7 Awesome Subscription Boxes for DIY Enthusiasts and Gadget Geeks

Looking for a few geeky surprises each month? Keep them coming with these awesome subscription boxes.

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Everyone loves a surprise. At least, people love good surprises, like something cool popping up in the mail or through a parcel delivery service. That’s where subscription boxes come in.

These days, there seems to be a subscription service for nearly anything. This is a plus and a minus, as it makes finding the best services for you more difficult.

If you love gadgets, tech, and DIY projects, here are the best subscription boxes you should be checking out.

1. Gadget Discovery Club

If you’re more of a fan of tech that is already put together and usable right when you get it, Gadget Discovery Club may be perfect for you.

Past boxes have included products like a Google Home Mini, smart toothbrushes, and smart lighting. A monthly subscription costs $32 and the company says every box is worth at least $43, so you’re definitely getting your money’s worth.

2. Breo Box

Breo Box describes itself as “the coolest stuff you never knew you needed.” You’ll receive hand-made wooden boxes filled with 5 to 8 different hand-curated items relating to tech, fitness, and lifestyle.

Note that Breo Box only ships once per season!

Past Breo Boxes have included items like: mini projectors, phone sanitation devices, coffee grinders, light therapy lamps, biometric padlocks, video drones, and more. For your money, you get some seriously cool gadgets!

For whatNerd readers: Use code BREO10 at checkout to get $10 off your first order!

3. HackerBoxes

Despite what you may think, this isn’t a box for fans of the 90s movie Hackers. HackerBoxes offers up a monthly box that includes projects or components for DIYers with a computer leaning.

Boxes include Raspberry Pi or Arduino kits, plus bonus like sunglasses, wire cutters, and stickers. The usual price is $59 per month, buy you can get your first month at a discount.

4. Creation Crate

Do you want to learn more about electronics? If so, you might want to give Creation Crate a try. When you sign up, you get an Arduino-compatible UNO R3 board and the components needed to build a project.

A monthly subscription costs $29 but like most other subscription services, you can subscribe for a quarter, half a year, or a full year up front.

The bonus here is that if you subscribe for bigger chunks of time you get some extras. Sign up for a full year and you get a component case, a digital multimeter, and a soldering kit!

5. KiwiCo

If you’ve got kids or want to be the cool aunt or uncle, check out KiwiCo. This is different in that it offers a number of different subscription boxes, all of which focus on projects to build.

The one thing in common is that all of them are aimed at kids, with subscription boxes for ages as young as two years old.

6. BitsBox

If you’re looking to get kids into coding, there are countless apps available that promise to do this. These are hit and miss, but they’re also not tangible. For kids who prefer things they can actually touch, BitsBox is great.

A digital subscription gives you printable PDFs for $16.95 per month, while a basic box gives you a binder to collect project info in. The Deluxe box costs $37.95 per month but offers extra goodies and projects.

7. Puzzlcrate

As the name implies, Puzzlcrate is a monthly subscription box for, well, puzzles. Each crate includes a new puzzle that is along the lines of a Rubik’s cube, but unique and far more devious. Your first box even includes some bonus extras like stickers.

More Fun Monthly Boxes

These boxes might satisfy your inner maker or the gadget geek in your life, but they’re not all that’s available. If you’re looking for something else, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered:

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