The Top 10 Most Terrifying Video Game Bosses

Are you ready to relive the scariest bosses in gaming? These bosses are hard to defeat, and even harder to look at.

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The scarier the boss, the more memorable it is. Sometimes, the fear factor makes it even harder to beat. How can you play against a boss that’s too terrifying to look at?

If you’ve played any of these games, the bosses likely scarred you for life. Get ready to relive your nightmares—these are the scariest bosses in all of video games.

1. Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2)

Pyramid Head is easily one of the most disturbing video game bosses. You’ll come across Pyramid Head in Silent Hill 2 in several disturbing cutscenes involving mannequins. His haunting, faceless head and bloody apron will make you dread having to defeat him.

2. Laura Creature (The Evil Within)

You’ll first encounter the hellish Laura creature in Chapter 4 of The Evil Within. Her twisted, four-armed body suddenly appears out of a bloody corpse, and really gives you a scare.

The Laura Creature’s only weakness is fire, the same element that gravely injured the real Laura in a barn fire.

3. Dead Hand (Ocarina of Time)

At the bottom of the well in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time lies Dead Hand, the source of your childhood nightmares.

He has a skull-like head, a viscous body, and tons of arms that sprout out of the ground. When once of these arms grab Link’s head, Dead Hand’s body will come out of the ground and attack.

4. Giygas (Earthbound)

Giygas, the embodiment of all evil, is the final boss of Earthbound. His ghastly appearance becomes even more haunting as you inflict damage upon him.

Giygas doesn’t have a physical form—his mind and body have been destroyed by the amount of power he’s consumed.

5. Flowey (Undertale)

At the start of Undertale, Flowey doesn’t seem so bad. He has a rather cute and innocent appearance, as he takes the form of a smiling flower.

When you come face-to-face with Flowey at the end of the game, he becomes a giant, demented humanoid flower. An unnerving screen also appears on the top of Flowey’s head, displaying a screaming human face.

6. Succubus (Devil May Cry)

Succubus has a disgusting appearance reminiscent of a giant slug. She lives underneath the Virility soda factory, and injects a “secret ingredient” into the sodas.

As if Succubus couldn’t get even viler, this “secret ingredient” is actually her toxic secretions. When humans drink the soda, they become weak and easily manipulated.

7. Marguerite Baker (Resident Evil 7)

Poor Marguerite was once a caring housewife, until the human bioweapon, Eveline, infected her with the Mold.

From then on, she began to serve human body parts as meals—if you refuse her delicious dinners, she’ll get violent. Not only can she control a swarm of insects, but she later harbors a hive in her stomach.

8. Clotho (God of War II)

Clotho is another one of those horrifyingly gross bosses. You’ll find this Sister of Fate in the Loom Chamber in God of War II. She’s a massive human and silkworm hybrid who has a gelatinous body and four swinging arms.

9. Brain of Mensis (Bloodborne)

The Brain of Mensis is a gooey, brain-like monster with several eyes and dangling limbs. In Bloodborne, it hangs from chains over a dark abyss. Once you pull a lever, the Brain of Mensis will fall into the pit where you can finally slay it.

10. Master Hand (Super Smash Bros. Series)

Master Hand definitely isn’t the scariest boss on this list, but there’s just something frightening about fighting a detached hand.

If you think about it, this hand comes out of nowhere —whose hand is it, and why is it the final boss at the end of every Super Smash Bros. game? This just makes both Master Hand and Crazy Hand even creepier.

Do These Bosses Bring Back Nightmares?

You can expect terrifying enemies in horror games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil, but when you start to see unsettling bosses in games like Undertale and The Legend of Zelda, the bosses become even more shocking.

These bosses prove that video games have to power to be just as scary as movies. However, even the scariest bosses still can’t top these best horror movie villains.

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