10 Nerdy Bookends for Your Bookshelf

While a bookshelf filled with geeky books is already dripping in nerdiness, it could be better.

Do you have a bookshelf that’s filled with all kinds of nerdy books and comics? There’s nothing better than looking at a bookcase and seeing Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and all other things nerdy.

And while a bookshelf filled with geeky books is already dripping in nerdiness, it could be better. If you want to truly round out of your nerdy reading display, you need to snag some of these awesome bookends. They look great, and they make for a perfect way to show off what you’re into.

1. Portal Bookend

This was actually the bookend that made me think about other geeky bookends in the first place. The idea of a character jumping through a portal with your books in between just makes so much sense. Even if you don’t consider yourself a big fan of the Portal games, this bookend makes a great conversation starter.

2. Triforce Bookend

In the geek world, there are few symbols as iconic as the Triforce in Legend of Zelda. The incredibly simple design of three triangles stacked on top of each other with negative space in the middle is immediately recognizable by anyone who knows video games, and this bookend offers the image nicely split down the middle to keep those books from falling off your shelf.

3. Batman Bookend

Speaking of iconic symbols, the Batman logo is certainly recognizable by, well, anyone. These beautiful bookends feature the beloved character’s logo on each side, which makes it a perfect bookend for holding up your droves of comic books. The bookend is made with 16 gauge metal, so it will certainly be heavy enough to hold your books in place.

4. Stormtrooper Faux Marble Bookend

Unformatuely, this Stormtrooper bookend isn’t made of actual marble (or maybe that’s actually fortunate since it would be unreasonably expensive). It still gives you that marble look and feel, but for a far more reasonable price.

5. Doctor Who Tardis Bookend

If you’re a fan of Doctor Who and you aren’t holding your books in place with an awesome pair of Tardis bookends, can you even really call yourself a fan? And if you need a thematic book to hold up, you can also snag yourself Doctor Who: A Brief History of Time Lords.

6. Harry Potter Dobby Bookend

Harry Potter fans rejoice! There’s an absolutely adorable bookend featuring Dobby available for a pretty reasonable price. And what’s a more appropriate franchise to be featured on a bookend than one that rose to prominence in books? But don’t worry, this will hold up any book, not just your overflowing Harry Potter collection.

7. Game of Thrones Iron Throne Bookend

This is probably my favorite bookend on the internet just because of elaborate it is. There’s so much detail in all of the different swords that make up the iron throne. Add in the house symbols around the edge, and you have something that’s closer to a piece of art than a device for holding books up. Hold your Game of Thrones books up, along with everything else in your book collection.

8. Yoda Metal Bookend

There’s something about the simplicity and thematic nature of this bookend that really drew me to it. It’s just a little Yoda reaching his hand out. But when you look at it with actual books, it looks like he’s using his force powers to actually hold the books up. It’s simple and it’s absolutely perfect.

9. Nerd Bookend

This pair of bookends isn’t beating around the bush. One side as the letters NE. The other had RD. Combine them and have the word nerd. It’s simple, but if you want to tell the world that you’re a nerd and you’re proud, this will look great on your bookshelf.

10. Pipe & Rustic Wood Tabletop Bookend

If you’re into that steampunk aesthetic, this is the perfect bookend to have on your shelf. The pipes and wood design have that old-school feel that’ll definitely look good on any bookshelf, especially one that’s made of wood. While this one isn’t necessarily targeted towards geeks, steampunk style is definitely popular in nerd culture, so it makes sense.

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