The 5 Best YouTube Channels for Learning Dungeons & Dragons

We're here to remove the guesswork from the process by showing you some of the best YouTube channels for D&D players and DMs.
The 5 Best YouTube Channels for Learning Dungeons & Dragons

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Are you thinking about getting into D&D? Or maybe you already play and want to learn more about the game? Thinking about becoming a dungeon master?

One great way to delve deeper into Wizards of the Coast's tabletop RPG masterpiece is... YouTube!

If you know where to look, you can find YouTube videos that'll teach you just about everything you could want to know about D&D—and how to be a DM for D&D too.

We're here to remove the guesswork from the process by pointing you to some of the best YouTube channels for D&D players and DMs. These aren't channels where people play D&D for your entertainment; they're channels that break down the mechanics of the game and help you to be a better player or DM.

5. The DM Lair

The DM Lair is an underrated gem in the D&D world. The amount of effort Luke Hart puts into his videos is truly staggering. Not only are they incredibly informative for anyone who wants to start DMing games of D&D, but they're also funny and entertaining.

While the videos are definitely aimed at people who want to run D&D games, players can get a view behind the DM screen and learn some stuff.

Learning about issues DMs have with players can help anyone be more pleasant to play with, and that's always useful!

4. Web DM

Like the Dungeon Dudes, this is another channel run by two D&D fans with years of experience, except this one's more DM-centric. Join Pruitt and Jim Davis are the hosts, and they cover everything you could ever want to know about D&D.

For DMs, there's lots of good stuff on this channel, including inspiration to help you write and run better D&D campaigns, help with common DM problems they face at the table, and lots more.

But don't let the channel's name make you think there's nothing here for you if you're not a DM, because they have tons of videos covering issues that relate to players too.

They have videos teaching you about the different D&D classes, tips for role-playing your character, and so much more.

3. Dungeon Dudes

The Dungeon Dudes are a couple of genuine guys who sit down and deep dive into all sorts of Dungeons & Dragons topics. Kelly McLaughlin and Monty Martin have tons of experience and they bring that to both players and DMs in weekly videos.

If you're looking for help with building a character, their guides are among the best on the internet. For anyone entering a long D&D campaign who wants to have an optimal character for the long haul, their videos are just what you need.

2. Don't Stop Thinking

When I first decided to get into playing D&D, this channel was one of the first ones I stumbled upon. And it's so helpful that I always recommend it to anyone who's looking to learn about the game.

Don't Stop Thinking covers topics relevant to both D&D players and D&D DMs, meaning it's a must-watch for everyone.

The episodes are very easy to digest. They feature a pleasant animation style and delivery style that gets to the point. If you don't want to waste time on long videos and you just want to get down to the basics of learning D&D, this is the channel for you.

1. Matthew Colville

When it comes to Dungeons & Dragons, few people have the amount of knowledge possessed by Matthew Colville. And when it comes to being a dungeon master, he's seen just about everything—and knows solutions to most DMing problems.

His "Running the Game" YouTube video series is one of the greatest resources of dungeon master knowledge on the internet. I watched the entire series, and I can't even begin to tell you how much I've learned.

And while most of Colville's content is focused on how to DM for D&D and how to be a better DM overall, it's worth watching even for players: knowing what's going through the mind of a DM will help make you a better D&D player.