The 17 Coolest Anime Cars, Vehicles, and Transportations

Anime series and movies have featured all kinds of uniquely creative cars, vehicles, and modes of transportation that are really cool.
The 17 Coolest Anime Cars, Vehicles, and Transportations

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Though anime is filled with characters who have all sorts of unique abilities, we can't forget about all the inanimate characters that are super cool in their own way. We're talking about the cars, motorcycles, and other forms of transportation used by the characters.

Whether they're built to survive battle, travel from planet to planet, equipped with weapons of mass destruction, or even just designed to help characters relax and wind down, there are all kinds of awesome vehicles littered throughout various anime series.

Here are our picks for the coolest anime cars, vehicles, and modes of transportation we've seen in anime series and movies!

17. Catbus (My Neighbor Totoro)

Taking a bus to work is common nowadays, but what about taking... a Catbus? This huge vehicle-like feline character in Studio Ghibli's My Neighbor Totoro is a cute ride for animal lovers with its hollow, furry, and comfy body where passengers can seat themselves.

Though it's called a bus, it doesn't move with wheels—rather, it has six pairs of legs that run, jump, and hop along the way to the destination. It can also take any rider to any place or to any person, like when Satsuki asked for a ride to her sister Mei.

16. Puffing Tom (One Piece)

A masterpiece made by the best shipwrights in the Grand Line, the Puffing Tom is a train designed to travel through the sea.

Just like trains on land, the train rails of the Puffing Tom are connected to several islands for the purposes of personal and business activities.

What makes it cool—aside from the sea train itself—are the train rails that are designed to counter the rusting effect of seawater on iron, and cannot easily be destroyed by constant changes in weather and currents. In fact, the rails float on the sea and move as if dancing with the waves.

15. Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren (Gurren Lagann)

Team Dai-Gurren's Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren is a massive battleship that's about half as large as Earth itself. It was originally Lordgenome's battleship during his fight against the Anti-Spiral.

Not only is it a huge battleship, but it's capable of traveling to places that normal vessels can't. It also sports offensive weaponry that no other battleship can surpass.

And like the other Gunmen in Gurren Lagann, Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren has a distinctive face.

But even beyond its sheer power and capabilities, the Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren is notable for being a convertible: it can turn into a gigantic robot, complete with its iconic Kamina sunglasses and powerful drills as its main weapons.

14. Doraemon's Time Machine (Doraemon)

Transportation isn't limited to traveling distances, but also to traveling through time. Among the collection of cool gadgets of Doraemon, the time machine is the coolest.

Doraemon's time machine looks like a magic flying board with a monitoring device set in the front. As a time machine, the space, people, places, and the distance it can travel are all pretty awesome.

13. Conan's Skateboard (Case Closed)

Conan's skateboard was created by Professor Agasa. It's a turbo engine skateboard that can move fast and is powered by the sun. It's fast enough to overtake normal cars and can chase down criminals on the run, which is useful in his line of work!

It's of no use when the sun goes down, however, so Agasa later addressed the problem and upgraded it so that it can store solar energy to be able to be used during nighttime.

12. The Flying Nimbus (Dragon Ball)

The Flying Nimbus is a yellow cloud filled with magic, which Goku used for travel when he was young and still wasn't able to fly. The Flying Nimbus can't be used by just anyone—the owner or rider must have a pure heart and pure intention in order to ride on the cloud.

The Flying Nimbus can fly high above the clouds and can move at a speed of 400 mph. Gohan also used it as his ride to school to conserve his energy, just like how Goku used it even when he could fly.

11. Capsule Ship 1 (Dragon Ball)

Capsule Corporation was known for its amazing spaceship inventions, including the Capsule Ship 1, which was created with parts of Goku's wrecked spaceship and modified for his use.

It consists of a bedroom, bathroom, and a training room. The training room is designed to train Saiyan, with a gravity simulation machine that exceeds Earth's gravity by 100%.

10. Thousand Sunny (One Piece)

Thousand Sunny is a pirate ship made by one of the best shipwrights from Water 7. It's designed for both offense and defense, and to overcome any type of climate or sea currents. It's the only known sail-ship that can move backward, with its Chicken Voyage feature.

