11 Impressive Nerdy LEGO Sets for Adults

Who says adults can’t build LEGO? These intricate LEGO sets prove that adults can still have fun constructing a masterpiece.

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Almost everyone has fond childhood memories of playing with LEGOs. You just can’t beat the feeling of accomplishment after completing a challenging set, and that feeling never changes when you get older.

LEGOs have the power to transcend time. It doesn’t matter if you’re eight years old or 88 years old—you can still have fun with LEGOs. Now’s the time to flex your building skills with these nerdy LEGO sets made for adults.

1. LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V

If you’re a NASA nerd, you’ll definitely want the LEGO Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V displayed in your home. This rocket most famously carried astronauts to the first-ever moon landing.

The kit challenges you with constructing 1,969 pieces to form a 3-foot scale model of the Saturn V. When you’re ready to put the rocket on display, you can use the set’s included stands.

2. LEGO Stranger Things The Upside Down

Stranger Things has proven itself as one of the best horror TV shows right now, and its LEGO counterpart is equally as awesome. The LEGO Stranger Things Upside Down set transports you to the Byers’ house.

This set has two parts: the real world and the Upside Down—you can flip between the Byers’ seemingly normal dwelling and the ominous Upside Down. Meticulous detail has been put into each room, as it even comes with a light-up alphabet wall.

3. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle

Once finished, the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts castle stands 22 inches tall, and 27 inches wide. Its comprised of 6,020 pieces, and comes with four Harry Potter figures.

In addition to the castle itself, you’ll also build the infamous Whomping Willow, Chamber of Secrets, as well as Hagrid’s Hut.

From the outside, the castle looks exactly like Hogwarts. But once you view the inside, you’ll see an even more impressive display—the other side of the Hogwarts reveals intricate classrooms, hallways, and stairwells.

4. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Silent Mary

Relive Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales with this LEGO Silent Mary set. The 2,000-piece ghost ship has an openable skeleton hull, foldable mast, a rowboat, and shredded sails.

You’ll also find eight minifigures including Jack Sparrow and crew, along with two ghost sharks.

5. LEGO Overwatch Bastion Building Kit

For a sophisticated LEGO set on the smaller side, go with the Overwatch Bastion Building Kit. It consists of 602 pieces, and creates an accurate rendition of the tank hero, Bastion, from Overwatch.

You can even transform Bastion from sentry to tank mode without taking him apart. Plus, the light brick on Bastion’s head demonstrates just how much detail LEGO put into this set.

6. LEGO Batman Batmobile

Add the crime-fighting Batmobile to your LEGO collection. This 1,045-piece replica not only features a sleek exterior, but also a highly-detailed interior.

As you turn the rear wheels, the exhaust flames turn as well. You can also raise the Batmobile’s shield by simply turning the steering wheel.

7. LEGO Disney Castle

This LEGO set gives you the chance to get up close and personal with the iconic Disney Castle without actually visiting a Disney theme park. You’ll spend hours putting together over 4,000 pieces to form the majestic, 29-inch tall construction.

While the outside of the castle flaunts beautiful spires, a stone bridge, and a clock, the inside looks just as amazing. Turn the castle around to see ornate decor, knight armor, mosaic floors, and more.

The additional Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Tinker Bell minifigures put the finishing touches on the Disney Castle.

8. LEGO Ideas Friends Central Perk

What better way to commemorate your love of Friends than by building the LEGO version of the Central Perk cafe?

In the set, you’ll find a spot-on replica of the Central Perk, along with the signature orange couch. Better yet, the kit even comes with minifigures modeled after the main cast of Friends.

9. LEGO Ideas The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is one of the nerdiest sitcoms ever created, so it’s only right to have a LEGO building kit that accurately portrays the show.

This set has an exact replica of Sheldon and Leonard’s living room. Also included in the set are the minifigures of Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy, and Bernadette.

10. LEGO Star Wars Death Star

The LEGO Star Wars Death Star is yet another massive set that comes with 4,016 pieces and 20 minifigures.

Inside the Death Star, you’ll find all the important locations from the Star Wars series including Emperor Palpatine’s throne room, the conference room, and the Detention Block.

It also comes with adjustable lasers, a moveable trash compactor, and spring-loaded shooters.

11. LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon

The LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon is one of the most expensive and complex LEGO sets to date. With a whopping 7,541 pieces, it’ll definitely give you a worthwhile building experience.

This highly detailed set is just about spot on when it comes to resembling the actual ship from Star Wars. You can even utilize the kit’s four minifigures: none other than Chewbacca, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and C-3PO.

Once a LEGO Fan, Always a LEGO Fan

Maybe you haven’t opened up a box of LEGOs in years, and that’s okay. Just because you’ve gotten a little older, doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy building something you love.

In fact, you should consider making LEGO building your next geeky hobby! Go further with these space-themed LEGO sets:

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