The 15 Coolest Fictional Anime Settings You'll Want to Visit

Anime series have the most intriguing fictional settings of any media, ranging across genres from fantasy to science fiction and more.
The 15 Coolest Fictional Anime Settings You'll Want to Visit

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While many real-world places have been featured in anime series, often the most intriguing settings are the ones that are completely fictional. You know, fantastical places we can only dream of visiting.

Imagine being able to touch down on the mystical forests, lush valleys, brilliant coasts, and towering mountains of your favorite anime, with vivid colors brought to life.

And if you're adventurous, you might even head out to explore the uncharted areas of your favorite anime worlds.

Here are the coolest fictional anime settings we'd love to visit. Unfortunately, for now, we can only experience them through their beautiful animations on the screen.

15. Alfheim (Sword Art Online)

Diving deep into the world of video game has been every gamer's dream at some point. But would you still go if dying in the game meant dying in the real world as well? Probably not.

In Sword Art Online, the original premise had players trapped in a virtual world that meant true death if they died in-game. But later, Sword Art Online introduced Alfheim, where death wasn't so permanent.

The world of Alfheim features fairies in a race to the top of the World Tree. As a player, you can enter the game as a fairy of your chosen species and partake in the experience.

Alfheim is an island continent that's divided into several regions, each representing the different fairy species and having its own distinct geographic features, plus the city of Alne (a neutral ground in Alfheim) and the majestic World Tree.

14. Skypiea (One Piece)

Literally up above the sea in One Piece is a place called Skypiea, where its seas are comprised of fluffy clouds rather than water. There are a few differences between the people of Skypiea and those from the Blue Seas below, including their "mini" wings.

You'd certainly have an interesting time if you visited Skypiea, but getting there would be a one-of-a-kind experience.

Going to Skypiea isn't an easy feat and you'll need to be brave enough to ride the knock-up stream (a huge geyser-like phenomenon that's so strong that it can reach the skies).

13. Anteiku (Tokyo Ghoul)

Coffee, anyone? Anteiku is a coffee shop in Tokyo Ghoul that's operated by Ghouls, headed by Yoshimura as its manager. It's located in the 20th Ward and serves both humans and Ghouls without discrimination. (Don't worry, human flesh is only sold to Ghoul customers.)

While visiting a cafe that's frequented by frightening Ghouls may not seem like the safest idea, we can't help but be intrigued by the idea of interacting with Ghouls in a (relatively) safe environment.

12. The Abyss (Made in Abyss)

Whether you're an adventurous person looking for thrills or an explorer who wants to experience unique things, the Abyss is the perfect spot for you to check out.

Here you'll find unusual phenomena and happenings that will satisfy your curiosity. You can also use your parkour abilities to run around every corner of the Abyss, evading the monsters you'll encounter.

11. Kamui Dimension (Naruto Shippuden)

The most practical place to be alone for peace of mind would have to be none other than your own personal dimension in space-time.

If Obito or Kakashi from Naruto Shippuden lent you their eyes, you could use the Mangekyo Sharingan's ability called Kamui to transport yourself to a pocket dimension, away from the stresses of everyday life.

While this is probably the most featureless setting on this list, what it offers is something almost everyone would love to have.

10. Heart Kingdom (Black Clover)

Unlike the Clover Kingdom of Black Clover that's been settled by humans in every corner, the Heart Kingdom is still virgin, full of flora and fauna, along with its beautiful water formations.

The blue scenery of the Heart Kingdom is likely due to the water magic that's so prevalent, along with Undine the water spirit who protects the Heart Kingdom. Being able to visit such a pure and pristine place would be an absolute treat for the soul.

9. The Going Merry (One Piece)

One Piece featured a lot of cool pirate ships throughout its story, but the Going Merry remains the most memorable.

Wannabe pirates would have a grand time setting sail on the Going Merry, along with the Straw Hat Pirates we've come to love.

The ship offers different locations within it, from Nami's tangerine garden to Usopp's workshop. But the one spot we'd love to sit? Atop the figurehead of Merry, which is also Luffy's favorite spot.

8. Itomori Town (Your Name)

Although Itomori Town is entirely fictional, it takes inspiration from numerous real-life locations and blends them into one amazing location that feels incredibly life-like on screen.

