The 7 Best STEM Subscription Boxes for Curious Kids

If you want your kids to develop STEM skills, these subscription boxes will give them plenty of opportunities to learn and improve.

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Some kids are naturally talented in STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Others may not have an instinctive understanding of STEM but still show interest and curiosity.

Either way, STEM requires clear instruction and regular exposure to truly understand and appreciate, and that's doubly true for young ones. From grasping rudimentary concepts to mastering tougher principles, kids need help when it comes to developing a love for STEM.

And since many STEM paths can lead to lucrative and fulfilling careers, you probably want to start your children early. The sooner they're introduced, the more time they have to wrestle with it.

One great way to do this is through STEM subscription boxes. Pre-made boxes are sent straight to your home every month with STEM-related projects, experiments, and lessons for your kids.

Here are our picks for the best STEM subscription boxes for curious kids, for a wide range of ages and across all types of topics.

7. Generation Genius

Intended age range: 9+ years old

Box frequency: 1 box per month

Box pricing: $40 per box (cheaper with multi-month plans)

Generation Genius is a great resource for science and math lessons that are designed in fun ways that hold your attention. For a while, those lessons—which included materials like videos, quizzes, discussion questions, and more—were only available with an online subscription.

Now, you can get Generation Genius delivered to your door via their Home Kits. This is a subscription box service that ships out a box every month, with each box containing three hands-on experiments.

The experiments range across subjects (including biology, chemistry, and engineering), and each experiment comes with a video that walks you through the steps. The kits include enough materials to run the experiments multiple times, too.

This is a great box for inquisitive kids who are on the verge of becoming teenagers, as it'll help them cultivate their love for science.

6. Matter

Intended age range: 9+ years old (with adult supervision)

Box frequency: 1 box per month

Box pricing: $45 per box (cheaper with multi-month plans)

If your kid is a hands-on learner who wants to build their own personal museum of artifacts and tools, then Matter is the box for you.

Every month, you'll get a box that contains a variety of interesting scientific items—like prehistoric fossils, lab materials, ancient tools, and more. These are all 100% authentic and reputably sourced.

Each box also includes detailed research cards that accompany each item, providing introductory information that gets you familiar with the object and gives you enough to start your own deeper research.

All orders are carbon-neutral with recyclable or reusable packaging, and Stemcell (the company behind Matter) plants a tree for every order.

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5. Wiggle Worms

Intended age range: 3 to 6 years old

Box frequency: 1 box per month

Box pricing: $24 per box (cheaper with multi-month plans)

There aren't many STEM-related kits for really young kids, which is why Wiggle Worms stands out. This monthly subscription box is specifically designed for preschoolers and encourages them to learn via play.

Each box includes 5 to 7 different STEM-related activities that aid your child's development in problem solving, creativity, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and more.

All the materials you need are included in each box, along with detailed instructions and video demonstrations for each activity. Your kid will be exposed to subjects like sea creatures, bugs, and space.

Wiggle Worms is also once of the cheapest STEM subscription boxes available (among the ones worth getting), so it won't break the bank.

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4. Bitsbox

Intended age range: 6 to 12 years old

Box frequency: 1 box per month

Box pricing: $30 per Basic box; $45 per Deluxe box (both are cheaper with multi-month plans)

Bitsbox is the subscription box that teaches kids how to code through hands-on projects and instruction.

Computer science is a tough subject even for adults, but Bitsbox knows how to make it accessible to children. Starting with the fundamentals (e.g. variables, conditionals, arrays) and going up to more advanced concepts (e.g. functions, loops, hashes), every step is fun and educational.

Every box comes with a few different projects across all difficulties. Your child will pick the most appropriate one and work on it using the detailed walkthroughs that come with each project.

And they'll be perfectly fine even if you don't know the first thing about coding. By the end of each box, they'll have a fully functional app that they can see with their own eyes.

What's the difference between Basic and Deluxe boxes? In addition to the projects and materials in the Basic box, the Deluxe box includes a complementary toy that fits the theme, temporary tattoos, extra stickers, and app coding trading cards.

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3. Superpower Academy

Intended age range: 5 to 10 years old

Box frequency: 1 box per month

Box pricing: $30 per box (cheaper with multi-month plans)

If your child loves superheroes, they'll love Superpower Academy. This subscription box is designed for elementary school kids and helps them become real-life heroes—by developing their social, emotional, and STEM skills that'll truly make a difference.

All the STEM education in the world is next to useless without the support of softer skills: knowing how to deal with emotions, making mistakes and learning from them, showing empathy towards others, being an effective leader, balancing risk versus reward, and so much more.

With every box, your kid will be made to feel like a superhero as they embark on missions to read, build, color, draw, and think.

For the price, Superpower Academy is one of the best value STEM subscription boxes for kids. They won't just learn how to be smarter, but also how to be a better person.

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Intended age range: 5 to 10+ years old

Box frequency: Your choice of 1 or 2 boxes per month

Box pricing: $35 for 1 box; $60 for 2 boxes (cheaper with annual plan)

MEL Science offers one of the premier STEM subscription boxes for kids. Founded on the concept of "more efficient learning," MEL Science is loved by parents and children alike for their fascinating boxes.

Each box in the MEL STEM plan comes with up to 7 different hands-on, expert-crafted science projects and experiments that are designed to spark curiosity. As of this writing, MEL Science has built up a library of over 400 possible activities, with more created every month.

And the best part? For eager kids, you can sign up to receive two boxes per month. Double the number of experiments and see your child develop a love of STEM that much faster.

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1. Kiwi Crate

Intended age range: 5 to 8 years old

Box frequency: 1 box per month

Box pricing: $24 per box (cheaper with multi-month plans)

Kiwi Crate by KiwiCo is our favorite STEM subscription box for kids, not only because they were one of the first. They've consistently sent out high-quality boxes for years, to the praise of their subscribers.

Crafted by in-house child development experts, Kiwi Crate contains battle-tested projects that are inspiring, engaging, enriching, and innovative. You get all the materials and instructions needed for the projects, plus additional activities, comics, and content to go even further.

Each box has a theme, such as Mechanics & Building, Muscles & Organs, Fluids & Pressure, Science of Flight, or Brain Biology. STEM learning for kids has never been this fun—all from the comfort of home.

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Is your kid too old for Kiwi Crate? KiwiCo offers two other STEM subscription boxes for older children:

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