The 11 Best Robot TV Shows and Series on Netflix, Ranked

Love sentient toasters? Here are some of the best robot TV shows and series worth watching on Netflix!
The 11 Best Robot TV Shows and Series on Netflix, Ranked

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Sci-fi television has exploded in popularity these past several years, and with it came all kinds of fascinating robot TV shows and series.

The television format provides a new way to explore the complex themes that make science fiction so great, with more time to dive into characters and plots than movies typically allow.

And there's a lot of depth to mine when it comes to robots—or cyborgs, androids, machines, cylons, whatever you want to call them.

Fortunately, Netflix has been one of the most willing producers when it comes to robot television. Here are my picks for the best robot TV shows and series worth watching on Netflix right now!

11. Transformers: Prime

Trailer for Transformers: Prime (Season 1)

Created by Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Duane Capizzi, Jeff Kline

Starring Peter Cullen, Sumalee Montano, Jeffrey Combs

Animation, Action, Adventure

Originally aired 2010 to 2013

65 episodes (3 seasons)

8.0 on IMDb

Transformers: Prime is a three-season animated series that ran from 2010 to 2013—but unlike the Transformers movie franchise, Prime successfully executes on the premise.

The series involves the brand's main trio (Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Bumblebee) along with many other Autobots and Decepticons showing face throughout the story.

Fun fact: If you're a fan of the sci-fi TV series Fringe, you'll be happy to know that Transformers: Prime was developed by the pair who created that show: Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci!

10. Lost in Space

Trailer for Lost in Space (Season 1)

Created by Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless

Starring Molly Parker, Toby Stephens, Maxwell Jenkins

Adventure, Drama, Family

Originally aired 2018 to 2021

28 episodes (3 seasons)

7.3 on IMDb

There have been a few different Lost in Space adaptations by now, but the one we're recommending is Netflix's 2018 series based upon the 1965 original. This one does things a bit better.

After a disaster on Earth, the Robinson family is sent into deep space to colonize the Alpha Centauri System.

When they crash land, they must come to terms with themselves and their interpersonal conflicts, all while being helped by a robot.

9. Mystery Science Theater 3000

Trailer for Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Netflix's First Season)

Created by Joel Hodgson

Starring Joel Hodgson, Felicia Day, Patton Oswalt

Comedy, Drama, Horror

Originally aired 2017 to 2018

20 episodes (2 seasons)

8.2 on IMDb

Mystery Science Theater was one of those cult shows you followed religiously or had absolutely no idea about. Created by Joel Hodgson, Mystery Science Theater (or MST3K for short) ran with a simple premise.

Each episode Joel would be forced to watch B-movies onboard a space station as part of a scientist's evil plot.

To help him sit through these movies, he would be joined by three robots: Tom Servo, Crow T. Robot, and Gypsy.

Together the four of them would rip into these B-movies with ongoing commentary, with each episode being two hours long. Watch this show if you're a fan of YouTube-styled commentary!

8. Robot Trains

Opening Credits for Robot Trains (Season 1)

Starring Bill Rogers, Carrie Savage, Tony Salerno

Animation, Action, Adventure

Originally aired 2017 to 2019

84 episodes (2 seasons)

6.6 on IMDb

Robot Trains is an unassuming South Korean television show about robot trains, and it's easily one of the best children's shows about anthropomorphic machines!

These robot trains all live in Train World, a place where robot trains are busy building railroads between different continents.

When a crisis emerges, five of them possess the special ability to transform, making any difficulty they encounter salvageable.

Not only is it a fun watch for young children but it's actually pretty engaging for adults, too. (It's part of Netflix's After School section, which you should check out if you have kids.)

7. Robozuna

Trailer for Robozuna (Season 1)

Starring Michael Obiora, Tom Clarke-Hill, Taylor Clarke-Hill

Animation, Family

Originally aired 2018 to Present

20 episodes (2 seasons)

6.9 on IMDb

Robozuna is a CGI-animated Netflix series that, true to its name, features a whole lot of robots.

When Earth is taken over by an evil galactic empire and monitored by robot guards day and night, it's up to one young boy and his robot friend to try and make a difference.

Starring Michael Obiora, Tom Clarke-Hill, and Taylor Clarke-Hill, Robozuna is one of Netflix's best picks if you're looking for a TV show about robots set in the future.

And like the aforementioned Robot Trains, Robozuna is also part of Netflix's After School section and my personal pick as the best robot kids show on Netflix.

6. Better Than Us

Trailer for Better Than Us (Season 1)

Created by Andrey Junkovsky

Starring Paulina Andreeva, Kirill Käro, Aleksandr Ustyugov

Drama, Sci-Fi

Originally aired 2018 to 2019

16 episodes (1 season)

7.3 on IMDb

Better Than Us is the first Russian-produced TV show to make it as a Netflix Original series. It's also just a plain good sci-fi series!

The story takes place in 2029 and centers on Arisa (Paulina Andreeva), a technologically advanced android that develops something rather tricky to deal with: feelings.

