Feeling Gaming Fatigue? What to Do When You're Tired of Playing Games

Tired of playing video games? Here's how to address gaming fatigue and rediscover your love for video games again.
Feeling Gaming Fatigue? What to Do When You're Tired of Playing Games

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Gaming fatigue happens to all of us.

Sometimes you just don't feel like participating in an activity, even if it's your favorite hobby. Your heart tells you to sit down and play your video games or board games, but your brain says you aren't in the mood and nothing happens.

It's called gaming fatigue. What are you to do about it?

Well, don't sit around and sulk! You can actually fight off gaming fatigue and rediscover your love for games again. Your passion never really left—it just took a small break!

Here's what you can do to recover from gaming fatigue.

1. Explore Other Gaming Genres

If you're the type of gamer who enjoys sticking to a certain set of gaming genres or types of games, you might not be experiencing fatigue from all games—you might just be getting tired of playing the same games over and over.

Are you a fan of shooter games? Try loading up a slower-paced JRPG or MMORPG. If you only play sports games, maybe it's time to try a platformer game.

Or maybe switch over to board games. Already play board games? Try D&D or another tabletop RPG. How about virtual reality to shake things up? That's a unique experience unlike any other.

There are so many different gaming experiences to try. Why limit yourself to one thing? Step outside your gaming comfort zone and expand your options with new gaming genres and game types.

2. Return to Old Favorites

Maybe you're just saturated by modern gaming ideas and designs. It's no secret that the games of today are way different than the games we played a decade or two ago.

Think back to some of your favorite games from back in the day. Your comfort games, if you will.

Returning to a classic game that you love can spark the memories and feelings that made you excited about games in the first place. You might only need to play it for a few hours—or even just listen to the soundtrack—to rekindle your passion!

3. Watch Other People Play

I don't know about you, but whenever I sit down to watch someone play games on Twitch, I soon find myself wanting to shut the stream off and play the game myself.

Seeing someone have fun with a game is usually enough to kindle some of your own excitement. Them having fun will make you want to have fun, and suddenly you want to play games again.

If there's a particular game you want to get into but you're finding it hard, just jump on Twitch, YouTube, or wherever you watch streams, and find someone who entertains you.

In the best-case scenario, you'll rekindle your passion to play by wishing you were having the same experiences as them. In the worst-case scenario, you'll enjoy watching them play. Win-win!

4. Read Interesting Gaming Articles

Maybe you just need to think about games differently. Approaching them with the same perspective as you always do might be causing your gaming fatigue.

One of the best ways to refresh your gaming brain is by reading interesting content about the world of video games. There are plenty of places to find deep articles and essays about video games, game design, and other gaming-related topics.

If you're not sure where to start or where to find such content, here are just a few places you can check:

Obviously, some of the content on those sites will just be your standard news and reviews, but there's plenty of deeper content on each of those websites.

Give them a read, and see if looking at video games from a different angle helps you find your passion again!

5. Try a New Hobby

So you've tried all of the game-related tips above and you still don't have the will or desire to play? It might be time to try out a new hobby and see if you can find your passion there.

Now, I'm not saying to give up on gaming altogether. I'm just advising you to take a break and try something new.

Your new hobby could be related to games—tabletop RPGs, mobile games, LARPing, and cosplay are all great options. These hobbies will expand your comfort zone while still sticking with something that's fairly familiar.

Of course, you can also do something completely different! Go hiking, start climbing rocks, sign up for a team sport, or even just sit down and read books.

The point is, there's plenty of rewarding things to do that don't involve games—and they can be just as rewarding.

And when it's time to come back to gaming, you'll be refreshed and ready to take it in. In the meantime, try to find a new hobby that brings you as much joy as gaming did!