7 Fun Subscription Boxes That Are Puzzles to Be Solved


Are you looking for a fun way to take your escape room addiction to the next level? What if you could get a puzzle box delivered to your home periodically? Not only will you get the joy of solving puzzles, but you’ll end up getting some pretty cool stuff!

As it turns out, the escape room craze hasn’t missed the subscription box craze, as the two have come together to make some of the most entertaining subscription boxes you can get your hands on. Sure, you could sign up for a standard Loot Crate and just cut the box open every month, but where’s the fun in that?


1. Escape The Crate

Price Per Crate: $29.99 plus shipping
Delivery Frequency: Every other month

Escape The Crate really is like getting an escape room delivered to your house. Each crate comes with a different theme. For example, there’s a crate themed after The World’s Fair, the pyramids, and plenty of others. When it comes to reviews around the web, this is consistently one of the top-rated options, meaning it’s definitely worth signing up for.

2. Dispatch

Price Per Crate: $24.99 plus shipping
Delivery Frequency: Monthly

This box is actually made by a company called Breakout Games that designs physical escape rooms all around the US. The company uses its design skills to make a fun subscription box experience. That means you can rely on them knowing how to design fun puzzles. Each box features physical clues that will lead you to the web and back to the real world.


3. The One Crime Mystery

Price Per Crate: $24.99 plus shipping
Delivery Frequency: Quarterly

This is the best box to go with if you’re in a tight budget since it’s delivered once a quarter for $25. Each crate features a case-file with information and different puzzles that will see you piecing together a detailed mystery. If you love detective stories and murder mysteries, this is a solid box to get.

4. Madmen & Heroes

Price Per Crate: $29.50 plus shipping
Delivery Frequency: Monthly

Madmen & Heroes promises a mix of “balanced challenging puzzles, compelling stories, interesting artifacts, and cost.” It sounds like quite a promising experience for fans of escape rooms and puzzles in general. Each crate is rooted in historic events, which should make this the perfect subscription for history buffs.


5. Deadbolt Mystery Society

Price Per Crate: $24.99 plus shipping
Delivery Frequency: Monthly

This cool box promises a crate filled with puzzles, evidence, and interviews each month. Each of the boxes is a standalone mystery, which means you won’t need to learn any backstory before jumping in. Some of the puzzles are solvable with just the items in the box, and some require you to go online.

6. Finders Seekers Mysteries

Price Per Crate: $30 plus shipping
Delivery Frequency: Monthly

Each month, you’ll receive a bunch of puzzles that’ll lead you to a curious “Find.” It promises that you’ll be able to explore “world cultures solving puzzles, decoding cryptic messages and discovering underground societies.” Each Find should take one or two hours to solve, so you’ll get a decent value each month.

7. Cosykiller

Price Per Crate: $40 plus shipping
Delivery Frequency: Monthly

Cosykiller a murder mystery delivered to your door every month. There are two different games to choose from, each of which promises to challenge and entertain anyone who has a love for solving puzzles. Each crate promises vintage memorabilia, coherent storylines, replica items, and keepsakes.

Escape Rooms Come to Your Home

Each of these puzzle boxes cost about the same as a single ticket to an escape room, so they’re a pretty solid value. There’s just something exciting about getting a surprise delivered to your home each month. And when the surprise is filled with interesting puzzles and codes to solve, it’s even better!

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