whatNerd's Best Articles: Books

whatNerd's Best Articles: Books

Books and geeks? Name a more iconic duo. While books seem to be going the way of the dodo in favor of TV series, movies, and even podcasts, we still love books at whatNerd.

Whether fiction or nonfiction, we believe there's still a lot of value in reading. And not just reading, but also listening in the form of audiobooks and audio dramas!

Fiction Recommendations

whatNerd's best articles on fiction books, including recommendations on fiction novels and series

Fiction books are a great way to explore ideas and expand one's mind beyond the mundane. There's a special place in our hearts for sci-fi and fantasy books, but we also have an appreciation for classic books, thriller books, horror books, and more!

Fiction Authors

Fiction Classics

Audiobooks & Audio Dramas

whatNerd's best articles on audiobooks, including audiobook recommendations and tips on how to listen better

Reading purists may scoff at audiobooks as "lazy." Some may even claim that listening to an audiobook is far from "actually" reading a book. Well, forget them! Audiobooks are awesome. And when they're narrated by someone with a real talent for storytelling, the audiobook version of your favorite stories can augment your love and appreciation for them.

Nonfiction Recommendations

whatNerd's best articles on nonfiction books, including suggestions for informational and educational reads for geeks

Nonfiction can be just as edifying for the mind as fiction; in some cases, even more so. Whether we're talking about self-help literature on how to be a better person overall, or beautiful and informative books to keep out on your coffee table, or even adult coloring books to help you relax and be creative... there's plenty to love about nonfiction!

Reading Culture

whatNerd's best articles on the culture around reading, including trends and history

There's a lot of interesting discussion to be had around the actual reading of books. How do you find new books to read? Are there really any benefits to paper books versus ebooks versus audiobooks? What can you do to read more this year? We've written about all these things—and more—in the articles below.

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