The 5 Funniest Dating Sim Games on Steam

Looking for love? These quirky dating sims give you plenty of odd dates to choose from.

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You either love or hate dating simulators, there is no in-between. The cheesy, cringe-worthy circumstances of a dating sim are enough to make some players stop playing immediately. But still, this ridiculous content is what fuels some dating sims, making them addicting to play.

If you're not a fan of the romance aspect of dating sims, you can still find some entertainment in the intentional (or unintentional) humor ingrained in the game. Take a break from the real-life dating world, and find your next true love in one of these oddly hilarious dating sims.

5. Otaku's Adventure

Otaku's Adventure tells the story of an anime-obsessed boy and his quest for love. Since your character is an otaku, he obviously doesn't have much charm when it comes to dating—this results in plenty of awkward encounters with the ladies.

Otaku's Adventure isn't only about conversations with potential dates, it also has plenty of minigames, puzzles, and battles that keep you entertained. The witty, often poorly translated, dialogue makes Otaku's Adventure even funnier. Plus, this offbeat game has several different endings that make it highly replayable.

4. Attack Helicopter Dating Simulator

Attack Helicopter Dating Simulator is exactly what it sounds like. It comes from the same creators who brought us Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator, and features a lineup of even more military machinery-inspired dates.

The fact that each potential partner is named after an actual helicopter makes the game that much better. Will you pursue BellBoeing V-22 Osprey, AH1Z Viper, or Mil Mi-24? The choice is yours.

3. I Love You, Colonel Sanders

I Love You, Colonel Sanders will have you drooling not only for some crispy drumsticks, but also for the young and handsome Colonel Sanders. The game transforms the KFC icon into an anime character with stylish glasses, prominent cheekbones, and silky white hair.

You take on the role of a culinary student who studies alongside the future franchise founder. Your choices determine whether Colonel Sanders will choose you as his business partner, and perhaps even his romantic partner.

2. Dream Daddy

You're a single father who has just moved to the quiet town of Maple Bay. Lucky for you, the entire town is filled with plenty of dads who are handsome, quirky, and most importantly, single.

If you're looking to get your fill of dad jokes, Dream Daddy can satisfy that craving. Pursuing the seven dateable dads results in multiple different endings, giving you the chance to replay it several times—that is, if you can take the dad puns for that long.

1. Hatoful Boyfriend

Yes, Hatoful Boyfriend is a pigeon dating sim. You play as the sole human student at the St. PigeoNation's Institute, a famed academy for gifted birds. As you traverse the halls of your new high school, you'll meet pigeons of all breeds and personalities.

Despite the seemingly silly storyline, the game has a shocking amount of depth. The decisions you make, along with the feathered suitor you choose both affect your progress, leaving room for several alternate endings.

Virtual Dating = No Heartbreak

Unlike real-life dating, virtual dating rarely results in heartbreak. Instead of risking your integrity, why not play it safe and date a virtual pigeon or Colonel Sanders? These quirky dating sims are undoubtedly odd, but you'll be surprised at how quickly you get absorbed in the story.

Playing a funny dating sim can instantly boost your mood. For more laughter-inducing games, check out these hilarious games for much-needed comic relief.

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