The 7 Best Anime Figurine Brands for Consistently High Quality

Want an accurate figurine of your favorite anime character? These brands give you detailed models that you’ll definitely want to display.

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Every anime fan needs to have at least one anime figurine in their collection. Figurines look great on display, and will forever remind you of your favorite characters.

Before you start buying figurines, you need to know the best brands. Otherwise, you might end up with a fake or a very low-quality model.

That’s why we’ve created this list of legitimate anime figurine companies that you can always count on.

1. Good Smile Company

The Good Smile Company is one of the most reputable anime figurine brands around. The company was created in 2001, and has been creating models of characters from anime, manga, movies, and video games ever since.

It produces scale figures, chibi-style Nendoroids, and collaborates with MegaHouse on PVC action figures called Figma.

You really can’t go wrong with any of Good Smile’s figurines—they’re all incredibly detailed and accurately resemble each character. Plus, the figurines from the Figma and Nendoroid series come with accessories to change the look of your figurine.

2. Aniplex

Not only is Aniplex behind some of the most popular anime, but it’s also home to several lines of exceptional figurines.

The company creates highly detailed scale figurines of characters from Aniplex-produced shows. That means you’ll find figurines from Demon SlayerFull Metal AlchemistDevilman CrybabyBlack ButlerYour Lie in April, and much more.

3. Kotobukiya

Shockingly enough, Kotobukiya has been in existence since 1947. It started as a small toy store run by one person, and eventually grew into a prominent producer of figurines and model kits.

With Kotobukiya, you can always expect your figurine to look amazing. The company creates models from video games, anime, as well as Marvel and DC comics.

You’ll find two different types of figurines: ARTFX J, a collection of beautiful scale models, as well as Cu-Poche, a series of adorable chibi figurines.

4. Bandai Namco

You know Bandai Namco as a huge video game publisher, but did you know that the brand also sells anime figurines? The company distributes MegaHouse’s line of G.E.M. figurines, which feature your favorite characters in a beautiful, motionless stance.

Bandai also has its own line of figurines: S.H. Figurarts. This line of figurines is popular for its depiction of characters from superhero anime, as well as shounen shows. With each model comes plenty of props to customize your figurine.

5. Square Enix

After ceasing productions of the Play Arts figurine series in 2012, Square Enix has begun creating Play Arts Kai.

The new line features larger figurines from a wider selection of titles, and also incorporates moveable joints and accessories. Play Arts Kai features characters from Final FantasyNier Automata, DC, Marvel, Star Wars, and even Halo.

6. Kaiyodo

In 1964, the Kaiyodo company started out as just a small shop. Now, it’s known for creating iconic figurines and model kits of characters from anime, manga, video games, and movies.

The name of its Revoltech line of figurines comes from a combination of the words “Revolver” and “Technology.” As you may have guessed, the name references each figurines’ moveability.

When you display a Revoltech figurine, you can bend it into epic poses. Kaiyodo also boasts a line of Revolmini figurines—a miniature version of its Revoltech gems.

7. Alter

Alter has plenty of fan service figurines—while the main Alter line focuses on figurines of female anime characters, the Altair collection is dedicated to male characters.

On the other end of the spectrum, Alter also has the Almecha line that specializes in mech and robot figurines.

No matter which figurine you choose, you can always expect a faithful rendition of every character.

Finding the Best Quality Figurine

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The next time you shop for figurines, don’t click on the first seller you see on Amazon. Instead, verify that the figurine you want is from a reputable brand. Any lesser-known brand might not have the quality you expect.

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