11 Geeky Gift Ideas for Retro Game Enthusiasts

Looking for a gift for a vintage game fanatic? These nostalgic gifts are perfect for any retro gaming geek.

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Now that retro gaming has become the new fad, you can find plenty of quirky retro gaming gifts in stores and online. This makes shopping for a retro game geek even easier.

Need some geeky retro game gift ideas? Look no further. These nostalgic gift ideas will inspire you on your next shopping trip.

1. Retro Gaming Console

Not long ago, companies began releasing retro “classic” editions of older gaming consoles, including the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx-16, and more.

These are the perfect gift for retro gamers, as it’s about as close as you can get to the retro gaming experience without actually going back in time. Highly recommended!

2. Nintendo Patent Poster Prints

What better way to pay homage to the classic Nintendo systems than with this collection of posters? These vintage-looking posters take inspiration from the consoles’ patent design.

Two of the drawings pertain to the SNES, while the other two are modeled after the N64 system. They’re perfect for hanging on the wall of a game room or bedroom—just don’t forget to buy frames to go with it!

3. Dry-Erase Refrigerator Magnets

These magnets turn any fridge into a GameBoy. The set comes with several large magnets, including a screen that doubles as a whiteboard, two red buttons, a D-pad, as well as the gray “Start” and “Select” buttons found on the actual system.

Even if your gift recipient doesn’t use the whiteboard, it’s still a great quirky kitchen decoration.

4. Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

Just about every gaming enthusiast has memories of rolling down the racetrack with their favorite Crash Bandicoot character.

Although Crash Team Racing originally debuted on the PS1, the remastered version is now available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

This retro game comes with plenty of new features as well. In addition to the original game content, you’ll also find new some tracks, karts, and an online racing mode.

5. The Game Console: A Photographic History from Atari to Xbox

A hardcore retro game enthusiast will geek out if you give them this book. The Game Console: A Photographic History from Atari to Xbox, is a detailed timeline of video games starting with some of the earliest consoles like the Magnavox Odyssey and Atari 2600.

It features beautiful photographs of 86 different consoles. Even the nerdiest retro gamer might not recognize some of the more uncommon ones.

6. Super Mario Heat-Changing Mug

Give your friend or family member a fun start to their day with this Super Mario Bros. mug. As they pour their piping hot cup of coffee in the morning, they’ll notice that their mug instantly transforms.

With heat, the mug changes from a plain Super Mario level to a detailed level with, blue sky, coins, enemies, and clouds.

7. Space Invaders Mini Arcade Game

The Space Invaders Mini Arcade Game functions just like a real arcade system—the only difference is that you can fit this machine in the palm of your hand.

Stick it in your purse or backpack, and whip it out for a quick gaming session that requires no quarters.

This mini arcade machine comes with the classic Space Invaders game, along with the original music and controls.

8. Street Fighter Ken vs. Ryu Ugly Sweater

When the holidays roll around, people start hosting their infamous ugly sweater parties. Now’s the best time to give the gift of an ugly Street Fighter sweater.

This sweater comes outfitted with Ken and Ryu engaged in an intense battle, and has the added touch of a “K.O.” border.

9. Super Mario Monopoly

The classic version of Monopoly is just plain boring. With pieces modeled after a boot, wheelbarrow, and a top hat, it’s no wonder that Monopoly has decided to come out with different versions.

In this Super Mario Bros. Monopoly, you can play as an eight-bit Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Peach, while traveling around a board inspired by the classic Super Mario series.

10. NES Beverage Coasters

No these aren’t actual NES cartridges—they’re just coasters. A party host will give guests a shock when they place their drink on one of these NES game lookalikes.

The set includes eight different coasters with the designs of some of the most iconic NES games like Donkey Kong, Excitebike, Metroid, and more.

11. Punch-Out Crew Socks

Socks aren’t lame presents, especially when they have Mike Tyson from Punch-Out printed on them. These socks give a subtle shoutout to the classic NES game, and they’ll (most importantly) keep your feet warm!

Give the Gift of Retro!

Retro gaming geeks love things that spark the feeling of nostalgia, and these gifts definitely do that. Just the quirkiest trinket can bring back a host of great memories.

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