10 Fun Geeky Accessories for Your Car

Overhaul your car’s interior with these must-have geeky accessories and gadgets.

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Ridin’ dirty? More like ridin’ nerdy. Since geek is back in style, it’s time to trick out your car with the quirkiest accessories possible.

Like your room, your car is also an expression of yourself. There’s no need to hide your eclectic style when you’re out in public. Check out these nerdy accessories that will turn your car into a full-blown geek-mobile.

1. Starry Atmosphere Lights

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Have you ever dreamed of owning a convertible, driving up a secluded hill, and gazing at the beautiful night sky? Well, if you don’t have a convertible, now you can stare at the “stars” any time you want.

Plug this mini projector in your car via a USB connection, and a wave of red lights will appear on the ceiling of your car. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the view.

2. Claptrap Talking Car Charger

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There’s no denying that everyone loves Claptrap—we can only hope to see his vibrant personality return in Borderlands 3. With this Claptrap Car Charger, you can have your very own Hyperion robot right in your cupholder. Plug Claptrap into your car’s cigarette lighter and his eye will turn a bright blue.

Each time you plug in a USB into one of his two ports, he’ll talk to you. Claptrap only says three things, but those phrases are enough to put a smile on your face. If you get tired of Claptrap’s witty comments (which you eventually will), make sure to put him on mute.

3. Eject Button

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When you’re stuck in traffic, don’t you wish your car had an “eject” button? With this faux button, you can at least imagine what it’s like to eject yourself out of your car.

This bright red button plugs right into your cigarette lighter (and fits most cars). Tell your passengers to strap in before you push the button, and I guarantee that some of them will actually brace for impact.

4. Fallout Pip-Boy Car Mats

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Let’s face it, your car mats have no style. They’re a bland shade of gray or black and are covered in mud. It’s about time you replace these raggedy old rugs with something that catches your passengers’ attention.

These Pip-Boy car mats will add a much-needed post-apocalyptic vibe to your car. The mats for the front seats feature Vault Boy alongside the signature Fallout logo, while the mats for the back seats display the Pip-Boy logo. The mats look like the Pip-Boy screen itself—they have the same shapes of green and a recreation of the lines that run across the Pip-Boy’s display.

5. Car Gap Organizer

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You arrive at the drive-thru, place your large order of chicken nuggets, and pay in cash. The employee gives you change, which includes a ton of coins. Only a neanderthal would place the coins in the cupholder so that they can get covered in coffee and soda scum—but you do it anyways.

Luckily, this Car Gap Organizer comes with a coin box specifically for this situation. You can easily solve all of your first-world problems by depositing your change in its slot. The organizer fits right in between your console and your car seat. It also includes two USB hubs, as well as enough space to store your phone or credit card.

6. Totoro Seatbelt Covers

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When you’re on a road trip, the last thing you want is to have a seatbelt digging into your skin. Dress up your seatbelts with one of the most iconic Ghibli characters of all time: Totoro. These adorable covers will keep you comfortable during your journey.

The seatbelt covers come with an attached Totoro plush, and stitching that reads “My Neighbor Totoro” in Japanese. It’s the perfect addition to any Totoro fan’s car.

7. Corgi Butt Headrest Pillow

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Now that you have your Totoro seatbelt covers, it’s time to max out your comfort level with a headrest pillow. You can’t choose just any old car seat pillows—you need something plush and luxurious. Just by looking at these corgi butt pillows, you can already tell that they’re cozy enough to rest your head on after a long day.

8. Funko POP Groot Bobblehead

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POP figurines usually don’t move, which is what makes POP’s Groot bobblehead stand out from the others. Although his body isn’t able to dance, Groot’s head will bob to the beat of your music (or if you run over a bunch of potholes).

Stick this Groot figurine to your dashboard, and his smiling face will immediately brighten your day. It doesn’t come with an adhesive, so you’ll have to get creative with Command strips or velcro.

9. Air Diffuser Vent Clip

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Having an air diffuser in your car solves two problems: it masks the stale stench of your car’s interior and filters any toxic fumes that come from other cars’ exhaust pipes. Attach these fans right to your air vents. When air blows through the vents, the fans will turn, emitting a therapeutic scent.

The fans come with four different aromatherapy tablets. All you need is a few sniffs of its scent, and your road rage will vanish. Plus, these fans will make your car look like it comes equipped with mini jet engines.

10. Star Wars License Plate Frame

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Even the most tricked out Mustang, Corvette, or Lamborghini can’t top the Millennium Falcon. This license plate frame touting: “My other ride is the Millenium Falcon” will let people know that you actually drive a starship. Well, we all can dream, right?

From Bleak to Geek!

Zap the normality out of your car, and sprinkle some geek into it. Not only will these accessories make your ride more comfortable, but they’ll also add a personal touch.

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