The 8 Best Japanese Snack & Drink Subscription Boxes

Get delicious Japanese snacks and drinks delivered right to your house with these convenient monthly subscription boxes.

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You don't have to go to Japan in order to indulge in Japanese snacks—in fact, you don't even have to leave your house. Subscription boxes have made it possible to receive a monthly assortment of Japanese goodies delivered right to your doorstep.

Craving Pocky or green tea Kit Kats? These Japanese snack subscription boxes will satisfy those cravings and more.

8. ZenPop

Box frequency: 1 box per month

Box contents: 12+ full-size Japanese snacks and treats

Box pricing: $36 per box (cheaper with multi-month plans)

ZenPop offers three food-related subscription boxes: the Japanese Sweets Pack, the Japanese Ramen Pack, and the Japanese Ramen + Sweets Mix Pack. No matter which one you choose, you'll fall in love with new seasonal flavors that arrive at your house each month.

Personally, I think the Japanese Ramen and Sweets Mix Pack is the best option. It contains a combination of Japanese ramen, snacks, and candy, so it'll satisfy sweet and savory cravings!

7. UmaiBox

Box frequency: 1 box per month

Box contents: 14+ exclusive Japanese snacks and a drink

Box pricing: $27 per box (cheaper with multi-month plans)

UmaiBox is a subscription box dedicated to 100% Japanese snacks and drinks. Not only does it incorporate seasonal goodies and trendy treats, but they promise to include exclusive products you can't find elsewhere.

Each box can contain an assortment of sweet and savory snacks, unique Japanese drinks, anime- and manga-themed treats, exotic ramen packs, and even DIY candy kits.

UmaiBox may not be the largest Japanese snack and drink subscription box, but it's the most affordable one on our list!

6. Japanese Anime Snack Box

Box frequency: 1 box per month

Box contents: 1 Japanese drink + 1 lb of Japanese snacks

Box pricing: $45 per box

The Japanese Anime Snack Box by Pagemaster is one of the newer subscription boxes on our list, launched in 2021. Every box contains an exclusive Japanese drink, a handful of sweet and salty snacks, plus a few anime stickers.

It's a bit pricy at $45 per box and unfortunately they don't offer discount pricing if you commit to a 3-month or 6-month subscription. But all items are locally sourced in Japan, and it's the only Japanese snack/drink subscription box with anime stickers!

If you only want drinks, Pagemaster has a separate Japanese Anime Drink Box with 6 assorted drinks in every box.

If you only want ramen, Pagemaster has a separate Asian Anime Ramen Box with 3 assorted ramen flavors plus ramen bowl, ramen spoon, and reusable chopsticks in every box.

5. Japan Candy Box

Box frequency: 1 box per month

Box contents: 10 exclusive Japanese snacks and treats

Box pricing: $30 per box (cheaper with multi-month plans)

If you prefer sweet over savory snacks, then Japan Candy Box is for you. Each box comes with 10 different Japanese snacks and candy, mostly leaning toward candy and chocolate with the occasional salty snack.

Snack brands like Pocky, Jagabee, Hi-Chew, Kit Kat, and Pretz often make appearances in Japan Candy Box's monthly deliveries. You'll also find seasonal treats, Japanese chocolate, traditional snacks, Japan-exclusive products, and DIY candy kits.

4. Itadakibox

Box frequency: 1 box per month

Box contents: 1 drink + 1 ramen + 18 snacks and treats

Box pricing: $40 per box (cheaper with multi-month plans)

Itadakibox is the best option if you want the most variety for the lowest price. With a 12-month subscription, the price goes down to $35 per box, which is pretty darn good considering the contents.

Only one other Japanese snack subscription box offers this many treats on top of a drink and ramen noodles for such an affordable price. (Hint: That other subscription box is the #1 item on this list.)

While our #1 pick is the best for pure variety and bang-for-your-buck, you should opt for Itadakibox if you want a guaranteed drink and ramen pack in every box. (Our #1 pick's curation may not always include them.)

If you only want drinks, Itadakibox has a separate Japanese Ramune Drink Variety Box with 5 assorted drinks in every box.

3. Japan Crate

Box frequency: 1 box per month

Box contents: 1 exclusive Japanese drink + 18–20 full-size Japanese snacks + 1 bag of limited edition Japanese KitKats + 1 monthly bonus item

Box pricing: $50 per box (cheaper with multi-month plans)

Japan Crate is admittedly expensive. You can bring the price down to $46 per box with a 12-month subscription, but that's obviously not much of a savings. However, it does offer quite a bit in every box.

From simply sweet snacks like Aerial Puffs to novel treats like horror-themed gum with tattoos, there's a lot to enjoy in these themed boxes. This box will definitely give you your monthly fix of Japanese treats!

If you prefer ramen, Japan Crate has a separate Umai Crate with 8–10 assorted ramen flavors in every box.

2. Bokksu

Box frequency: 1 box per month

Box contents: 20–24 Japanese snacks and tea

Box pricing: $50 per box (cheaper with multi-month plans)

Bokksu is the ideal Japanese snack and drinks subscription box if your main priority is to explore the nuances of different Japanese regions.

Every Bokksu box is themed around a particular Japanese prefecture or holiday, with past boxes themed around the Otsukimi Harvest, an Onsen Vacation, a New Year in Kanto, the Sakura Season, and more.

The contents include a wide variety of sweet and savory treats, and each box is paired with a new tea every month.

Bokksu is pricy if you go month-to-month, but you can drop the price down to $40 per box with a 12-month subscription. At that price, it becomes a worthwhile subscription with more depth than most boxes.

1. TokyoTreat

Box frequency: 1 box per month

Box contents: 15–20 full-size Japanese snacks and treats

Box pricing: $37.50 per box (cheaper with multi-month plans)

TokyTreat is our #1 pick for Japanese snack subscription box because it offers the absolute best bang-for-your-buck. With a 12-month subscription, the price goes down to $32.50 per box.

TokyoTreat boxes can include Japanese drinks, assorted Japanese noodles, Japanese KitKat flavors, and many other sweet and savory Japanese snacks. I also like that each box comes with a culture guide that explains the significance of each item in the box.

One of the best perks of TokyoTreat is its Streaks reward system. As long as you don't cancel or skip a month, every box adds onto your Streak. As your Streak grows, you can redeem various rewards: one-time coupons, lifetime discounts, and bonus prizes with future boxes.

Bite Into Japan

TokyoTreat is our favorite Japanese snack box, with 15–20 full-size Japan-exclusive snacks and drinks in every box, delivered right to your door every month.

Treat Yourself to Japanese Snacks

Do these Japanese snack boxes have your mouth watering yet? Since most of us can't find Japanese snacks in our local grocery store, having them delivered definitely comes in handy.

Better yet, you just can't beat the surprise that comes along with subscription boxes. If you're new to Japanese snacks, you might not know what to expect—and these boxes are a great way to ease yourself in.

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