The 10 Best Hidden Gem Movies on Netflix

Popular movies aren’t always the best to watch on Netflix. The entertainment value of these hidden gems will surprise you.
Image Credit: Thibault Penin/Unsplash

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You’ve already breezed through the Popular on Netflix carousel, as well as all the movies and shows on Netflix’s Trending Now list. Now, you’re left with no guidance to help you decide which movies are worth streaming.

Watching only the most popular movies on Netflix leaves out a number of amazing, lesser-known flicks. The following movies are some of the best hidden gems you can find on Netflix.

1. The Endless

The Endless follows two brothers who escaped a UFO death cult 10 years ago. When they unexpectedly receive a mysterious video in the mail, the brothers decide to return to the cult’s campsite. The visit doesn’t go as planned—they end up staying longer than expected, and unknowingly risk their lives in the presence of the strange phenomenon surrounding the cult.

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2. 1922

1922 is a thriller based on a Stephen King novella, and recounts a man’s story about killing his wife. The married couple, Wilfred and Arlette, live in rural Nebraska with their son, Henry.

After the couple has a disagreement about selling Wilfred’s farmland and moving to the city, Wilfred decides to carry out the murder of his wife. However, Wilfred nor Henry predict the consequences that follow.

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3. Train to Busan

In the Korean flick Train to Busan, you’ll be on the edge of your seat as you watch a father and daughter duo ride a train from Seoul to Busan during a zombie apocalypse. Unbeknownst to them, an infected person slips inside the train, trapping them on board with the highly-infectious disease causing the outbreak.

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4. Blue Ruin

Blue Ruin tells the story of Dwight, a wanderer who returns home for the first time in years. He doesn’t make the trip to his hometown to visit his family—he’s too occupied with getting revenge on a murderer.

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5. 13 Cameras

A young couple moves into their new rental home, oblivious to the fact that their landlord, Gerald, has placed cameras throughout the house. Gerald becomes enthralled by the couple’s tumultuous relationship, and soon begins to intrude even farther into their lives.

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6. Hush

Hush is a chilling thriller centered around a deaf writer, Maddie, who lives in an isolated home in the woods. A masked killer brutally murders Maddie’s friend outside her home, but Maddie couldn’t hear it. When the killer becomes aware of Maddie’s disability, he uses it to his advantage.

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7. Swiss Army Man

Swiss Army Man stars Daniel Radcliffe as a corpse who has a myriad of surprising abilities. Hank encounters the dead body while stranded on a deserted island. Just as he’s about to kill himself, Hank sees the corpse and discovers that it can actually help him get off the island.

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8. Ip Man

Whether you’re a fan of martial arts movies or not, you’ll love Ip Man. This riveting film is based on the true story of Ip Man, Bruce Lee’s teacher. It depicts Ip Man’s life during the Japanese invasion of China, and the circumstances that convince him to start teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu.

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9. A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice tells the touching story of a former bully and his victim. In elementary school, Shoya Ishida and his friends bullied Shoko, a girl with a hearing disability. When Shoya grows up, he finds himself in the same, isolated position that he put Shoko in, and decides to make up for his wrongdoings.

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10. The Castle of Cagliostro

The Castle of Cagliostro is the first film that the legendary animator, Hayao Miyazaki, ever directed. This 1979 film follows Lupin III, a thief who robs a casino, only to find out that the heap of money he stole is counterfeit. Lupin III then travels to Cagliostro, the source of the fake money, and finds a princess who needs saving.

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Step Outside the Norm

Just because a movie’s popular doesn’t mean that it’s actually good. Some of the above titles might not have a high budget or super famous actors, but they have interesting plot elements that make for an entertaining watch.

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