9 Useful Summer Grill Gadgets That'll Improve Your Cookouts

Grilling is a great way to cook and get some outside time too, but it's even more fun when you've got some awesome gadgets to help you out.
9 Useful Summer Grill Gadgets That'll Improve Your Cookouts

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While standing around a grill and cooking isn't everyone's idea of a good time, there are some people who can't get enough of it.

For most people grilling is a means to an end, a way to cook food without heating up the house. For others, it's closer to a way of life. If that speaks to something inside you, you're probably always looking for ways to improve your grilling setup.

The inevitable forward march of technology hasn't left grilling accessories untouched, so you might be surprised at the gadgets you will find to help you grill better.

1. BBQ Dragon

While charcoal is a great way to grill, it's not always easy to get going, and nobody wants to eat something that smells like it's been marinating in lighter fluid.

The BBQ Dragon attaches to the side of your grill and provides a steady flow of air, helping to keep the flames stoked for a faster, more consistent burn.

2. Smoker Box

Nearly anyone who grills would love to have a smoker, but they're not cheap, so they're not exactly an impulse purchase.

A smoker box is a gadget that lets you smoke foods the way you would in a proper smoker, but with a proper footprint. This is a great way to "try out" the ideal of a smoker.

3. LED Grill Light

If you spend a lot of time grilling, or even if you don't, you'll probably find yourself grilling at night or other low-light situations at some point.

There are plenty of cheap and easy to use LED lights that are meant to attach to your grill and give you some much-needed visibility. Unless you want to wear a headlamp when you next grill at night, get one of these.

4. Smart Meat Thermometer

Sure, you could just use a normal meat thermometer, but then it wouldn't be a gadget, would it?

Besides, this is one of the rare "smart" cooking utensils that is actually useful, since you can see the temperature on your phone instead of having to squint and brave the heat of the grill.

5. Grill Scraping Brush

Here's a quick tip: If you don't have anything else, you can use balled-up aluminum foil as a quick way to clean your grill.

But seriously, you should have a grill scraping brush as they're pretty cheap. One great option is a wooden scraper, as you can crank up the heat on your grill, apply a little pressure, and then you've got a scraper that fits your grill perfectly.

6. Flexible Grilling Skewers

Skewers are handy for all sorts of grilling tasks, but they're not always easy to work with. If you've got an oddly-shaped or smaller grill, you may not have the easiest time using them. That's where flexible skewers come in handy.

7. Grilling Basket

If you love to grill vegetables but aren't fond of skewers, you've probably dealt with losing a veggie or two to the flames when you go to flip them. A grill basket can help to keep all your food in one place, right where it belongs.

8. Pizza Grilling Tray

Have you ever had grilled pizza? If so, you know why this essential piece of grilling gear is on this list. If you haven't, you'll want to get on that immediately. It's also handy in many of the same ways as a grilling basket.

9. Grillbot Cleaning Robot

Of course there's such a thing as a Roomba for your grill, why wouldn't there be? Okay, so you probably don't need this one, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be nice to have. If you love grilling but hate cleaning your grill, this could be the perfect purchase.