12 Hilarious Subreddits That Will Brighten Your Day

Need a quick pick-me-up? These funny subreddits will give you guaranteed laughter.

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When you’re in a bad mood, you might feel as if nothing can cheer you up. If that’s the case, Reddit might just be the laughter medicine that you need.

Reddit has a seemingly infinite amount of communities dedicated to comedy. Below, you’ll find just some of the funniest subreddits that will give you your daily dose of humor.

1. r/facepalm

r/facepalm is exactly what it sounds like—it’s a subreddit for pictures and videos that just make you want to smack your forehead in disbelief. These images of stupidity will make you chuckle, but they’ll also make you lose faith in humanity.

2. r/cringe

r/cringe is another hub for moments that are so awkward that you have to laugh. Here, you’ll see everything from cringeworthy interactions on TV to awkward text messages, along with tons of other posts that’ll either make you want to crawl into a hole or laugh out loud.

3. r/starterpacks

If you don’t know what starterpacks are, they’re combinations of images that represent cliché descriptions of a certain person, experience, or situation.

r/starterpacks is one of the best places on the web to find new and hilarious starterpacks—users tackle everything from modern Disney movie starterpacks, to the starterpack for the average American basement.

4. r/animalsbeingderps

Don’t you just love when animals do stupid, but extremely cute things? Head to r/animalsbeingderps, and you’ll see photos and videos of animals doing the odd things that we love them for.

5. r/therewasanattempt

When an animal or person tries something new, they don’t always succeed. r/therewasanattempt encourages you to laugh at failure—sometimes, the funniest things come out of our mistakes!

This subreddit features a ton of funny fails that will have you scrolling for hours.

6. r/funny

You can always count on r/funny to provide you with plenty of laughs. It’s the largest humor subreddit, so you can only imagine how many amusing posts appear every day.

In terms of content, you’ll find a wide range of laughter-inducing screenshots, photos, and videos.

7. r/diwhy

DIY projects can look amazing, but only when they’re done right. The projects on r/diwhy are far from perfect—they’re the most bizarre and sad-looking DIY projects you’ll ever see.

Let’s just say that this subreddit will make you rethink using duct tape to fix everything.

8. r/holdmybeer

Nothing good ever follows someone saying “Hold my beer!” at a party. It’s the kind of phrase that usually precedes an incredibly stupid stunt.

r/holdmybeer is home to idiotic (but funny) videos of the things people do after they have a few beers.

9. r/contagiouslaughter

Have you ever experienced those moments when you start laughing just because of another person’s laugh? Well, r/contagiouslaughter is full of those moments.

Each video on this subreddit features silly scenarios followed by bouts of infectious laughter.

10. r/unexpected

On r/unexpected, you’ll find videos that seem normal when you first start watching. However, by the end of the video, something completely unexpected happens.

These random occurrences are often hilarious, and other times, they’re just plain awesome.

11. r/perfecttiming

Some pictures just can’t be replicated twice. r/perfecttiming is a hub for photographers who just happened to have some impeccable timing.

You’ll see perfectly-timed pictures of photobombing animals, as well as pictures of funny accidents frozen in action.

12. r/crappydesign

If you think Comic Sans is bad, just wait until you see some of the awful designs on r/crappydesign. Not only does this subreddit feature horrendously hilarious graphic designs, but it also shows poorly designed architecture, furniture, and products.

Keep Scrolling, Keep Laughing

Reddit might seem like an unlikely source for humor, but you can easily find comic relief once you know where to look. With millions of users posting new content daily, you’ll never get bored.

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