If you were to visit Itomori before the disaster, you'd find a town that's mostly rural with farms and gardens all around, even along the houses and roads. When viewed from high ground, you'd see a picture-perfect view of the lake surrounded by the town.

After the tragedy, you'd see the comet's impact—but the view of the town ruins would still be worth a visit as they represent memories of the people who once lived there.

7. Yubaba's Bathhouse (Spirited Away)

Want to take a break from the real world? Visit Yubaba's Bathhouse from Spirited Away! This place offers exciting features that are unusual compared to the ordinary bathhouses of modern life.

Though it's otherworldly, it was built to resemble traditional bathhouses of Japan, with touches of green and red that make it look and feel as if you're still in the human realm. It's the perfect spot to let off steam after a hard day of work.

6. Fishman Island (One Piece)

A paradise for mermaid lovers, Fishman Island is home to merfolk and serves as a gateway for those who want to go to the New World.

Unlike most mermaid myths that feature beautiful woman-like creatures who lure sailors to their deaths, the mermaids of Fishman Island are friendly, cute, and harmless.

There are many colorful places to visit on the island, including the Royal Palace and the Mermaid Cove, in addition to the Candy Factory Town that makes the best candies (that even Big Mom loves).

5. Hidden Leaf Village (Naruto)

There are many locations in Naruto's Hidden Leaf Village that could stand as tourist spots.

Let's start with Hokage Rock, which was built to show that all past Hokages continue watching over the entire village at all times. It has the faces of all previous Hokages carved into the overlooking cliffs.

Next, we have the gigantic towering statues of the Hidden Leaf Village's founding fathers—Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha—at the waterfalls of the Valley of the End.

When you get hungry, there's one spot every Naruto fan wants to check out if they were able to visit: Ichiraku Ramen.

And last but not least, you might want to pay your respects to Jiraiya of the Legendary Sannins. His memorial is located on the outskirts of the village, created by Naruto for his former mentor.

4. Swordsmith Village (Demon Slayer)

Want to go somewhere no one knows about? Well, the Swordsmith Village in Demon Slayer is the place for you! This place is so secluded that you can only go there while wearing a blindfold.

Swordsmith Village is an important location for the Demon Slayer Corps because it's the home of the swordsmiths who forge the Nichirin Swords that can decapitate demons. That's why it's hidden deep in the forest, away from the eyes of not just people but also demons.

On top of offering a scenic view of nature, Swordsmith Village also has a comfortable hot spring that'll ease your stress. Plus, the villagers are hospitable and will serve you delicious food!

Don't worry about the hammering and clanging of metal around every corner. As you stay here, you'll find that the rhythm of forging becomes a music that's perfectly suited to the peaceful atmosphere.

3. Izakaya Nobu (Isekai Izakaya)

Are there any good fictional anime locations where you can hang out with friends during the weekends? Try the Izakaya Nobu! The staff of this eatery will welcome you with big, warm smiles.

Izakaya Nobu is a small yet cozy bar that serves delicious food, delicacies, and beer. It's located in the capital of Aitheria, an otherworldly place with otherworldly customers who find the menu foreign yet satisfying.

2. Planet Aqua (Aria the Animation)

Mars has been featured in anime many times, from the cockroach-infested world in Terra Formars to the populated planet in Cowboy Bebop. But in Aria the Animation, Mars is featured as a utopian paradise that has since been renamed as Aqua.

One of the planet's main attractions is a city called Neo-Venezia, which resembles the city of Venice, Italy. It's a perfectly romantic date spot for couples with its waterways, canals, and gondolas.

Another interesting thing about Aqua is that it has two moons—Phobos and Deimos—that beautifully illuminate the night sky.

1. Dagon's Domain Expansion: Horizon of the Captivating Skandha (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Is summer your favorite season? Love going to the beach? Well, just call Dagon and he'll give you infinite sea and sand with his Domain Expansion: Horizon of the Captivating Skandha.

Dagon's domain is a tropical place with a sunny atmosphere and an endless, vibrant sea. On the shore are trees and foliage, plus a beach umbrella and a lounge chair you can use to relax.

This beautiful domain is actually a trap for his enemies, a zone where his shikigami fishes deal surefire harm. However, if you're on good terms with the Special Grade Curse, you have nothing to worry about and you can just enjoy the free vacation!