Playing D&D Online: 6 Discord Servers for Finding Online D&D Groups

You just need to know which D&D servers are worth joining, and that’s exactly where we come in!

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Unfortunately, we can’t always meet up with your D&D friends to play games in the real world (that’s more true than ever with the current COVID-19 situation).

Heck, you may not even have friends who want to play Dungeons & Dragons.

Thankfully, there’s a thriving Discord community of D&D players and dungeon masters looking for others to join their games. Some of these servers literally have thousands of players coming together to play D&D online using services like Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, and even theater of the mind.

You just need to know which servers are worth joining, which is exactly where we come in!

1. DWB D&D

This is the server where I’ve had the most luck finding online D&D games. The server was created by a popular Twitch streamer named DaddyWarBux, and it has since blown up to be one of the go-to places to find Adventure’s League games online. At any given time you’re likely to find at least 1000 D&D players logged in. That means that you need to be quick when a game is posted. As long as you have alerts on, though, you should be able to find a game without issue.

2. Adventure’s League Hub

This is an extremely active server filled with players and DMs who want to come together to play Adventure’s League, the mode of play that is officially sanctioned by Wizards of the Coast. At the time of writing, there are 26 DMs logged in and 483 players, meaning this is a very active server with a lot of games. Like most popular servers, games will fill up fast, so be ready to message the DM as soon as a listing is posted, or else you’ll miss out.

3. D&D Adventure’s Guild

This server runs a bunch of interconnected one-shots where players hop into games and their character progression carries over between games. It’s quite active, with at least a few games posted each day. There are some hoops to jump through to get started in your first game, but once you get up and running, it’s quite easy to get a spot and the homebrew games have always been quite fun in my experience.

4. Critical Role

As you might expect, a server focused around the biggest online D&D actual play show is filled with D&D fans. The server has a room called lfg_tabletop where you can sign up to be alerted whenever someone is hosting a game. There’s usually a game or two posted each day, so you should be able to find some other critters to play with. Games vary from homebrew one-shots to long campaigns, so you never know what you might come across here.

5. The Tavern

The Tavern is a server I just discovered recently, so I haven’t had as much experience joining games with it as I have others. However, it is a very active server with thousands of members and hundreds online at any given time. Most of the games posted are homebrew, so if you’re not into the rigid structure of Adventure League, this might be the perfect place for you to hang out.

6. /r/lfg

This is the Discord server for the subreddit of the same name. As you can probably expect, it’s a place for people looking for an online RPG group to join (it’s mostly D&D, but you will occasionally see other RPG systems posted). If you’re a player, you can post in the players-looking-for-groups channel. You can also look in the gms-looking-for-players channel to find set games that need new people to join. Either way, this server has thousands of players, so if you put in a bit of effort, you’re sure to find a D&D game to play.

Check Your Local Area for Online D&D

I can’t speak for everywhere, but in Philadelphia, we’ve had a thriving scene of D&D servers pop up since everyone has been stuck at home with the COVID-19 lockdown. Make sure to check in with the local shops that host D&D in your area and see if they’re moving their games online. You might meet some cool people who you can eventually transition to playing in person with.

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