The 11 Best Indie Game Soundtracks

Whether you like synthwave, dubstep, rock music, or chiptune tracks, these diverse indie game soundtracks won’t disappoint your ears.

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Music is more important to the gaming experience than you may think. An amazing soundtrack contributes to the overall story and tone of the game, not to mention that it makes playing much more enjoyable.

Some of the greatest soundtracks come from indie games. While indie developers don’t have the funding or the huge staff of a AAA studio, they don’t let that stop them from creating incredible music.

The following indie game soundtracks are worth a listen!

1. Enter the Gungeon

You’ll die hundreds of times when playing Enter the Gungeon, but at least you can listen to amazing music while you do it. Before you even start the game, you’ll hear the catchy “Enter the Gungeon” tune that’ll replay over and over in your head.

This is followed up by awesome electronic songs that change as you traverse chambers and battle bosses. You might get tired of dying, but you definitely won’t get tired of the music!

2. Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami‘s soundtrack is absolutely legendary. Just about every song from the game will pump you up as you clear floors—“Hydrogen” and “Knock Knock” are some standouts.

The soundtrack puts a modern spin on 80s-style music, making these intense beats utterly addicting.

3. Stardew Valley

While the songs from Hotline Miami and Enter the Gungeon will get you dancing, Stardew Valley‘s soundtrack is much more low-key. The calming music definitely suits this indie farming game.

If you’re looking for music to listen to when working, studying, or relaxing, turn on some tranquil Stardew Valley songs.

4. Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight has a beautiful, yet eerie soundtrack. When you first listen to it, you’d never guess that this soundtrack comes from an indie game.

It really sounds like music from a high-budget fantasy film. An orchestra sets the dark mood for the game, and you can immediately hear the effort put in by Christopher Larkin.

5. Undertale

Undertale offers retro-inspired songs that you’ll remember long after you complete the game. Although the album is so simplistic, the tracks have so much depth.

You’ll find that each song evokes different emotions—“Once Upon a Time” brings forth feelings of nostalgia, while “Megalovania” inspires a sense of urgency.

6. Celeste

Celeste is an amazing game, and its soundtrack makes it less of a chore to struggle through especially tedious environments. As you ascend the mountain, you’ll be greeted with melodies led by the sound of synths and piano.

7. Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter‘s album is a beautiful blend of electronic and instrumental tracks. One of the most notable songs is the first on the album: “Vignette: Panacea.” The moody sound of the piano combined with soft electronic notes will give you goosebumps.

8. Katana Zero

The neon, futuristic world of Katana Zero is only enhanced by the epic synthwave soundtrack.

Katana Zero‘s OST can keep up with the famous tunes from Hotline Miami, which really says something about the quality of the album. Take a listen for yourself, and you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to a cyberpunk universe.

9. Pistol Whip

Unlike most of the soundtracks on this list, Pistol Whip’s OST features songs with vocals.

This VR game features intense, rhythm-based gunfights, so it only makes sense that the background music is just as epic. The sensational dubstep, techno, and house beats will get you hyped.

10. Gris

Gris’ stunning art style and story are complemented by a breathtaking soundtrack. The soothing (and sometimes melancholy) instrumentals are easy on your ears.

11. Hades

Hades’ OST definitely stands out from the rest. Most songs have a rock-and-roll feel, while others have the tantalizing strums of an acoustic guitar. Since this game is considered early-access, you can expect more songs to be added in the future!

Indie Game Soundtracks Are Beast

Indie games encompass all types of music. It’s even more impressive that small indie studios can manage to produce such amazing soundtracks.

If you haven’t played some of these indie games, the music alone might tempt you to try them out. After all, catchy soundtracks are just another reason why indie games are surpassing AAA titles.

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