The 10 Best Geeky Hoodies for Nerds (Great as Gifts for Friends Too)

Need to expand your winter wardrobe? Or want to buy a cool gift for a geeky friend? Check out these stylish geeky hoodies!

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When the weather gets chilly, it’s time to bust out the hoodies to keep warm. But why settle for bland solid-colored options with zero personality? Represent your true self with a stylish geeky hoodie with your favorite characters and designs.

And for those nerdy friends of yours, a geeky hoodie is a great gift. Why? Because you can never have too many hoodies!

And if you know which geeky franchises they like, and if you know their tastes in style, your gifted geeky hoodie will hit the bullseye with tons of sentimental value.

Here are some of the best geeky hoodies available today. They’re the perfect addition to any geek’s wardrobe!

1. Six Siege Esport Hoodie

Look at how sleek this design is. Anyone walking by would have no clue that this is a gaming-inspired hoodie, let alone one that represents esports!

A closer look at the logo will tell you that it’s for Rainbow Six Siege, but that’s about it. It seriously stands out—in a good way—and will turn heads.

2. Assassin’s Creed Hoodie

When it comes to nerdy hoodies, the Assassin’s Creed-style ones are some of the coolest.

From the beautiful color scheme to the subtle logo on the chest, and the overall artistic direction that just looks premium. I’d kill for one of these!

3. Watch Dogs Legion Hoodie

How about a geeky hoodie with a dystopian, cyberpunk flavor? This one for Watch Dogs Legion looks awesome, what with its pastel red and blue accents on a void black background.

It has just enough personality without crossing into obnoxious territory, making it one of the best geeky hoodies to wear in any occasion.

4. The Witcher 3 Hoodie

This hoodie won’t make you look like Geralt or Ciri, but it’s still a pretty cool looking sweatshirt with a nice neutral color scheme.

The thing I like about it is that it doesn’t scream video games, and the logos aren’t over-the-top gaudy. It’s the type of hoodie where people who know The Witcher will recognize it, but everyone else will think it’s just a nice hoodie with a unique logo.

5. Overwatch Tracer Hoodie

For the Overwatch addicts of the world, this Tracer-inspired hoodie is an awesome choice.

It looks fantastic even if you’ve never played Overwatch, but knowing what it represents makes it that much more special.

Want a different color scheme? Check out the designs for Lucio, Symmetra, Zenyatta, and Soldier: 76.

6. Warcraft Horde Pride

This hoodie makes no bones about what it is—it’s a Warcraft sweatshirt for people who’ve chosen The Horde in the neverending battle for control of Azeroth.

It features a simple Horde logo on the front of the shirt and a very pronounced “For The Horde” on the back. It also comes in a nice red-and-black color scheme!

7. Warcraft Alliance Pride

If you’ve chosen the good guys in the battle for Azeroth (like I did when I played World of Warcraft), then this is the hoodie for you.

It features an Alliance logo on the front, designed up and down the arms, and “For The Alliance” on the back, complete with the iconic blue-and-grey color palette, which looks really good.

8. Minecraft Creeper Hoodie

Is this a hoodie or a Halloween costume? A little of column A, and a little of column B. When you wear the hood down, it just looks like a hoodie styled in that immediately-recognizable Minecraft style.

But when you lift the hood and zip it up, you can scare people and look ridiculous as a creeper. It’s a win-win.

9. Captain America Hoodie

You can’t be Captain America—but you can get one step closer with this Captain America hoodie.

It features that iconic color pattern that’s anyone would recognize as Captain America, and when you add in the star on the chest plus the built-in goggles, you have a super geeky hoodie that any Marvel fan would love to have in their closet.

10. Storm Trooper Hoodie

If you want a quick way to tell the world that you’re all about Star Wars, this Storm Trooper hoodie is perfect. Will you actually be a Storm Trooper?

Well, you’ll need to pull out your ray gun and see if you can actually hit a target. If you miss, congratulations, your hoodie has turned you into an actual member of the Dark Side!

More Geeky Apparel to Enjoy

Hoodies are just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of other geeky collectibles, trinkets, and goodies worth adding to your collection. Don’t believe me?

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