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whatNerd reviews all kinds of geeky media and products, and we’ve published over 100 reviews since we launched our site in 2019. Some of our favorites include video game reviews, movie reviews, TV reviews, and more recently, tech and product reviews.

Here’s every review ever published on whatNerd.

Video Gaming Reviews

whatNerd tends to review indie video games across all the major gaming platforms, including PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S (with a particular lean towards the first two). We also have reviews of VR games and mobile games, but they have their own dedicated sections down below.

VR Gaming Reviews

whatNerd reviews the occasional VR video game, notably those that are available on the Oculus Quest. Check out our best VR gaming reviews to see which VR games are worth getting!

Mobile Gaming Reviews

whatNerd has plenty of mobile game recommendation articles, but our mobile gaming review coverage isn’t as a robust. Still, we’ve reviewed a handful of mobile games as well as a mobile gaming accessory. Check them out below!

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TV Reviews

Movie Reviews

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