4 Awesome Subscription Boxes for Geeks and Nerds

We’re here to help you choose the geeky subscription box that’s perfect for you.

One of the most interesting trends to come from the last two years is the blind subscription box craze. Buyers spend a certain amount each month in exchange for a box of random stuff. Generally, the company offering the box promises that the value of the box will exceed the amount spent, making the random nature acceptable.

When it comes to loot boxes, ones targeted at geeks and nerds seem to be the most prominent. There are tons out there to choose from! Don’t worry, though, because we’re here to help you choose the geeky subscription box that’s perfect for you.

1.Loot Crate

When it comes to subscription boxes, Loot Crate is the first name people think of, as they’re one of the originators of the concept. The service has grown so huge that it now offers multiple different crates including crates targeted at gamers, pro wrestling fans, science fiction, film, and plenty more.

Ultimately, if you’re just dipping your toe into the Loot Crate pool, you should probably just start with the standard Loot Crate. It comes with a mix of geek culture shirts, figures, and various other tchotchkes that’ll serve as a fun surprise when each one arrives. The base box is $19.99 a month, which isn’t bad for the amount of cool stuff you get.

2. Nerdy Post

This cool subscription service is all about custom lettering, which ends up on some really nifty t-shirts, prints, and other stuff. Each month has a particular theme that’s focused on some aspect of geek culture. For example, Nerdy Post has announced that April’s box is themed around Game of Thrones.

The base box is quite cheap, coming in at $9.95 a month. It includes a print, a bookmark, a sticker, a mini print, and a postcard. From there, the price jumps up to $13.95 for a few extra things. The cheapest package that includes a custom t-shirt is $29.90 per month, which is a little higher than Loot Crate, but the tradeoff is that you’re getting custom stuff.

3.Geek Fuel EXP

Rather than going with a smaller box every month, Geek Fuel EXP elects to ship a larger box once per quarter. It’s an interesting way to differentiate itself from Loot Crate, which has such name recognition in the space.

Each box promises to contain over $100 worth of goodies for $57 plus $8 shipping. The overall cost will be around the same as a monthly Loot Crate subscription, but you’ll get fewer boxes. The company promises exclusives in each box with brands like Archer, X-Men, Steam, and Game of Thrones specifically mentioned. The company also promises t-shirts, hoodies, and other higher-quality items.

4. Funko Marvel Collector Corps Box

This box is specifically targeted at fans of Marvel, while the other ones on the list cover a wider range of brands. Because this one is direct from Marvel and Funko, you can always be confident that it’ll feature legitimate merch straight from Marvel and Funko. In fact, the bi-monthly box features an exclusive Marvel Funko Pop that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

The cost is $29.99 for each box, and it arrives every other month featuring themes designed around different Marvel characters. Funko and Marvel promise four to six collectibles in each box, with many including a t-shirt (though they’re clear that shirts aren’t guaranteed with each box). The main reason to sign up is definitely the exclusive Pop figure, as those will be hard to come by through other means.

Are You Surprised Yet?

While getting cool stuff in each monthly box is great, the real fun is in the surprise. Sure, you could go on Amazon and order yourself a t-shirt and some collectables each month, but that just doesn’t have the same appeal as a nice surprise appearing on your front porch every so often. It’s like a mini birthday each time!

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