Aside from its well-built body, Thousand Sunny has a Soldier Dock System that consists of a shark-like submarine, two land vehicles that combine into General Franky, and the Mini Merry (a steamboat that looks like the Straw Hat Pirates' first ship, the Going Merry).

Thousand Sunny has a Coup d' Burst function that provides an instant escape from unnecessary fights and stronger opponents.

9. Mach 5 (Mach GoGoGo)

Speed Racer X, also known as the New Mach GoGoGo (a remake of the 1967 Mach GoGoGo), features a car named Mach 5 with cool features.

It has seven buttons in the steering wheel labeled A to G that correspond to features like "Aero Jack" (which is used for a quick fly and glide) and "Balloon Tire" (which makes the wheels big and suitable for any terrain).

8. Mikey's CB250T (Tokyo Revengers)

There are a lot of motorbikes in the Tokyo Revengers series, but Mikey's CB250T is the coolest. The scene where he arrives to join the group in the fight against Shuji Hanma's gang was a pretty badass moment.

Aside from its cool appearance (with Mikey), it also has a bit of interesting backstory to it, which somehow led Mikey to acquiring it.

7. Shotaro Kaneda's Bike (Akira)

The 1988 film Akira featured a futuristic and high-tech bike owned by Shotaro Kaneda. Kaneda's bike has interesting features like ceramic double-rotor two-wheel-drive and computer-controlled anti-lock brakes.

These features might not be so impressive with today's technology, but considering the era when Akira came out, it was visionary for the time.

6. Hermes (Kino's Journey)

In Kino's Journey, Hermes isn't just your typical motorcycle—he also talks! He serves as Kino's wheels on his journey, and their relationship is more than just one between rider and motorcycle. Hermes is Kino's trusted companion.

Hermes is based on the now-collectible Brough Superior SS100 motorcycle. It's a custom unit with parts from different manufacturers, and its most noticeable feature is its long yet low body, which is similar to modern touring bikes.

5. Saber's Yamaha V-Max (Fate/Zero)

Saber is technically not a Rider-type Servant, but she can still ride a motorcycle because the vehicle is still considered pretty similar to typical mounts (like horses).

Her Yamaha V-Max is a beast of a motorcycle, sporting a 1400cc V4 engine with a monstrous 250 horsepower that propels the unit.

Despite being a monster bike, the Yamaha V-Max can't match up with Saber's riding style and ability because it's still a man-made machine (unlike the mounts of other Riders).

However, when infused with her armor and magic—creating the so-called Saber Motored Cuirassier—it surpasses its limits and potential, becoming a more badass armored motorcycle.

4. Shooter (Durarara!!)

Shooter is Celty Sturluson's steed. While it's initially a headless horse (given that Celty is a dullahan, a headless horseman of Irish folklore), it disguises itself as a badass black motorcycle.

It takes the form of a custom motorcycle with a huge and powerful engine, partnered with low-level handlebars designed for racing and high-speed chases (similar to Saber's Yamaha V-Max in Fate/Zero).

3. Demon Slayer Sword (Black Clover)

Like in Harry Potter, the primary means of transportation in the anime series Black Clover are magic brooms. However, Asta—the magicless boy protagonist—can't even make his broom float.

Fortunately, with his training in the Heart Kingdom, he learned how to ride on his Anti Magic Sword, the Demon Slayer. Instead of a broom, he makes the greatsword float and surfs with it through the air.

2. The Swordfish II (Cowboy Bebop)

Spike Spiegel owns and drives a ship named Swordfish II, a modified racing model spacecraft that's equipped with weapons for his bounty hunting jobs.

Apart from its high speed, it also houses powerful thrusters on almost every side of the ship, allowing impossible maneuvers and quick stops.

1. Dokodemo Door (Doraemon)

Who wouldn't want a door that takes you anywhere you want to go? Found only in Doraemon's magic pocket, Dokodemo Door ("Anywhere Door") is a door that you can put in front of you and it will give you the destination you want to go on the other side.

The door can travel distances up to 100,000 light-years. One can go to the end of the world or travel around the universe using a single door—truly the easiest and most convenient way to travel anywhere.