7 Relaxing Novels to Help You Slow Down and Destress

A book with a strong narrative arc can make time “slow down”. These books certainly fit the bill.

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Good books bring a lot of joy. Great books when you find them can even slow down your heart rate. Reading is known to reduce stress and that’s a potion we all are searching for today.

A book with a strong narrative arc can make time “slow down”. These seven books certainly fit the bill. If you haven’t read them yet, don’t move on without giving them a try.

1. The Little Prince

The Little Prince

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was an aviator and a writer who died young while on a reconnaissance flight.

His legacy lives on to this day in this tale of an interstellar traveler, a prince from another planet, who befriends a crashed pilot in the desert. The pilot is lost in more ways than one and it takes this encounter to help him find that meaning again.

The Little Prince is one of the most translated books of all time. It’s a children’s book and then it’s not because the lessons on the inevitability of life are ageless.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wasn’t among the one novel hit wonders. I will also recommend Wind, Sand and Stars which is a memoir by the same author.

2. The Old Man and the Sea

Old Man and The Sea

The classic short novel by Ernst Hemingway needs no introduction. But I am often surprised by the number of people who haven’t read it.

It is a story of perseverance and friendship through the rantings of an old man who battles the sea and the marlin he attempts to catch.

Perhaps, there is a day and age when the story makes sense. Do yourself a favor and read it if you haven’t. Just 127 pages will help you find any lessons for our times where we expect quick results.

3. A Man Called Ove

A Man Called Ove

A curmudgeon old man with a hair-trigger temper. Can that make for a calming read? Well, Frederick Backman conjures a heartwarming tale of insight and wisdom that will make you will turn the pages gently.

It’s a vaulting tale of love and loss, despair and hope, and ultimately of kinship and kindness.

Read it before the big screen version comes out or you decide to catch the Swedish release. They may not compare to the feelings you get from the book.

4. The Alchemist

The Alchemist

It’s important to read this book once in a while just to remind yourself that any dream worth pursuing is a journey of self doubt. And beating the fears is also part of the whole process.

The Alchemist is a fable for our modern times. The lessons may be age old, but Paulo Coelho takes us on a new ride through the eyes of Santiago who is searching for his life’s purpose.

It’s a reminder to live boldly and go for your dreams even when saner alternatives are more tempting.

5. The Book of Ebenezer Le Page

The Book of Ebenezer Le Page

Ebenezer Le Page is another crusty old man who wants to chronicle his memories. It is a book set in a different age when the chaos of the Great War and the German Occupation of Guernsey during World War II changed the normal order of things around him.

He spells out the daily happenings on the island he has known all his life and has never left. He writes about friendships and relationships, of despair and loss. In the middle of it, he is the one universal constant and an eye witness to the changing world.

It’s a book you will only wrap your head around when you reach the last page, sit back, and then reflect. Maybe, it will make you think about the parallels in your own life.

6. The Keeper of Lost Things

The Keeper of Lost Things

This is a novel filled with quirky characters who go through love, friendships, loss, and redemption. Two stories run together… and meet in the pages at the end.

The first is where the middle-aged Laura inherits a house full of lost objects which she sets out to reunite with their owners. The other story is the unlikely friendship between Eunice and Bomber.

The strands are in the whimsical stories of the lost objects that interweave in the lives of of the main characters. Ultimately, it is an imaginative heartwarming tale even though it is a bit predictable.

7. 100 Selected Poems

100 Selected Poems by William Wordsworth

Okay, I am cheating here. But William Wordsworth has the power to instantly put you in a good mood through his elemental verse. And poems are always great stressbusters.

Read between the lines and you will realize that his poems go beyond the romantic ideas of nature. Pour through them like a story and you might find that he is entreating us to slow down and feel the beauty of the little things we take for granted every day.

More Stories to Help You Destress

Books are cheaper than medicine, and definitely a good escape to other worlds if you are stuck inside your house. The best part is that you can choose your own adventures with books because there are so many genres to choose from.

Inspirational Quotes by Fictional Characters

One of the best things about fiction is that it can change lives. A profound scene with profound characters can often reach deeper—and be more meaningful—than any nonfiction book can.

Here at whatNerd, we’ve experienced our own share of amazing fictional characters who have blessed us with their wisdom.

And we’ve compiled all of those inspirational quotes into a simple PDF that can be printed and pinned to a wall as a reminder. Download the printable PDF below and let fiction change you:

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