The 11 Best Geeky TV Shows to Watch on Amazon Prime Video

There are plenty of geeky TV shows on Amazon Prime Video that are perfect for nerds, especially if you love science fiction.
The 11 Best Geeky TV Shows to Watch on Amazon Prime Video

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I previously wrote about the benefits of Amazon Prime beyond the free two-day shipping that everyone knows about. One of those benefits is how Amazon Prime includes a massive library of TV shows and movies that you can stream on demand.

There really are a lot of awesome titles to stream on Amazon Prime Video—enough content to pay for the price of Amazon Prime many times over (considering Amazon Prime's price is on par with competitors like Netflix and Hulu Without Ads).

As a fellow geek who loves watching stuff, here are my recommendations for the best geeky TV shows on Amazon.

1. The Expanse

Why you should watch it: The Expanse is a contender for best sci-fi TV shows ever. In fact, it's so good that it should really be considered one of the best TV shows of all time, period.

This epic space opera is rife with political intrigue, twisty plotlines, a sprawling cast of characters, beautiful cinematography, and most of all, it treats the "science" in science fiction seriously.

2. The Boys

Why you should watch it: The Boys is an irreverent take on the superhero genre. Imagine if Superman was a power hungry and egotistical man-child who loved being worshiped?

Throw in some high-level government conspiracies and rebellious anti-superhuman vigilantes into the mix and you have a real winner of a show. No wonder it's acclaimed by critics.

Be warned! The Boys can be dark, heavy, and extremely graphic. If you can't stand the sight of blood and/or nudity, stay away.

3. Fringe

Why you should watch it: Fringe is like a mixture of The X-Files and Twilight Zone. It follows a team that's investigating paranormal occurences in the USA, which all point to a wider conspiracy.

Fringe starts off with an episodic monster-of-the-week format (inspired by The X-Files) in its first season, but eventually moves toward an overarching serial storyline in its second season, with a satisfying conclusion in its fifth season.

On top of all the insanely weird science (and pseudoscience) that drives the show's plot points, it's the characters that really bring Fringe to life. The team is just so lovably watchable!

4. Chuck

Why you should watch it: Chuck is a highly underrated comedy-drama series that's both hilarious and engrossing.

An everyday guy who works for a fictional version of Best Buy's Geek Squad accidentally ends up downloading a top-secret government program into his brain, turning him into a world-class spy for the CIA. Doesn't that sound awesome?

5. Orphan Black

Why you should watch it: Orphan Black is a complex sci-fi conspiracy thriller with smart characters, wild plots, and tons of twists that'll keep you hooked through and through.

The most amazing thing about Orphan Black is the world-class acting by Tatiana Maslany, who plays many different versions of herself (clones), each with their own personalities, accents, gaits, quirks, and more. It's downright incredible.

6. Mr. Robot

Why you should watch it: Mr. Robot is one of the most unconventional hacker drama-thriller TV series ever made.

It's dark, grimy, and disorderly as it follows a mentally unstable hacker who joins a group that aims to destroy all of the debt records held by the world's largest conglomerate. It's not an easy watch, but definitely a trip.

7. The Tick

Why you should watch it: Remember the comic books from the 1980s? Or the animated TV series from the 1990s?

The Tick is a live-action remake about the blue-suited superhero who fights crime and needs to uncover the mystery of The Terror, a supervillain who was thought to be dead.

It's funny, silly, and a joy to watch. This one flew under the radar and not many people realize it exists. Make sure you aren't one of those people!

8. The Man in the High Castle

Why you should watch it: Imagine an alternate history where Germany and Japan won World War II and subjugated the United States, with the west of the Rockies belonging to Japan and the east belonging to the Nazi Reich.

And in this alternate history, what if the truth of the world was hidden from everyone, and a rebel group was aiming to uncover that truth to make it reality? Compelling stuff.

9. Humans

Why you should watch it: In the near future, artificially intelligent robots called "synths"—who are physically indistinguishable from humans—are created and integrated into everyday life.

What kind of impact would this have on society, culture, and the psychology of man? This kind of near-future sci-fi is perfect geek fodder, and it's even better when executed as well as this show.

10. Red Oaks

Why you should watch it: Red Oaks is a comedy-drama about a dorky suburban 20-year-old who isn't living his best life yet.

Red Oaks may not be sci-fi or fantasy or outwardly geeky, but there's a lot that will resonate with most geeks. It's an underrated comedy TV series that's plain funny and highly watchable.

11. Electric Dreams

Why you should watch it: It's pretty much a less-inspired version of Black Mirror. But even so, it's not terrible and worth watching if you like sci-fi concepts and explorations.

Electric Dreams is a sci-fi anthology series inspired by the works of prominent author Philip K. Dick. While it falls short of Black Mirror's narrative power, it has redeemable qualities. Definitely worth a watch if you're craving a dark sci-fi fix.