The 14 Coolest Anime Weapons (And Why They’re So Awesome)

More so than any other medium, anime series have come up with some really cool weapons. Here are our favorites that we've seen!

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Anime is known for its crazy character designs—whether that means a character's physical appearance, their special abilities and magic spells, or even just their weapons.

In some anime series, the weapon designs are where all the cool stuff happens. You'll be asking "How does that work?" and "Where did that come from?" and so much more.

Some weapons may seem ridiculously large for a given character while other weapons are simply too powerful to handle. Some may look harmless yet prove extremely deadly in action.

Here are some of the coolest anime weapons we've ever seen and why they're so awesome!

14. God Arcs (God Eater)

God Arcs in God Eater are weapons made from the cells of Aragami—the violent god-like enemies of mankind who almost wiped out the entire human race. God Arcs are living weapons that can only be wielded by people compatible with them.

In the series, there are two types of God Arcs: the long-ranged gun-types (which are used for support) and the short-ranged sword-types (which have the ability to harm and devour Aragami).

A new type of God Arc was also introduced early in the series; a hybrid that can be used as a machine gun or as a sword. These can convert devoured Aragami cores into ammunition for long-ranged attacks.

13. Bankai (Bleach)

Bankai is one of the most intriguing elements in Bleach. It's the final form of a Shinigami's Zanpakuto and is said to mirror the wielder's true self. A bankai can be obtained once the wielder is in complete harmony with their Zanpakuto's spirit.

Every weapon's bankai is different, but they all grant tremendous abilities once released. Notable bankai include Ichigo Kurosaki's Tensa Zangetsu, Renji Abarai's Soo Zabimaru, and Toshiro Hitsugaya's Daiguren Hyorinmaru.

12. Executioner's Blade (Naruto)

Executioner's Blade was the sword of Momochi Zabuza, a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. It's a large sword that's sharp enough to land a lethal blow, making it perfect for Zabuza's Silent Killing Technique.

But one interesting fact about this sword is that it seems unbreakable. Even when it manages to be broken, it can restore itself by slashing human bodies and absorbing the blood's iron to repair itself.

11. Samehada (Naruto)

Samehada is another Great Blade of the Seven Ninja Swordsman of the Mist, this one wielded by Kisame Hoshigaki. It's a living sword that feeds on a person's chakra whenever it strikes, and that chakra can be used by the wielder.

Its appearance is more like a club or bat than a sword, with rough spikes all around. This is what gives the weapon its name, which translates to "shark skin."

Though slicing isn't the main purpose of Samehada, it can shave its victims with its sharp scales and consume their chakra, rendering opponents helpless and unable to fight back.

10. Yoru (One Piece)

You may be unfamiliar with the name Yoru from One Piece, but I'm sure you're a fan of its wielder. Yoru is the Great Black Sword of the greatest swordsman in the series, Dracule Mihawk. It's a blade that's imbued with haki, making it the best weapon against Devil Fruit users.

9. Truth-Seeking Orbs (Naruto)

Truth-Seeking Orbs are the floating balls behind Naruto after he receives Hagoromo's chakra. They're the same balls behind Madara and Obito when they become the Ten-Tailed Beast.

Truth-Seeking Orbs contain all five nature elements, surpassing Kekkai Genkai and Kekkai Tota abilities (which only have two and three nature elements, respectively).

These orbs can be used offensively like cannon balls that travel at high speed to hit targets, or defensively as they form a shield to enclose the user and prevent any damage.

It's one of the best weapons in the series because it negates and nullifies any ninjutsu, and the only way to deal damage is by using Sage Jutsu, which is something not everyone can learn.

8. Caster (Outlaw Star)

Caster is actually the person using old magic or mana, but as time goes by and during the new era, Caster is now the name of guns used to shoot caster shells, which are products of utilized mana and harnessed in shells as ammunitions.

Though an antique in the Toward Stars Era, Caster guns are still effective against new types of magic. The guns may differ in features, but the Caster Shells are numbered to define their effects.

7. Punisher (Trigun)

There are several known Punishers (the large cross-like weapons) in the series Trigun. Punishers are weapons that are combinations of other weapons that can be formed and assembled into another.

Vash Stampede was known to use Wolfwood's Punisher in the series, which was a set of different weapons and armory for each arm.

6. Ryusei/Zantetsuken (Lupin III)

Ryusei and Zantetsuken are the two names of the katana wielded by Goemon Ishikawa XIII, a member of the thieves gang headed by Lupin III. (Ryusei is the manga name while Zantetsuken is the anime name.)

Regardless, the katana features a razor-sharp blade that can cut anything, from iron bars to concrete walls confining his teammates.

5. Enma (One Piece)

Enma is one of Zoro's current swords and was used by Oden to deliver a wound and scar Kaido. The sword drains the user's haki, which is seen when Zoro's arm thinned a lot after doing a single slash.

Zoro also owns Wado Ichimonji and Sandai Kitetsu, with Enma replacing the Shusui as his third sword.

4. Quinque (Tokyo Ghoul)

Quinque is a unique weapon of the Doves, effective against Ghouls in Tokyo Ghoul. These weapons are made from the sac-like organs in Ghouls—the organs that cause the formation of kagune.

Technically speaking, quinques are the kagune of defeated Ghouls which are harvested for weapons and used by ordinary humans. They're hidden in suitcases carried by the Doves or Ghoul Investigators, and can even be named after the originating Ghoul.

3. Death Note (Death Note)

How can a notebook be a weapon? If you're like most, you'd roll it up and form a club to smash opponents. If you're Light Yagami, you write your opponent's name in it and wait for them to spontaneously die.

This mysterious notebook, called the Death Note, is a powerful weapon that can be used to kill anyone as long as you know their real name and what they look like. You can even describe when and how you want them to die, and it will magically come to pass.

It's such a cool weapon that kids throughout the world have made their own "Death Notes" in which they write the names of those whom they hate, prompting some countries to ban the anime altogether.

2. Bandit's Secret (Hunter X Hunter)

This weapon is a conjured book of Chrollo Lucilfer, the leader of the Phantom Troupe. With this book, he can steal abilities from his opponents and use them as his own (under certain conditions).

During his fight with the Zoldycks, he used the book to conjure a poisonous blade and steal the Fun Fun Cloth from Owl, a member of the Shadow Beasts who had been using the Fun Fun Cloth to transport items at the Underground Auction.

1. Cards (Hunter X Hunter)

Cards aren't just for playing games, nor are they just for cheap magic tricks. In the right hands, cards are lethal weapons that can slice throats and puncture materials—much like a shuriken.

Cards have been used as weapons in several anime series, but Hisoka Morrow of Hunter X Hunter is one of the best card users, able to utilize his cards in ways more dangerous than any blade.