The 15 Best Gifts for Bookworms, Book Lovers, and Avid Readers

Stuck on what to get for the bookworms in your life? Here are some incredible gifts that they'll love to receive!
The 15 Best Gifts for Bookworms, Book Lovers, and Avid Readers

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Whether it's for a birthday or for the holiday season, maybe you need a gift—but you aren't exactly the best when it comes to good gift ideas. Not to worry because we've all been there!

The gift-giving season is supposed to be one of appreciation and gratitude, so don't overthink it. It's the thought that counts! Plus, hunting for great gift ideas can be fun if you keep an open mind.

If you have someone in your life who's a bookworm, here are some amazing gifts to give. Trust me, I'm an avid reader myself!

15. Custom Book Poster

If your reader friends love to decorate and they have blank wall space to fill, this is a great gift. You can gift them posters of their favorite book covers to be framed and hung up.

Easy to get, carry, and admire, custom book posters are a great way to celebrate one's love for books with timeless aesthetics.

14. Book Tracker Bookmark

Bookmarks are a classic gift option when you need something simple, perhaps for an acquaintance. Bookworms love them, collect them, lose them, and collect them again in a perpetual circle.

Not only are bookmarks affordable, but they can be personalized and they can be kept for a lifetime (if taken care of). Essential and evergreen, bookmarks will always make your reader friends smile!

13. Reading Stand

Perfect for holding books and pretty much essential for long reading sessions in bed or on a table. This wooden reading stand isn't only practical, but also beautiful to look at.

If your bookworm friend likes to feel like an academic—or as if they were reading in a big gothic library—this is a great gift for them.

12. Bookish Mug and Tea Set

Sipping tea while reading is one of the simplest yet most uplifting pleasures in life. A two-piece set that includes a mug and tea to go with it? Perfect for an acquaintance, such as a bookworm co-worker.

You can actually get this mug without any tea if you want. As for tea options, there are two: Everyday Brew and Darjeeling Earlgrey.

11. Galaxy Light Projector

This galaxy light projector is a small device that lights up and projects a moving pattern on the ceiling—a pattern that changes color! It also has a built-in speaker so it can be used for music, too.

It's a fun gift that turns any reading environment into one that embodies the calmness of outer space. It's the kind of item that one would never buy for themself, but would love to receive as a gift!

10. Scented Candle (With Crackling Wick)

Not all of us can experience the luxury of reading in front of a roaring fireplace. That's sad, I know, but not all is lost!

Thanks to these beautiful candles by WoodWick, you can gift the experience to anyone, allowing them to feel like they are.

How does it work? Instead of a traditional cotton or paper wick, these candles have actual wooden wicks—as they burn, they emit crackles that sound just like logs in the fireplace.

As a book lover myself, I approve. They're pleasing to look at, they smell nice, and they give a boost to the atmosphere. They're perfect as gifts for book lovers, and many of us love scented candles!

9. Bose QuietComfort ANC Earbuds

It doesn't matter whether they're reading for pleasure, for work, or for study—distractions need to be kept to a minimum. For that, there's nothing better than earbuds with active noise-cancellation (ANC).

These don't just block out noise; they produce special sound waves that actually cancel out ambient sounds. When you wear these, you get utter silence (and much clearer audio with music, podcasts, etc).

For the bookworm friend who's constantly with their nose buried in pages, give them the greatest gift of all: the gift of silence.

8. Reading Support Pillow

Every bookworm knows how important back support is. Feeling comfortable is so important when they're about to dive into their latest read. Plus, slouching is terrible but so difficult to avoid.

These lovely support pillows can be used for back support, neck support, and even book support when they want to position their books a certain way. Plus, they're soft and look downright amazing!

7. Reading Blanket With Sleeves

Reading often means not moving for hours on end—and in the winter that means getting chilly. That's why a blanket can be a lovely gift for avid bookworms, especially one with sleeves.

The sleeves keep them fully warm while allowing them to still hold their book and turn pages. It's an absolute must for winter readers!

6. Book-Themed Sweatshirt

If your bookworm darling has a taste for style, this is the kind of gift they will love. Get them a sweatshirt that's themed with reading as an activity, or maybe themed with their favorite book.

Of course, there are many other apparel items besides sweatshirts, but most clothing options are too risky—it might not fit or the giftee might not like how the item wears on them.

Sweatshirts are the safest because they're casual, they're meant to be worn loosely, and it's not unusual to have graphics on them.

5. Novelty Cozy Socks

Similarly to the blanket case, these lovely socks will prevent your reader friend from getting super chilly during the winter. They're funny, cute, soft, and useful! I can assure you, they are a must!

4. Bedside Reading Light

Reading lights are underrated, even amongst readers. They come in handy for night readers and morning readers, providing soft light that makes it a lot easier to get absorbed into a book while reading.

A true book lover will always appreciate a good reading light, especially when it's as cute as this one!

3. Kindle Paperwhite

For the bookworm who's always on the go, a Kindle Paperwhite is the ultimate convenience item. The E Ink technology replicates the paper book experience so it's not as harsh as a normal digital screen.

Perfect to carry around and easy to pull out in nearly any circumstance, a Kindle Paperwhite excels because it can hold thousands of books.

Even amongst readers who prefer paper books, a Kindle Paperwhite is great as a backup for travel and commuting.

2. Barnes & Noble Gift Card

All book lovers have wishlists—they just need disposable income to buy the books on them! Which is why a Barnes & Noble gift card will always be a solid gift idea. It will always be valuable.

Some people say gift cards are impersonal, but that's really only true with generic gift cards that make it obvious you don't know much about them.

But when it comes to bookworms, a reading-related gift card makes it clear that you do know who they are. What's more personal than that? And what's better than letting them buy what they want?

1. Books

This might sound obvious, but hear me out: there are so many books in the world, and one lifetime isn't enough to read them all.

Your giftee might have a wishlist of books they want to read, but there are lots of great books they might not even be aware of—and sometimes it's great to receive an unknown book that they surprisingly love.

The possibilities are endless. How about a special or rare edition of their favorite book? Are there books about their favorite books? Or about their personal hobbies and interests?

One of the best presents I ever got was literally a book about books, so trust me on this. For bookworms, books are the ultimate gift!