The 6 Best Subscription Boxes for Tinkerers and Tech Geeks

Love tinkering with tech and learning how gadgets work? Then you'll also love these awesome subscription boxes!

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Think it'd be cool to receive a mystery box every month that includes things like gadgets, devices, DIY coding projects, and techie toys? Maybe you have a child who's showing an interest in such things?

The right subscription box is like a Christmas gift every month: always a pleasant surprise to receive and always lots of fun to open. The hardest part is finding a subscription box that fits what you're looking for.

If you're a tinkerer at heart—or maybe your kid is one—who loves fiddling with devices and learning how to assemble hardware and software, then here are the best techie subscription boxes for you.

6. HackerBox

Box frequency: 1 box per month

Box contents: 1 hands-on hacker-themed project + all required hardware and components

Box pricing: $44 per box (or $59 for one-time purchase)

HackerBox is a monthly subscription box about electronics, hardware, cybersecurity, and hacker culture. With each box, you'll learn all kinds of tech-related skills and knowledge.

Every box is an independent hands-on project that includes all the hardware you need to complete it. Many boxes come with Raspberry Pi or Arduino kits, plus all kinds of cool components and modules.

Past boxes have explored concepts like: audio signal generation, biometric identification, motion and proximity sensing, laser-based communications, wireless interfaces, embedded programming, and more.

5. Gadget Club Box

Box frequency: 1 box per month

Box contents: 1 main tech gadget + 2 mini tech gadgets

Box pricing: $50 per box (cheaper with multi-month plans)

If you want to load up on the latest trending gadgets and tech products, then Gadget Club Box is the one for you.

Each box comes with a main tech gadget (the primary focus of the box) plus two mini tech gadgets (not as flashy or impressive but still fun and useful). Some boxes are destined to be way cooler than others, but overall the experience evens out to be worth the price.

The main tech gadgets in past boxes have included items like remote-controlled drones, miniature game consoles and arcades, wireless keyboards and touchpads, wireless charging docks, and more.

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4. Bitsbox

Box frequency: 1 box per month

Box contents: 1 hands-on coding project + a toy and goodies (only in the Deluxe box)

Box pricing: $30 per Basic box; $45 per Deluxe box (both are cheaper with multi-month plans)

Bitsbox is technically geared towards kids, but that's no reason to skip over this one. If you want to learn how to code but you don't have a single clue how to get started, you'll find it helpful.

Each box comes with a coding project that teaches a new programming concept in an easily digestible way. The projects ares coded using the Bitsbox website and the resulting apps can run on any mobile device.

If you have a kid who's interested in STEM, you might get this for them—and then piggyback off of them to learn some coding yourself.

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3. Eureka Crate

Box frequency: 1 box per month

Box contents: 1 hands-on project with instructional guide + all required materials and components

Box pricing: $33 per box (cheaper with multi-month plans)

KiwiCo has lots of different subscription boxes, each themed toward a particular age group and interest area. Their most mature offering, Eureka Crate, explores all things engineering and design.

Every box comes with a hands-on project that teaches you a new scientific concept (e.g. electric motors, mechanical forces, materials science, etc) and forces you to think like an engineer as you apply those concepts.

With an annual plan, the price drops to $27 per box—a solid value for everything you get each month.

2. Creation Crate

Box frequency: 1 box per quarter (every 3 months)

Box contents: 3 hands-on projects + all necessary components to complete each project + online courses for each project

Box pricing: $105 per box

Want to learn about electronics? Including how to make your own tech? If so, there's no better subscription box than Creation Crate.

With every box, you'll get all the components you need to complete each project. With the annual plan, you'll also get a Soldering Kit, a Digital Multimeter, and an XL Component Storage for free.

Each quarterly box comes with three hands-on projects, and every project comes with an online course that teaches you everything you need to know via written and video tutorials.

Subsequent projects are increasingly more difficult as they tackle more advanced concepts (e.g. electronics, circuitry, programming, etc).

1. Breo Box

Box frequency: 1 box per quarter (every 3 months)

Box contents: 4–8 curated gadgets and products, including tech devices, home goods, personal appliances, and more

Box pricing: $170 per box (cheaper with an annual plan)

Breo Box is a quarterly subscription box that sends you the "coolest and most unique products that you never knew you needed." With a line like that, you probably have high expectations—as you should.

Each box contains four to eight curated products with a total value up to $300 per box. Past boxes have included items like mini projectors, light therapy lamps, biometric padlocks, video drones, and more.

It's the most expensive subscription box on our list, but it also packs the most value. There's so much to like in every box, and you'll be surprised at how much cool stuff you never realized was out there.

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More Monthly Subscription Boxes

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One of our favorite types is the subscription box that delivers uniquely Japanese snacks and drinks to your door every month.

Not only do they taste amazing, but they're a fun and affordable way to explore another culture that's out of reach for many of us!