8 Useful Life-Saving Tools and Gadgets You Need for Emergencies

Here are some important devices and tools you should keep around in case of emergencies—they could save your life one day.
8 Useful Life-Saving Tools and Gadgets You Need for Emergencies

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Lots of tools and gadgets available online are good for improving everyday life, from making a better cup of coffee at home to keeping you relaxed at night for a better night's sleep.

But then there are life-saving items that aren't needed every day—in fact, if you're lucky, you may never even use them—but are important to have in case of emergencies like fires, earthquakes, and other disasters.

You never know when an emergency will break out, so the best thing you can do is be prepared ahead of time. Whether you're heading out into the wild or always at home, here are some important tools and gadgets you'll want on hand in case of emergencies.

8. Foldable Ladder

When a fire breaks out, the first thing you'll need to do is escape as quickly possible (without panicking). But what if you're on a higher level? This foldable ladder will help you get out through a window in no time!

It has a very convenient design that's compact for storage but extends long enough to get you down safely from the second story. The design also prevents tangling, which saves precious seconds and effort when you're deploying it in the midst of an emergency.

This ladder is not only designed to fit most window types, but is also durable and can withstand weights up to 880 pounds (400 kg).

7. Emergency Car Escape Tool

USB car charger accessories are common in most cars nowadays, but this one is special in that it comes equipped with two important features: a spring-loaded glass window breaker and a razor-sharp seatbelt cutter.

Whether you end up in a serious car accident or your car falls into water, you could find yourself trapped by your seatbelt or stuck in your car because your doors won't open and windows won't roll down.

This nifty device will help you escape your car by slicing through any stuck seatbelt and shattering any window from inside.

6. Mini Water Filtration System

Water is the most important thing you need to survive, but most of the water you'll come across in an emergency situation is likely to be dirty and unfit to drink. To make it safe for drinking, you need a water filtration system—and a portable one can go with you everywhere.

This small tool is ideal for campers, hikers, or anyone traveling out into the wilderness where the only water source is a freshwater river or lake.

This small device can filter debris, dirt, dust, and even bacteria with its 0.1-micron filter. It's always a good idea to keep one in your backpack in case of a water shortage on your trip.

5. Anti-Drowning Bracelet

Not everyone knows how to swim, and even those who know how to swim can still drown when caught in waters that are more aggressive than a swimming pool. You should always wear a lifevest, but in case you can't—or even as a backup—this anti-drowning bracelet is a lifesaver.

It's easy to use: simply pull the trigger and a built-in gas canister will inflate the airbag, which will pull you up to the surface when you're submerged. It's perfect for the beach, in case you get pulled out by a riptide or catch a leg cramp while far from shore.

4. Home Fire Extinguisher Kit

A fire extinguisher is a must-have in every home, especially for kitchen accidents. Indeed, most jurisdictions have laws that require fire extinguishers at the ready in case of emergencies.

This home fire extinguisher kit is easy to use. Unlike the regular ones, which require you to spray while standing near the flame, this one just gets thrown on the fire and it will put it out like magic.

The chemicals in the ball will displace the oxygen from the area, which immediately stops the combustion process and kills the fire. Just make sure it breaks when you throw it!

3. Emergency Radio with Charger

In case of total blackouts and emergencies that involve losing your entire power supply, the most reliable source of news and updates is through a battery-powered portable radio.

This hand-crank radio has a built-in flashlight and won't run out of juice, as long as you turn the crank to generate power. This also comes with a USB port you can use to charge your phone and call for help.

Aside from the power-generating crank, it also has a solar panel that you can use during the day. You can also bring this one during camping for lighting and charging purposes.

2. Survival Multi-Tool

One of the must-have gadgets for any camper or outdoor adventure geek is a multi-tool. This compact item consists of many different tools mounted together, making it handy in all kinds of situations.

Unlike other multi-tools, this one has an ergonomic design for a comfortable grip and ease of use, without the bulky heads of other models with a built-in claw hammer and window breaker.

The tool also comes with a fire starter kit, which is perfect for outdoor cooking, survival in the wild, and even creating smoke signals when you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere.

1. Complete Earthquake Bag

Earthquakes are one of the scariest natural disasters—often there's no adequate warning of when one will strike or how strong it will be.

This earthquake ready bag is complete with all the basic necessities you'll need to survive a worst-case scenario (like being trapped under rubble) for up to three days (two people) or six days (one person).

It consists of first aid kits, hygiene kits, food bars, water pouches, purifying tablets, and emergency kits that include accessories like flashlights, ropes, radio, and charger.