Sick of Cards Against Humanity? 7 Alternatives That Are Even Better

Is Cards Against Humanity getting stale? Find your new favorite party game here!
Cards Against Humanity Alternatives
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You probably can’t remember the last time you played Spin the Bottle at a party (and that’s a good thing). Fortunately, we as humanity have come up with more civilized games that use cards instead of empty beer bottles.

Cards Against Humanity has become the go-to party game of the decade. While it’s hard to get tired of creating inappropriate and sometimes disturbing statements with your friends, it still gets old after awhile.

Are you ready to switch it up at your next game night gathering? These alternatives to Cards Against Humanity might become your next favorite games:

1. What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme Card Game

You enjoy trolling various social media platforms with your careful construction of memes, and like to frequent the forums of Reddit to find the latest and greatest creations in the meme market. Does this description sound like you?

All of your hard work will finally pay off when you showcase your brilliant meme-making skills with What Do You Meme? This game is like Cards Against Humanity, but with images. And yes, it offers plenty of responses with adult humor.

Each player receives a set of cards with phrases on them. Players must match these phrases to an image of a meme during each round. A judge (who gets replaced at the end of every round) determines which player has created the best caption for the meme. The player who has the most chosen memes wins!

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2. Joking Hazard

Joking Hazard Board Game Cyanide and Happiness

I fondly remember the days when I used to read Cyanide and Happiness comics during class trips to the computer lab. These offensive, but hilarious cartoons get even funnier in game form.

Gather a group of three or more friends, and deal out seven cards that each have a portion of a Cyanide and Happiness comic on them. A different player assumes the role of the judge during every round.

The judge flips over a card from the main pile, revealing part of a comic. If the border of the card is black, the judge places one of their own cards to either side of the flipped card to start (or end) the comic. The other players must choose the best card they have to complete the story. Whoever the judge thinks has the wackiest ending or beginning to the comic wins the round.

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3. Spank the Yeti

Spank the Yeti Card Game

Spank the Yeti contains hilarious scenarios involving Jeff Goldblum and tongue baths. Need I say more?

At the beginning of each round, one player unveils three action cards and three object cards. The player secretly pairs each action card with an object card to come up with three different situations. For example, one of the scenarios could be “tongue bathe Jeff Goldblum.”

The rest of the players have to guess that player’s responses. Spank the Yeti will make your friends consider whether they’d rather tongue bathe Jeff Goldblum, or Netflix and chill with him. What would your friends choose?

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4. Truth Bombs

Produced by the popular YouTubers Dan and Phil, Truth Bombs gives you the means to roast all of your friends. To set up the game, flip over the question cards and pass out a target sheet to each player. Players write their names at the top of the sheet, then pass it to their left.

When a player receives their friend’s sheet, they’ll choose one question to answer about the target, such as “How would they survive a zombie apocalypse?” After a player answers one question, the sheet gets passed around until all of the questions get answered.

The owner of the sheet then chooses their favorite answer and tries to guess who wrote it. If they guess right, both the target and the person who wrote the response get a point. Depending on how nice your friends are, the answers can be cruel, so prepare to rage. The person who gains the most points (and enemies) wins the game.

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5. The Voting Game

You think you know your friends well. You know what type of board gamer they are, who they like and don’t like, but have you ever accessed their deepest and darkest secrets? The Voting Game helps you dig out the scary truths that you probably never wanted to know about your friends.

Every player receives a card with a different number on it, and that’s how they’re identified for the rest of the game. The players also hold onto a set of cards numbered one to however many players are in the game.

One player flips over a question card that might ask something like, “Who isn’t wearing underwear right now?” Players then pick out their friend’s corresponding number card to cast a vote for them as the most likely to go commando. In this game, having the most votes means that you lose.

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6. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens blew up since its 2015 debut. It presents game-nighters everywhere with fantastic backstabbing opportunities and quirky cards made especially for cat people.

Each player starts without any cards—they must take turns drawing cards from the main deck. If a player receives a card with an exploding kitten on it, they’re out. The only way to stop the explosion is if a player possesses a defuse card that touts the things that cats love, like a catnip sandwich or a laser pointer.

Players strategically use cards to sabotage other players, pass a turn, preview the deck or reposition an exploding kitten card. Just be careful—the chances of drawing an exploding kitten card increase as the deck gets smaller!

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7. Deck Around

It’s finally the weekend and you get a break from work. You know what that means—it’s time to hang out and Deck Around with your friends.

Deck Around is a competition to see who can come up with the most believable definition for a slang word. We all know what words like twerk or bae mean, which is why the game uses obscure slang that results in a lot of laughs.

One player picks a slang card from the deck, and everyone has to write their own definition for that word. Players anonymously turn in their definition, which gets mixed in with the actual definition. All players have to try to guess the real definition. If a player guesses right, that person gains a point, but if they’re wrong, the author of the fake definition earns a point instead.

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Revitalize Your Game Night

If you’ve been playing Cards Against Humanity for the past several game nights, it’s time to move on. It’s definitely a classic, but I’m sure you and your friends are bored with seeing the same cards over and over again.

Adding new games to your game night is exciting enough, but what if you could make your game night even more amazing? Check out these accessories that’ll instantly improve your game nights.

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