Although androids have lived alongside humankind for years—and have even replaced them when it comes to all kinds of menial jobs—Arisa's evolution represents a historic moment in time.

Kirill Käro, Aleksandr Ustyugov, and Olga Lomonosova star alongside Paulina Andreeva in what has ended up being one of Netflix's best-produced TV series about robots.

5. Super Giant Robot Brothers

Trailer for Super Giant Robot Brothers (Season 1)

Created by Víctor Maldonado and Alfredo Torres

Starring Chris Diamantopoulos, Marisa Davila, Eric Lopez

Animation, Action, Adventure

Originally aired 2022 to Present

10 episodes (1 season)

6.7 on IMDb

Super Giant Robot Brothers may have a generic name, but this show about two robot brothers—specifically created for Netflix release—by Víctor Maldonado and Alfredo Torres is surprisingly good.

The plot is set in the future, where these mechanical brothers must take it upon themselves to protect Earth from the evil intergalactic empire that seeks to destroy it.

How is the empire going to obliterate our planet, you ask? By sending enormous kaiju-type monsters to engulf it, that's how!

The two brothers, Thunder (Chris Diamantopoulos) and Shiny (Eric Lopez), must work with their inventor (Marisa Davila) to save the day before Earth falls into oblivion.

4. Pacific Rim: The Black

Trailer for Pacific Rim: The Black (Season 1)

Created by Greg Johnson and Craig Kyle

Starring Gideon Adlon, Calum Worthy, Erica Lindbeck

Animation, Action, Adventure

Originally aired 2021 to 2022

14 episodes (2 seasons)

7.1 on IMDb

Pacific Rim: The Black is an animated TV show about robots, created as a joint production between American, Mexican, and Japanese studios. The resulting creation is a sight to behold.

The plot follows the events of the two films—Pacific Rim and Pacific Rim: Uprising—in which colossal beasts known as kaiju keep invading Earth through a portal that leads to another dimension.

That portal is located deep in the Pacific Ocean, and so these giant robots have to fight these monsters before they can destroy Southeast Asia and Australia.

This animated Netflix series probably flew under your radar, but if you loved the Pacific Rim movies, then you should really watch this! It's a thrilling watch that's elevated by its new format.

3. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Trailer for Neon Genesis Evangelion (Season 1)

Created by Hideaki Anno

Starring Megumi Ogata, Megumi Hayashibara, Kotono Mitsuishi

Animation, Action, Drama

Originally aired 1995 to 1996

26 episodes (1 season)

8.5 on IMDb

Did you know that Neon Genesis Evangelion, one of the most influential anime series ever created, is available to stream on Netflix?

After a cataclysmic event nearly destroys Earth, the surviving remnant of humanity must fight back against the invading destructive celestial beings who are only known as Angels.

In order to prevail, mankind designs gigantic biomechanical cyborgs named Evangelion (or Evas), which are piloted by humans.

One of those pilots is Shinji Ikari, the son of Gendo, who's the supreme leader of the secret agency known as Nerv.

Though only 26 episodes, Neon Genesis Evangelion is a deeply mature and philosophical anime series that explores a number of topics, including depression, mysticism, and the meaning of life.

2. Love, Death & Robots

Trailer for Love, Death & Robots (Season 1)

Created by Tim Miller

Animation, Anthology, Sci-Fi

Originally aired 2019 to Present

35 episodes (3 seasons)

8.4 on IMDb

Love, Death & Robots is one of Netflix's best original series. Designed as an anthology series where each episode is its own self-contained story, this acclaimed show features a whole lot of robots.

It's difficult to describe Love, Death & Robots because each episode is its own unique thing. However, suffice it to say that the creative minds behind it—Tim Miller, David Fincher, Philip Gelatt—use these individual narratives to do more than just tell fun stories.

Love, Death & Robots is supremely interested in the human condition, what it means to be alive, what are the qualifications that separate human life from mechanical life.

It features episodes that range from creepy to whimsical, but most of them involve robots in various forms.

Want to know what's the best animated TV show about robots on Netflix? One that's cerebral and demands that you pay full attention? It's Love, Death & Robots.

1. Black Mirror

Trailer for Black Mirror episode "Metalhead"

Created by Charlie Brooker

Anthology, Mystery, Sci-Fi

Originally aired 2011 to 2023

27 episodes (6 seasons)

8.8 on IMDb

Topping our list is Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror, one of the most critically acclaimed TV shows of our time.

Black Mirror is an anthology series where each episode is its own self-contained story. But these aren't just normal stories. Each episode feels a lot like a thought experiment that looks at how technology can be abused or go wrong, leading to terrifying results.

This series feels a lot like The Twilight Zone with a modern spin, using its tech-based premises to ask all kinds of philosophical questions centering on themes of death, ageing, memory, and what it means to be human when surrounded by so much advanced technology.

Most episodes of Black Mirror are dark and dystopian, but there are some light-hearted ones mixed in. Robots don't feature in every episode, but when they do, they really make an impact.

Without question, Black Mirror is the best TV show about robots on Netflix. A sixth season is due for release soon, and we look forward to more critically acclaimed stories that make us think!