentially the only name in kart racing games, Crash Team Racing came along for the original PlayStation, and it was every bit as good. This remaster of that game also includes content from its sequels Crash Nitro Kart and Crash Tag Team Racing.

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4. Trackmania Turbo

While Trackmania Turbo offers nowhere near the multiplayer madness that the PC versions do, it’s worth checking out for the single player and local multiplayer alone. The goal of this game is to get to the end of the track as fast as possible, not to beat other racers. The satisfaction comes from playing tracks over and over for the perfect run. Think of it like the racing equivalent of Super Meat Boy.

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5. Horizon Chase Turbo

If you miss retro racers like Outrun, then Horizon Chase Turbo is the perfect game for you. With retro-inspired graphics and sound, this is still a modern game, especially the sense of speed. This is one of the best options on this list for local multiplayer tool.

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6. Onrush

A racing game where it doesn’t matter what place you’re in? Can they do that? They can, and Onrush is the result. Think of it as a mix between a racing game and an team-based multiplayer game like Overwatch. This game didn’t sell well, which means we probably won’t see a sequel, but it’s still a great game worth checking out.

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7. Wipeout Omega Collection

Who says that racing games need to have cars (or karts)? The Wipeout series kicked off way back in 1995 and it’s still going today. Wipeout Omega Collection collects two previous entries in this futuristic racing series– Wipeout HD and Wipeout 2048–in one remastered collection.

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8. F1 2019

If you’re a Formula 1 fan–and if you’re not you might want to give it a shot–this is the series for you. It’s not as realistic of a simulation as some racing fans might want, but that makes it more accessible. The campaign also features almost RPG-style character choices and growth, making it a more engaging experience.

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9. DiRT Rally 2.0

Perhaps the most sim-style racer on this list, DiRT Rally 2.0 doesn’t even include a tutorial. What it does include is some fantastic rally racing that rewards patience and precision. If you’ve got a racing wheel you’re looking to use, it will definitely come in handy with this game.

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More Free Games for Your PS4 Library

You’re probably not interested in every game listed above, but if you are, buying all of them would put a sizable dent in your wallet. Whether you’re new to the PlayStation 4 or just looking for some variety, you might be looking to add some games to your library without spending much. If that’s the case, check out our list of the best free games on the PS4.

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