7 Interesting Homebrew D&D Classes Worth Trying in Your Next Campaign

Homebrew can spice up your sessions. You might never play Dungeons and Dragons with just the basic official content again.
7 Interesting Homebrew D&D Classes Worth Trying in Your Next Campaign

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When you play D&D, you're usually turning to the official D&D books to create your character. You might feel limited by these characters (though there are tons of official options).

If you're looking to liven up your Dungeons & Dragons games with some craziness, you should check out the homebrew scene.

Once you dig into the world of homebrew classes, you might never play Dungeons & Dragons with just the basic content from the official books again. Here are some interesting homebrew D&D classes you should try in your next campaign!

1. Necromancer

If you're looking for a fun caster to play with some incredibly dark themes, then Necromancer might be the class for you. It plays a bit like a sorcerer, but it has more focus on enchantment spells.

The ability to hit an enemy and steal their health is both flavorful and incredibly powerful in a wide variety of combat situations. As they level up and gain the ability to animate the dead, things really get going—and the roleplay possibilities open up.

2. Demon Hunter

For role-playing purposes, a Demon Hunter is a really fun class. You can come up with an interesting backstory for why your character is devoted to a life of hunting demons.

If you're playing in a campaign that has a reason for demons to be a critical part of the game, you'll have a ton of fun with Demon Hunter. It has some of the same spells as a Warlock, but with more than enough that makes it stand out on its own.

3. Nomad

A Nomad doesn't necessarily sound like the coolest thing to play in D&D, but the class actually looks quite solid. Their whole theme is about fighting dirty so you get a free disengage whenever you land an attack on an enemy.

This is extremely powerful for defensive purposes. Once you factor in the spellcasting abilities they get at later levels, the Nomad ends up being pretty cool.

4. Gladiator

When you think of a badass who gets stuff done in combat, you probably think of a Gladiator. In terms of getting into fights, it's not the most innovative class, playing like a hybrid of a barbarian or fighter, but the backstories you can create with them.

How did they end up being forced into a life of fighting? Do they enjoy it? Are they insanely smart despite being brutish and physically powerful? There's so much fun you can have as a Gladiator in D&D!

5. Apocalypto

This is one of the most well-realized homebrew classes in D&D (outside of Matt Mercer's classes that have become semi-official). The Apocalypto is literally a harbinger of the end of the world. The backstory ideas practically write themselves.

You get to start off with a badass steed right from level one. Who wouldn't want that? You also get to choose a Path of Apocalypse, which means you pick from War, Pestilence, Famine, and Death. Everything about this class is badass.

6. Blood Mage

In many RPGs, Blood Mages are the dark magic users who tap into the power of blood to create incredibly powerful effects. In D&D, that stereotype holds true, as they tap into their own vitality and manipulate it to their advantage.

They literally hurt themselves to kill their enemies. How cool is that? They get to tap into Warlock and Wizard spells, but with enough bloody modifications to make them their own. At one point, they can literally wear a suit of armor made of their own blood!

7. Witch

As you can probably guess, a Witch is a spell caster first and foremost. However, they also get a familiar to fight with at level one, which is quite powerful. They also get these crazy powerful ghostly bonds, which open up lots of fun builds.

And when you work on a witch's backstory, you can have a lot of work with the fact that people tend to not be fond of them. There's a lot of room to play around with your Witch, and that's what D&D is really all about!